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Records Management News & Analysis

Documentum Records Manager Prepares For European Union Compliance

EMC Documentum Records Manager Committed to European Union Compliance As the biggest gathering of enterprise content management software professionals outside of the US, it is understandable that Momentum Europe should be producing some interesting Europe-centric announcements.

One of those comes from EMC (news, site) who have just announced that they intend to apply for MoReq2 certification for Documentum Records Manager next year.

EMC has a number of solutions for information governance and life-cycle management that can manage documents from creation to editing to archiving to destruction, depending on what its users need.

Clearwell Receives US Patent for Components of eDiscovery Platform

Congratulations are in order. Clearwell Systems (news, site) has been awarded US Patent No. 7,593,995.

For those of us who are not patent examiners, US Patent No. 7,593,995 refers to “methods and systems of electronic message threading and ranking.”

Equivio Partners to Deliver Solutions for Managing Data Redundancy

Partnerships are designed to be strategic, but not always collaborative. Until now. Kraft Kennedy and Equivio (news, site) have come together to provide technology and consulting.

Simplify eDiscovery Workflows Using Atlas Compliance Automation

pss_sys_logo.pngToday eDiscovery workflow gets a little easier. Thanks to PSS Systems' (news, site) release of Atlas Compliance Automation 2.0 (ACA 2.0), a development platform that will let PSS clients and partners integrate the Atlas Suite with their information stores.

Is IBM's Archiving Strategy on Solid Ground?

Is IBM's Archiving Strategy on Solid Ground? Early last month IBM (news, site) began the process of articulating its Smart Archive Strategy. Began, we say, because at the time of the announcement the company released IBM Information Archive, a disk-and-tape information infrastructure solution that offered a "unified storage” approach to archiving company information.

But they weren’t finished with that and only recently unveiled a number of other solutions that are designed to provide analytics and data discovery to companies looking to determine what information they should keep and what information they should bin.

The Scoop: SharePoint 2010 Records Management

What's New with Records Management in SharePoint 2010 Last month, Alfresco announced that it had gained the distinction of being the first and only open-source software developer to achieve DoD 5015.02 records management (RM) certification.

Microsoft has been was in compliance for years with DoD 5015.02 Chapter 2 (not the full certification), but they are in need of showing something new and competitive in SharePoint 2010’s RM offering.

Martin Tuip, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at Mimosa Systems, and Darrin Bishop, Darrin Bishop Group, tag-teamed a session at SPC09 on RM in SharePoint 2010 (news, site) to give us an idea of what changes have been made in the next release.

Editor's Note: We received confirmation from Microsoft that their SharePoint 2007 DoD 5015.02 Chapter 2 records management certification lapsed in May of this year.

Although SharePoint 2010 will not be certified with the DoD out of the box, they are working on certification plans.

Official Alfresco EC2 Image Receives Significant Updates

Official Alfresco EC2 Image Receives Significant UpdatesBack in September, Alfresco (news, site) released an Amazon EC2 image for those wanting to use Alfresco Server in the cloud. This image has recently received some significant updates that might interest those who've been following recent developments with Alfresco products.

ZL Unified Archive 7.0 Aims to Take Control Over eDiscovery

ZL Technologies Release Unified Archive 7.0, a Fully Integrated e-Discovery Solution

Back in April, ZL Technologies estimated that 90% of large enterprise archiving projects fail. This month, ZL continues to help companies overcome eDiscovery challenges by releasing its seventh major upgrade to its flagship product, ZL Unified Archive.

Laserfiche Embraces APAC Document Management Market with New HK Office

logo_laserfiche_2009.png Following on the heals of their announcement to support SharePoint 2010, Laserfiche (news, site) announced that it is opening up shop in Hong Kong.

Based in Long Beach, California, the company says that the new office aims to make it easier for  companies in the Asia Pacific region to access their Rio Enterprise CMS product, although it is a given that they will be pushing their Business Process Management (BPM) and Personal Document Management (PDM) software as well.

Responsible GRC Programs Can Also Cut Costs

Regardless of the current economic climate, saving money in a responsible way is a good thing. But these days many companies are looking to E-GRC and document management software to improve efficiency and lower costs.

