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The Yin and Yang of Collaboration: Engagement and Analytics


Let's face it: Getting people's attention, getting time on their calendar, getting them on the phone, getting people to collaborate on anything is like herding cats. Competing demands personally and professionally, increasing amount of information in an increasing variety of forms from an increasing number of channels -- that’s why the future of collaboration will focus on engagement and the underlying analytics that drive human behavior, productivity, efficiencies, satisfaction, revenue opportunities or other metrics impacting your organization.

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Intranets

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Top 10 greenPity the modern intranet. It's hard to define, underappreciated, suffers from an identity crisis and is often regarded as a source of frustration. It may even have grown too big to fail

But the death of the intranet has been greatly exaggerated. They still hold a place in the enterprise, where they can drive employee communication and collaboration, facilitate document sharing and aid productivity, according to a bevy of CMSWire authors this year.  Here's a look at the 10 most popular intranet related stories of the year. 

2014 Wish List ... from Rich Blank

2014 Wish List ... from Rich BlankIn 2014, I wish IT wakes up and realizes they need to unbundle ecosystems and stop looking at features. I wish CIOs would think more strategically about re-platforming, and focus more on user experience and overall value delivered to users. -- Rich Blank, solutions engineer with Jive Software.

Title image by Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr).

How Do You Define a Modern Intranet? It's Simple

Social Business, How Do You Define a Modern Intranet? It's SimpleIt's possible to dress up intranets with a lot of bells and whistles, but at the end of the day an intranet should do three high level things and do them well.

Is SharePoint a Failed Vision for Collaboration?

Has the massive investment in SharePoint lived up to its promise as the uber-collaboration platform for the enterprise?

Social Business Challenges Transforming Companies....Slowly

During our inaugural public CMSWire Google+ Hangout session in December, we chatted with experts on how social business is challenging for large companies to implement, but also how it as been successful in limited cases.

Future Prediction: Lose the Consumer, Risk Losing the Enterprise

As we move into a new year, one thing is certain for enterprise IT: the consumerization of enterprise technology is not a trend ... it's a reality.

ROI of Social in a Crisis

As someone born and raised in NJ with a wife from Long Island, we have many friends and family in the affected areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. I’d like to share a few real life examples on how social technology can be used in a crisis to connect with people, share knowledge, crowd source problems and provide feedback. 

Got SharePoint? Start with the End User in Mind

When it comes to information worker tools, it’s rare I hear someone from IT say “we walk a day in the life of our end users and start backwards from there.” Seldom do they ask “how do our people want to work?” or “what tools and information do our workers need exactly?”    

Social Overload? It's Time to Get Back to Basics

Often times I talk to organizations who have no idea what their goals are or what they want to do with the latest and greatest social tools on the market. They focus too much on the technology and whether it looks pretty or is simple to use. They have no strategic focus, just a "feeling" that investing in enterprise social technology is the right thing to do or because some analyst told them to look at specific vendors.

Top 3 Considerations for Deploying Social Technology in the Enterprise

While we might expect social within the enterprise to be easy as Facebook or Twitter, it’s not.  Deploying social technology within the enterprise is a journey filled with organizational hurdles that include compliance, security, culture change, executive sponsorship, budget and integration challenges to name just a few.  In some organizations, this social journey begins when the business wants to embrace social before corporate IT is ready.

Social is the Tip of the Big Data Spear

There's been a euphoric halo around all things social. Stick social in front of any word today and it sells: social networks, social business, social software, social media, social CRM, etc, etc, etc. There must be a bubble like the internet of 1999. Except there is no bubble, the hype of all things social is indeed real and 2011 has come to a close. No question that in 2012 anything social will remain hot -- as long as it’s tied to mobile.

Just Because You Microblog Doesn't Mean You're a Social Business

In the new world order of technology and the web, we often associate social media or social networking with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, just because you have a Facebook page or Tweet on Twitter doesn’t mean you’re a social business. Just because you microblog on some cloud-based CRM system doesn’t mean you’re a social business. And social business is not just about the marketing hype of the cloud itself. A social business is one that views its entire value chain as a set of collaborative networks called communities and embraces technology that focuses on the relationships, conversations and business activities that occur in these networks.

A Strategic Look at SharePoint: Economics, Information & People

Like it or not, SharePoint continues to be a central topic of discussion. It’s a platform everyone integrates with at the same time criticizes and competes with. Love it or hate it, if SharePoint is inside your organization, it’s also safe to assume it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, SharePoint continues to grow in organizations of all sizes, from document collaboration and intranet publishing, to an increasing focus on business process workflows, internet and extranets. Today, many organizations are now in flight with their 2010 upgrades, replacing other portals and ECM applications, and even embracing social computing all on SharePoint.

Social Collaboration Can Drive Significant ROI for Business

What's the ROI of social?

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