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Pivotal Launches Multi-Cloud Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service


This morning, long before the developers attending re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS) annual conference, open their eyes, EMC and VMWare spin-off Pivotal will make an alluring announcement. The news — Pivotal One, “the world’s first next-generation multi-cloud Enterprise PaaS” (Platform-as-a-Service) will open for business on Friday. Coincidence? I think not.

Amazon Deploys Two More EC2 Instance Types, Introduces AWS Data Pipeline #reinvent

Amazon announced two more EC2 instance types at its first ever partner conference reInvent this week, and also showed off a new analytics tool called AWS Data Pipeline.

Amazon Drops Price on S3 Storage Service by 25%, Debuts Redshift Data Warehousing

Amazon announced yet another price drop on its S3 Storage Service as its Web Services continues to change how cloud computing is done.

5 Great Skype Alternatives

Microsoft's whopping US$ 8.5 billion purchase of Skype is probably good news for a large pool of video chat users, but there's undoubtedly those who are worried about the possible implications of the acquisition. While there's no exact clone of Skype floating around out there, a number of tools would still make great alternatives for those that fall into the latter category: Adds Curation & Management Features, Improving Social News Platform

paperli_155x80.pngToday,, the online content curation and publishing platform, released new curation and management capabilities designed to allow users incorporate Twitter and Facebook streams into a familiar newspaper layout.

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