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Records Management News & Analysis

Lessons in Corporate Agility: A Records and Information Manager's Quiet Leadership

Personnel may change; business processes may change; retention periods do not. Every records culture is different.†The Records and Information Manager requires the skills of an astute surveyor.

Oracle Enhances its ECM with Imaging and Process Management

Oracle_logo_2010.jpg Oracle (news, site) has announced two major additions to the document management module of its Universal Content Management (UCM) Enterprise CMS today: Forms Recognition software and Imaging and Process Management 11g.

Hylandís OnBase v9.2, Focuses On Mobile, Remote Workers

Hyland Software.jpg The recently release v9.2 of Hyland Software’s (news, site) enterprise content management system continues the development of solutions both on-premise and SaaS and focuses this time on users that work remotely but still need full access to the OnBase ECM suite.

CMS Review: Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM)

Oracle acquired Stellent's content management system in a US$ 440 million deal that closed in December of 2006. Since then Oracle has integrated the Stellent assets into the Oracle Fusion Middleware line of products. Here's a look at what is now known as Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM).

SpringCM To Bring Government To Cloud-based Document Management

logo_springcm[1].gif †A new partnership between cloud content management provider SpringCM (news, site) and technology consulting company Acumen will bring cloud-based solutions to government agencies, particularly document management and workflow solutions.

10 Important Issues for Risk and Compliance Managers (Part 2)

Last week we talked about 5 of 10 important issues facing risk and compliance managers in 2010. You can read part one here. This week we continue that discussion with the final 5 issues focusing on risk management investment, integration, reporting and more.

Top 4 Email Management Issues to Consider Before Deployment

Email management is difficult. Apart from the problem of unstructured enterprise information floating around in several systems, email is often used by staff as a collaboration tool rather than a method of† communication.†

The result can be chaos. However, there are many email management solutions on the market that can help you. But which one do you choose? AIIM's (news, site) email management† educational program, might be able to help you start the process of picking one.

10 Important Issues for Risk and Compliance Managers (Part 1)

As risk and compliance managers look toward the new decade, they are hoping for several changes in the GRC landscape. Based on conversations with industry experts and customers, we've compiled 10 of the most important issues for compliance professionals. Here we give you a look at the first 5, with the second five in part two.

IBM's Chief Privacy Officer: Consultants Should Integrate Compliance and Process Expertise

IBM's Vice President, Security Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer Harriet Pearson told CMSWire during last week’s IBM Pulse 2010 event that compliance consultants really should know how to apply regulations and mandates to working IT processes, such as document and record management. Leaving the interpretation of regulations to the IT†department is just begging for disaster.

Hyland Acquires eWebHealth, Adds Hosted Workflow Solution

Hyland Acquires eWebHealth, Adds Hosted Workflow Solution  With the acquisition of eWebHealth, Hyland Software (news, site) has not only tightened its grip on the healthcare market, but also adds new solutions provided by eWeb, in particular medical records and revenue cycle workflow solutions.

Document Management Roll-up: Can't Let Go of the Paper, Has SharePoint Met Its Match?

This week there’s been a couple of wild claims doing the circuit, not least of which is the demise of SharePoint at the hands of’s Chatter, while Microsoft gets social with Outlook.

How Document Management Has Evolved in SharePoint 2010

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpg It’s always useful to get some kind of insight into the thinking behind the development of features in new software, particularly when it comes to SharePoint 2010 (news, site).

In a recent entry on the Microsoft Enterprise Content Management Team Blog, Adam Harmetz, Lead Program Manager for SharePoint Document and Records Management, explains how new features in SharePoint 2010 build on SharePoint 2007 and what we might expect in the future.

DocFinity Document Management Adds eForms Capabilities

DocFinity Document Management Now Includes eForms Capabilities The recent release of Optical Image Technology’s (OIT) upgraded DocFinity adds electronic Forms to the document management software that it launched in March 2009 after a ground upwards rebuild.

EMC Extends Exchange 2010, Adding Archiving, Retention and eDiscovery

BEMC Extends Exchange 2010 Email Management With SourceOne While EMC’s (news, site) SourceOne suite of modular integrated software enables email management, archiving, records management, search and eDiscovery, the company says it is expanding it to enable users make a speedier and more efficient move to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Embrace the Fundamentals: Destroy Your Records Regularly

Perhaps it’s a cultural decision; perhaps it’s a financial one. Either way, in the world of governance, risk and compliance (GRC), implementing regular business records destruction curtails data explosion.

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