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Records Management News & Analysis

7 Success Factors for Effective GRC

Looking for guidance on how to develop and execute a successful GRC program? In this article Sumner Blount highlights 7 best practices that can lead you on the path to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) success.

The Four Main Principles of Lean GRC

In this article Computer Associates' Sumner Blount explains the four main principles of Lean GRC -- highlighting how companies can leverage the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Lean IT to help streamline compliance and risk management efforts across the enterprise.

GRC Roll-Up: FCC Questions Google, Novell and SAP Come Together

In addition to CA's release of GRC Manager 2.5, the world of GRC is chock-full of partnerships and inquiries.

It's Official: Alfresco First FOSS CMS to be DoD 5015.2 Certified

Alfresco Becomes the First Open Source ECM to be DoD 5015.2 CertifiedWhat’s the government’s excuse now? That’s the question that will be on the minds of many at Alfresco, now that it’s official. Alfresco has achieved DoD 5015.2 certification -- the first open source Enterprise CMS to do so.

The fanfare isn’t so much that Alfresco is the first, (although congrats, anyway!) but rather that after delivering what the G-Men said they wanted, it's time for the government types to start buying in.

Open Source is in Favor

The open source movement has gained considerable momentum in recent years and especially since the Obama Administration came to power. But Alfresco’s Chairman and CTO, John Newton, assures us that’s not what drove their ambition, and further that they've been working on this for quite some time (there are, one might note, Alfresco Records Management tutorials on YouTube dating from April 2008).

But are there any G-Men lined up at their door now since the certification was posted publicly? While no  one on the Alfresco team would say for sure, it is understood that three of the government’s largest agencies have shown interest. And let’s not forget about the non-government workers -- rumor has it that they were slobbering over it at the recent ARMA conference.

On First Blush They Are Looking Good

The beauty of the DoD certification is that everyone is covered, and gets to share in the fun. For many, the DoD certification is standard checkbox when evaluating candidate records management solutions.

Thanks to Carlos Miguens, Alfresco's global training director, (and all around project manager guru for the DoD certification initiative), CMSWire was treated to a demo of the certified solution. And we can confidently say that it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation to go open source.

alfresco-dod-rm-01_2009-10.jpg Alfresco Records Management - The File Plan

Bundled with Community and Enterprise Versions

Their Records Management Module was introduced with Alfresco Community 3.2 -- so it's available both in the free community product and in the non-free enterprise version -- and is built on the Alfresco Share/Surf platform. It sports the following components:

  • a Forms system
  • metadata management
  • lifecycle management
  • open import/export capabilities
  • enhanced auditing
  • improved workflow controls

With its simple but sophisticated UI and automated controls that let administrators set permissions, disposition and access across a single scalable repository, we reckon users will be able to effectively save time and cut costs.

Alfresco Records Management -- Record (Document) Preview with Metadata

By enhancing the already sleek tools offered in Alfresco Community 3.2, the government-certified version is simple enough for novice records managers, yet powerful enough for the most savvy (hint, hint US Archives).

But will this be incentive enough to entice the government to address what some have called the massive hemorrhaging of the US government's electronic history? Here's three cheers to the records managers who say, "Yes we can!"

Note: If you want to learn more about Aflresco Records Management, you can tune into the company's upcoming webinar on Alfresco Records Management, running on October 29th at 11am Eastern time.

Adapx Captures and Converts Handwritten Data into SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Data Capture By Pen From Adapx

The SharePoint Las Vegas conference is serious business. There have been and will be some serious announcements made over the course of it. However, there has been and will be announcements that just make you ask “How cool is that?!”

One of those is the beta launch of Capturx Forms for SharePoint from Adapx that will make automatic data ingestion into SharePoint 2010 as simple as signing you name. That’s because this is exactly what it does. It enables users to upload information into SharePoint as it is (manually) written using an electronic pen, via Bluetooth and a cell phone.

CaseCentral and StoredIQ Join Forces for End-to-End EDRM

Ever dream of moving electronically stored information from one system to another seamlessly and while saving money? Today is your lucky day. CaseCentral and StoredIQ have formed an alliance in an effort to do just that.

Together, they will provide an integrated eDiscovery offering that ranges from identification, preservation, collection and processing of electronically stored information (ESI) through analysis, review, production and post-production re-use.

CA Offers a Fresh Look for GRC Manager 2.5


CA (news, site) has a fresh perspective on how their customers view their product. As they developed version 2.5 of their GRC Manager, they surveyed their customers of version 2.0 to see how exactly they had been using it.

It turns out everyone had a different view of the world and used it differently depending upon their industry, job title or relevance to risk and compliance. Such insight sparked the impetus behind the release of GRC Manager 2.5.

CMSWire spoke with Tom McHale, VP of product management for CA GRC Manager, and Marc Camm, senior VP and GM of GRC products, about the new features and how v2.5 aims to help companies meet compliance standards and improve workflows.

StoredIQ Brings 5th Generation of Intelligent Information Management Platform

StoredIQ Announces 5th Generation of its Intelligent Information Management Platform

StoredIQ has released the fifth generation of its Intelligent Information Management platform. The vendor hopes the updated version will enhance and simplify eDiscovery, records management, information governance and storage management processes.

Thanks to some innovative functionality, new scalable architecture and new user interface, customers should be able to improve workflows between legal and IT. That’s the idea anyway.

#ARMA09: Implementing a CMS, Are We on the Same Page?