In this guest article, Steve Schlarman of Archer Technologies asserts that you can reduce costs without compromising your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) structure. Let's have a look.

7 Success Factors for Effective GRC

Looking for guidance on how to develop and execute a successful GRC program? In this article Sumner Blount highlights 7 best practices that can lead you on the path to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) success.

The Four Main Principles of Lean GRC

In this article Computer Associates' Sumner Blount explains the four main principles of Lean GRC -- highlighting how companies can leverage the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Lean IT to help streamline compliance and risk management efforts across the enterprise.

GRC Roll-Up: FCC Questions Google, Novell and SAP Come Together

In addition to CA's release of GRC Manager 2.5, the world of GRC is chock-full of partnerships and inquiries.

It's Official: Alfresco First FOSS CMS to be DoD 5015.2 Certified

Alfresco Becomes the First Open Source ECM to be DoD 5015.2 CertifiedWhat’s the government’s excuse now? That’s the question that will be on the minds of many at Alfresco, now that it’s official. Alfresco has achieved DoD 5015.2 certification -- the first open source Enterprise CMS to do so.

The fanfare isn’t so much that Alfresco is the first, (although congrats, anyway!) but rather that after delivering what the G-Men said they wanted, it's time for the government types to start buying in.

Open Source is in Favor

The open source movement has gained considerable momentum in recent years and especially since the Obama Administration came to power. But Alfresco’s Chairman and CTO, John Newton, assures us that’s not what drove their ambition, and further that they've been working on this for quite some time (there are, one might note, Alfresco Records Management tutorials on YouTube dating from April 2008).

But are there any G-Men lined up at their door now since the certification was posted publicly? While no  one on the Alfresco team would say for sure, it is understood that three of the government’s largest agencies have shown interest. And let’s not forget about the non-government workers -- rumor has it that they were slobbering over it at the recent ARMA conference.

On First Blush They Are Looking Good

The beauty of the DoD certification is that everyone is covered, and gets to share in the fun. For many, the DoD certification is standard checkbox when evaluating candidate records management solutions.

Thanks to Carlos Miguens, Alfresco's global training director, (and all around project manager guru for the DoD certification initiative), CMSWire was treated to a demo of the certified solution. And we can confidently say that it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation to go open source.

alfresco-dod-rm-01_2009-10.jpg Alfresco Records Management - The File Plan

Bundled with Community and Enterprise Versions

Their Records Management Module was introduced with Alfresco Community 3.2 -- so it's available both in the free community product and in the non-free enterprise version -- and is built on the Alfresco Share/Surf platform. It sports the following components:

  • a Forms system
  • metadata management
  • lifecycle management
  • open import/export capabilities
  • enhanced auditing
  • improved workflow controls

With its simple but sophisticated UI and automated controls that let administrators set permissions, disposition and access across a single scalable repository, we reckon users will be able to effectively save time and cut costs.

Alfresco Records Management -- Record (Document) Preview with Metadata

By enhancing the already sleek tools offered in Alfresco Community 3.2, the government-certified version is simple enough for novice records managers, yet powerful enough for the most savvy (hint, hint US Archives).

But will this be incentive enough to entice the government to address what some have called the massive hemorrhaging of the US government's electronic history? Here's three cheers to the records managers who say, "Yes we can!"

Note: If you want to learn more about Aflresco Records Management, you can tune into the company's upcoming webinar on Alfresco Records Management, running on October 29th at 11am Eastern time.

Adapx Captures and Converts Handwritten Data into SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Data Capture By Pen From Adapx

The SharePoint Las Vegas conference is serious business. There have been and will be some serious announcements made over the course of it. However, there has been and will be announcements that just make you ask “How cool is that?!”

One of those is the beta launch of Capturx Forms for SharePoint from Adapx that will make automatic data ingestion into SharePoint 2010 as simple as signing you name. That’s because this is exactly what it does. It enables users to upload information into SharePoint as it is (manually) written using an electronic pen, via Bluetooth and a cell phone.

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