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Responsive Design News & Analysis

Mobile Marketing Gets Complicated - Again


It seems most mobile marketers have arrived at the conclusion that "responsive design is just fine for now."

Well, maybe not.

Yes, it's easier and cheaper. But there's a growing consensus that apps must vary from desktop to tablet to phone. And now there are de riguer "contextual" considerations, like location, channel hopping, local time and language. In short, mobile marketing has again gotten very complicated, very quickly.

All this and more was the focus of an April 24 webinar produced by CMSWire and SDL. Lou Casal, senior director of product marketing for SDL, and the company's vice president for mobile, Phillip Clement. Together, they served-up a soup-to-nuts look at the factors that marketers need to consider to "Deliver Best in Class Mobile Customer Experiences."

A Beginner's Guide to Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design emerged in 2010 as an option for businesses scrambling to deliver their websites across multiple devices. Though the approach is not new, some businesses still don't know what responsive web design entails and what value it provides. Here's a developer's introduction to the basics.

Notes from Gilbane: Business Model First, Customer Experience Second

BOSTON -- As I close out on my first Gilbane Conference, the overall impression I am left with is that many business managers are approaching a level of near-panic about speed and complexity at which new digital tools are surfacing to change the market.

Is Your Mobile Site More Responsive than the Fortune 100?

Struggling to keep up with the changing mobile landscape? Do you feel like if you just had the resources of say, a Fortune 100 company, you'd be more equipped to optimize your website for a mobile audience? Perhaps you should reconsider. A new report shows that despite the sizable budgets and big brand names of these companies, very few have aligned their mobile websites alongside mobile marketing best practices. 

Mobile Device Explosion #sptechcon

He's earned the moniker SharePoint Joel. Now, they can update that to SharePoint Mobile Joel.

Siteworx Helps Converge the Physical, Virtual Shopping Experience, With a BLE Twist


Too often we spend our time talking about digital experiences like they are completely separate from physical customer experiences. Yes, we like to shop online, but most of us like to walk through the mall once in a while too. 

6 Small Steps to Improve the Customer Journey Online


If you thought social media would make the website obsolete, think again. In fact, digital media has only reinforced the need for websites. However, thanks to savvy consumers and users, the demand for better websites has never been greater. In lieu of massive redesigns and costly overhauls, there are a few things digital managers can do to ensure their website is consistently meeting their users needs.

Mobile App Responsive Design Best Practices


Perhaps responsive design is only a passing fad, but it does shed some light on how we build the digital tools we use, and more importantly, why we build them that way.


Improve Mobile Ad Impact with Responsive Design

Responsive Design, mobile apps, mobile advertising The ResponsiveAds Responsive Design Format

Marketing isn't just about creating a worthwhile customer experience through engagement and conversation, it’s also about how well an ad is received by its targeted audience. This reception is often hindered when the ad isn't correctly displayed on a device's screen; a problem that can be easily fixed through responsive design.

Get Satisfaction Debuts Responsive Design, Drops Free Version

Get Satisfaction Debuts Responsive Design, Drops Free VersionSocial forum provider Get Satisfaction has debuted a responsive design layout, dropped its free version, and refocused itself around the user generated content its community spaces help foster.

Mobile Web: Responsive Design or Separate Mobile Site, App

Responsive Design or Separate Mobile Site, AppThe days of thinking of mobile as something you can get to later, when the mobile traffic arrives, are over. 

Responsive Design on Mobile Devices Not a Panacea

Responsive Design on Mobile Devices Not a PanaceaResponsive Web design, despite its buzz worthy status in the design world, is not the right fit for every website. Know the risks, and rewards of this critical design principal before investing in such a tactic.

Ektron 9 Debuts with Digital Marketing, Mobile Focus

Ektron 9 Debuts with Digital Marketing, Mobile Focus

Ektron, a prominent .NET Web CMS provider, has debuted version 9 of its core product, and the focus is on things like personalization and targeting, two popular themes in digital marketing and mobile.

IAB Champions Five New Mobile Ad Formats

IAB Mobile Ad Formats
The IAB Mobile Push ad, one of five new mobile ad formats. (Shown here as a still image.)

What are the most effective ad formats for mobile? A new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that five new mobile ad formats showed greater user interaction and higher brand/message recall than standard ones.

dotCMS 2.3 Released with Responsive Themes, Link Checker + Time Machine Feature

Open source CMS provider dotCMS released version 2.3 this week with a clear eye towards mobile devices. This update includes the very popular responsive themeing, and added tools like a link checker (just like what it sounds like) and a feature called time machine that shows what older site designs or even future site designs look like.

Responsive themes allow for an all in one design across websites or across devices.

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