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Records Management News & Analysis

Information Management 2011: Analytics, Business Intelligence, BPM

Information management in the enterprise has clearly been a matter of considerable concern over the past year. Even leaving aside SharePoint 2010 (which we will look at in another post), interest in it has been intense. Here is a list of subjects that appear to have hit the spot. There are dozens more that could be included, but these are the ones that caught our attention.

12 Document Management Moments, 2011: Content Chaos, Office Suites, SharePoint

The end of another year in document management, and what a year it was. There really was something for everyone from SharePoint, to HP and Autonomy, from open source to enterprise CMS. Here are some of what we think are the highlights of the year. Undoubtedly you’ll have others, so let us know and maybe we can get a second list up and running in the New Year.

HP Adds Autonomy's IDOL to TRIM Records Management

HP Adds Autonomy’s IDOL to TRIM Records Management The announcement that HP was buying Autonomy earlier in the year caused a lot of consternation, not least because of the US$ 10. 2 billion price tag. No one was really sure where the money would be recouped. The release of TRIM 7.2 built with Autonomy’s IDOL gives some idea of where HP is going with all this.

Advice for Complying With Federal Mandate for Electronic Records Management

Work for the government? If so, you have received a direct order from our commander-in-chief to get your records in order. Two weeks ago, President Obama gave federal agencies four months to come up with a plan to reform records management by moving to electronic records management systems. So what now?

OpenText Adds Auto-Classification for Records Management

OpenText Adds Auto-Classification for Records Management One of the biggest problems with records management is that if you don’t classify documents in a logical and consistent way, you might as well not have records management software. OpenText has taken the pain out of classification by introducing auto-classification that uses OpenText’s content analytics engine.

3 Data Access Problems, 6 Ways To Achieve Full Data Governance

Everyone that uses the web knows that it's a wild, wild world out in hyperspace. But there’s other places that are equally wild, and positively dangerous for your data -- and most of them are in your enterprise. A recent white paper by Quest outlines three of the major problems, and six simple solutions to solving the problem of data governance.

Index Engines Fuels Intelligent, Cost-effective Archiving Solutions

IELOGO.gifLooking for a powerful engine to drive your information management efforts? Need an additive so you can search, manage and retain sensitive documents, files and emails like a well-oiled machine? Introducing Octane Version 4, Index Engines’ major new release.

GRC Roll-up: IBM's Governance with Algorithmics, OpenText Upgrades

This week IBM announced that it has finally closed the Algorithmics deal that,  among other things, gives it financial governance software, OpenText upgrades its records management for email, StoredIQ adds a records management module, and Mitratech looks at legal IT spending.

Not Sitting at the Grown-Ups Table: The Problem with Records Management

There is a sense of frustration in the records management profession. An informal show of hands in a session on professional education at the recent ARMA conference showed that most of the attendees had college or university degrees in library sciences or archival studies. Few had degrees in business or technology.

The problem? Records management in the 21st century is all about business and technology. Over the last generation a disconnect has developed between the skills developed and the skills needed to be a successful, strategic manager of corporate records. The self-described “control freaks” of the content management world are finding it difficult to flourish in the social, mobile, collaborative business of 2011.

The Newest Trend in e-Discovery: Stop the Madness!!

Recent trends in e-Discovery point toward a very promising development -- companies are recognizing the pitfalls of existing models for handling e-Discovery, and they are working smarter. As the cost of e-Discovery continues to sky-rocket, a definite movement is growing among large enterprises who want to make e-Discovery more efficient, defensible and cost effective.

Is Too Much Information Putting Your Email Management at Risk?

Oasys Software.gif Think for a minute about how your company manages its email. How confident are you that it’s as secure as it needs to be? You’re not alone. According to Oasys Limited’s September 2011 Business Behavior & Email Management Project in which they surveyed 1,237 employees across a variety of disciplines, 96% of employees believe their companies face some level of legal risk associated with poor email management. Twenty percent said that their company faces “High Risk.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Update Your Enterprise CMS If It's More Than Five Years Old

Gartner’s 2011 Magic Quadrant for the Enterprise Content Management industry confirms what many suspect: The content management landscape is changing quickly, and changing dramatically. Today we look at the market changes identified in the Gartner report, while tomorrow we will look at which vendors it has identified in the Leader's Quadrant.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan & ISO 15489: Business Connectivity Services & Authenticity

The records and information management standard ISO 15489 groups authenticity with sister concepts reliability, usability and integrity. The standard tells us the retention phase of the life cycle of the record should eliminate as early as possible -- and in an authorized, systematic manner -- records which are no longer required. In addition, the record should retain its context so future users may judge its authenticity and reliability.

Report: A Third of Organizations Use SharePoint as an Enterprise CMS

While we have seen over the week just gone by the massive interest in SharePoint and a steady increase in the deployment of SharePoint 2010, how it is being used across the enterprise varies. A new EMC-sponsored AIIM report shows that one of those uses is as an enterprise content management system.

Information Retention Includes More Than Just Email, Symantec Survey Finds

Information Retention Includes More Than Just Email, Symantec Survey FindsA new report from Symantec shows that retention policies are still not fully developed within companies, leaving many unprepared to handle increased requests for information.

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