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Recommind Insite Legal Hold v2: Smart Tagging and Filtering for ESI

Recommind Updates Insite Legal Hold with Smart Tagging and Filtering for ESISometimes companies need a little insight when handling legal holds. Thank goodness that Recommind (news, site) has your back. They have announced the availability of Insite Legal Hold version 2.0.

eDiscovery Moving In House To Support Rise in Requests

eDiscovery Moving In House To Support Rise in RequestsThe folks at Clearwell think that a storm is brewing in eDiscovery. A storm so perfect that it brings together increased data volumes, litigation, compliance standards and a growing need to cut costs, forcing companies to face their eDiscovery needs head on.

Like storm chasers who investigate the forces of nature, Clearwell wanted to learn more about the status of the eDiscovery. Enlisting help from the Enterprise Survey Group (ESG), Clearwell surveyed over 100 Fortune 2000 enterprises and government agencies and focused questions around the giant whirlwind of activities affecting eDiscovery in the enterprise.

Autonomy Supports eDiscovery with new Collection to the Cloud Solution

Autonomy Supports eDiscovery with new Collection to the Cloud SolutionFirst there was Star Trek, now there is Autonomy (news, site). The next-generation collection solution for eDiscovery and compliance has arrived, thanks to Autonomy.

Now ESI can be automatically searched, identified, preserved and collected in the cloud from laptops, desktops and more than 400 enterprise repositories, including file and email servers, archives and Microsoft SharePoint.

eXo Adds Support For Business Process Management With OEM

exo_logo_2009.jpg A new OEM agreement between eXo Platform (news, site)  and open source business process management( BPM) developer BonitaSoft means that from here on, eXo’s document management software will be integrated with an open source BPM system that has full development and support services for easy deployment.

The agreement between the two follows a number of years working together which resulted in the release of eXo’s DMS with Bonita’s BPM earlier this year. With this new agreement, the two companies will be offering users dedicated support and services for the new product that includes a document collaboration and validation system as well as automated records management.

The True Cost of eDiscovery

ca-logo-2008.jpgOf the many reasons that companies give for selecting an eDiscovery platform, saving money is high on the list. As it should be. But companies may not realize just how much money can be saved or rather how much it can cost not to implement an eDiscovery solution.

Thanks for Galina Datskovsky, senior vice president and general manager of the Information Governance business unit within the Governance group at CA, we present the true cost of eDiscovery.

In 2008 and 2009 companies without an active policy and strategy for eDiscovery content archiving solutions will spent a third more on eDiscovery than those with content archiving solutions. Source: Gartner, E-Discovery: Project Planning and Budgeting 2008-2011, February 2008.

SpringCM 5.4 Offers Enhanced Records Management Automation

SpringCM 5.4 Offers Automated Records Management CapabilitiesSpringCM (news, site) has brought out a new version of its SaaS based enterprise content management system today, adding features and functionality designed to support records management and make the lives of application developers a little bit easier.

Documentum Records Manager Prepares For European Union Compliance

EMC Documentum Records Manager Committed to European Union Compliance As the biggest gathering of enterprise content management software professionals outside of the US, it is understandable that Momentum Europe should be producing some interesting Europe-centric announcements.

One of those comes from EMC (news, site) who have just announced that they intend to apply for MoReq2 certification for Documentum Records Manager next year.

EMC has a number of solutions for information governance and life-cycle management that can manage documents from creation to editing to archiving to destruction, depending on what its users need.

Clearwell Receives US Patent for Components of eDiscovery Platform

Congratulations are in order. Clearwell Systems (news, site) has been awarded US Patent No. 7,593,995.

For those of us who are not patent examiners, US Patent No. 7,593,995 refers to “methods and systems of electronic message threading and ranking.”

Equivio Partners to Deliver Solutions for Managing Data Redundancy

Partnerships are designed to be strategic, but not always collaborative. Until now. Kraft Kennedy and Equivio (news, site) have come together to provide technology and consulting.

Simplify eDiscovery Workflows Using Atlas Compliance Automation

pss_sys_logo.pngToday eDiscovery workflow gets a little easier. Thanks to PSS Systems' (news, site) release of Atlas Compliance Automation 2.0 (ACA 2.0), a development platform that will let PSS clients and partners integrate the Atlas Suite with their information stores.

Is IBM's Archiving Strategy on Solid Ground?

Is IBM's Archiving Strategy on Solid Ground? Early last month IBM (news, site) began the process of articulating its Smart Archive Strategy. Began, we say, because at the time of the announcement the company released IBM Information Archive, a disk-and-tape information infrastructure solution that offered a "unified storage” approach to archiving company information.

But they weren’t finished with that and only recently unveiled a number of other solutions that are designed to provide analytics and data discovery to companies looking to determine what information they should keep and what information they should bin.

The Scoop: SharePoint 2010 Records Management

What's New with Records Management in SharePoint 2010 Last month, Alfresco announced that it had gained the distinction of being the first and only open-source software developer to achieve DoD 5015.02 records management (RM) certification.

Microsoft has been was in compliance for years with DoD 5015.02 Chapter 2 (not the full certification), but they are in need of showing something new and competitive in SharePoint 2010’s RM offering.

Martin Tuip, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager at Mimosa Systems, and Darrin Bishop, Darrin Bishop Group, tag-teamed a session at SPC09 on RM in SharePoint 2010 (news, site) to give us an idea of what changes have been made in the next release.

Editor's Note: We received confirmation from Microsoft that their SharePoint 2007 DoD 5015.02 Chapter 2 records management certification lapsed in May of this year.

Although SharePoint 2010 will not be certified with the DoD out of the box, they are working on certification plans.

Official Alfresco EC2 Image Receives Significant Updates

Official Alfresco EC2 Image Receives Significant UpdatesBack in September, Alfresco (news, site) released an Amazon EC2 image for those wanting to use Alfresco Server in the cloud. This image has recently received some significant updates that might interest those who've been following recent developments with Alfresco products.

ZL Unified Archive 7.0 Aims to Take Control Over eDiscovery

ZL Technologies Release Unified Archive 7.0, a Fully Integrated e-Discovery Solution

Back in April, ZL Technologies estimated that 90% of large enterprise archiving projects fail. This month, ZL continues to help companies overcome eDiscovery challenges by releasing its seventh major upgrade to its flagship product, ZL Unified Archive.

Laserfiche Embraces APAC Document Management Market with New HK Office

logo_laserfiche_2009.png Following on the heals of their announcement to support SharePoint 2010, Laserfiche (news, site) announced that it is opening up shop in Hong Kong.

Based in Long Beach, California, the company says that the new office aims to make it easier for  companies in the Asia Pacific region to access their Rio Enterprise CMS product, although it is a given that they will be pushing their Business Process Management (BPM) and Personal Document Management (PDM) software as well.

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