It’s a really good question. When you have so many different departments involved in setting system requirements, how easy is it to make sure everyone comes out with the same understanding of what the system should actually do? All too often, team members from IT, legal, HR, finance, Records Management and others, come away with different expectations.

So, the even better question that the speaker at the ARMA International Conference explored was "What can we do to make sure we have the same expectations of what the project will deliver?"

#ARMA09: Records Management in a Web 2.0 World

Business and government use of the World Wide Web is expanding exponentially, said Dr. Timothy P. O’Keefe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Information Systems and Chair, University of North Dakota to the audience at the ARMA International Conference. He emphasized the need for leadership and collaboration between records management professionals and IT professionals.

Some see Web 2.0 as the solution to all information management problems. Some have suggested Web 2.0 will result in the death of records management as a discipline. O’Keefe stated the Web 2.0 explosion could lead to the change in title from records managers to content managers as a “record” is identifiable by what’s in it rather than the format of it.

2009 ARMA Conference: Advancing the Professional Keynote

Introducing this session was ARMA International’s Executive Director, Marilyn Bier. She opened the conversation by saying that over the past few years, Records and Information Management (RIM) has emerged from the shadows as more and more organizations begin to realize just how important it is to their governance, risk management, and compliance efforts. In that spirit, it falls to the individual professionals to rise to that occasion and to help our organizations evolve from within.

Enter Doug Allen, CRM, ARMA International’s 2009-10 President. To be honest, Allen didn’t enter right away. Instead, his session began with a video, highlighting ARMA International’s tradition of excellence in RIM education. And apparently, that history goes back to 1955 -- with videos presented from the very earliest days, touting the paperless office of the future, and a cute animated sheet of paper called “Scrappy” who served as one of the original mascots of the association. Sound and black and white video changes pace and we enter the modern world of information management, showcasing the association’s active Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook and iConference sites (among other educational efforts). The underlying message: this is not your father’s ARMA International.

Alfresco Enters Records Management Game with DoD Certified Solution

Alfresco Unwraps DoD Certified Records Managment SolutionOne increasingly important aspect of modern document management and enterprise content management software is effective records management. Properly defined, records management is the collection, classification and planned retention or destruction of an organization's information.

Unfortunately, records management tends more often to be two things: not clearly understood and not properly implemented. Faced with increased regulations and the fear of legal action, organizations are working towards doing it better.

The Alfresco team has their eye on this ball. Their Records Management Module was introduced with Alfresco Community 3.2 and is built on the Alfresco Share/Surf platform. It sports the following components:

  • a Forms system
  • metadata management
  • lifecycle management
  • open import/export capabilities
  • enhanced auditing
  • improved workflow controls

Kicking off their awareness campaign, Alfresco is endeavoring to educate potential customers. They are holding a best practices webinar on October 29th at 11 am Eastern time. The event is entitled How to drive an effective Governance, Retention and Compliance strategy with Open Source.

The live webinar will:

  1. Review the business requirements of Records Management, as part of a Governance, Retention and Compliance (GRC) strategy
  2. Explore the focus of the different international and regional standards (including ISO 15489:2001, DoD 5015.2 and Moreq2)
  3. Discuss the specific steps a company looking to drive a records management strategy should take

Alfresco's Records Management Module is the first open source software to achieve U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard certification. The DoD 5015.02 certification means that Alfresco's solution has passed mandatory operational, legislative and regulatory requirements for records management in government.

Want to know how effective your current records management strategy is? This webinar will help you out. you can register here.

GRC Roll-Up: Anxiety Enters the New Age of Compliance

This week the GRC focuses on compliance and inserts a little web publishing for good measure.

Vamosa Extends Records Management, eDiscovery Software

Vamosa Extends Records Management, eDiscovery FunctionalityNot long ago, we discussed Vamosa’s (news, site) work in the Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG) field and their new Check and Fix tool.

Recently, the vendor extended its Check and Fix functionality to cater more to eDiscovery and web records management scenarios.

Alfresco Achieves DoD 5015.02 Records Management Certification

Alfresco 3.2 Records Mgt

Back in July, we brought you news that Alfresco was prepping for DoD 5015.02 certification -- which is necessary if one dreams of juicy U.S. Department of Defense contracts for records management and document management solutions.

Rather recently we learned that Alfresco has now become the first open source product to demonstrate compliance with the DoD 5015.02 STD spec.

Alfresco was aiming to win the DoD stamp of approval by September. The date apparently slipped a bit, as these things tend to. But back slapping time has arrived and sales force can stop chomping at the bit. Additionally, a more formal announcement is, we are assuming, just around the bend.

Alfresco’s chances for compliance were enhanced by an update in August that delivered a new records management functionality, included reporting tools and query capabilities.

The DoD standard outlines mandatory baseline functional requirements for Records Management Application (RMA) software used by the DoD in implementing their records management programs. The standard is widely recognized not only by the U.S. government, but also in the private sector and by other governments around the world.

Standing out as one of the DoD-certified document management software options we expect to be hearing more and more red, white and blue news from our UK-based friends. Other products that have achieved various forms of the DoD certification include Accutrac from Iron Mountain, Computer Associates' Records Manager, IBM's Records Manager, OnBase from Hyland Software, Open Text Records Management,  Oracle's Universal Records Management, and others.

NOTE: If you want to learn more about Aflresco's RM solution, you can tune into their webinar on Alfresco Records Management, running on October 29th at 11am Eastern time.

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