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Rackspace Guarantees 99.99% Uptime on Private Cloud

Rackspace is so confident with the new release of its private cloud software on its cloud computing open source OpenStack creation, it's guaranteeing success for enterprise workload production.

The San Antonio, Texas-based managed hosting provider debuted its private cloud in the summer of 2013, and now beefed up its offering with a 99.99 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee, increased scalability to hundreds of nodes and DevOps automation services for application lifecycle management.

"Arguably the most exciting thing about this is we're backing it with an industry-leading OpenStack API uptime at 99.99 percent," Christian Foster, Rackspace Private Cloud director of marketing, told CMSWire. "OpenStack is four years old and is maturing with the technology. The market is looking for a provider to stand behind its product in a big way, and that's what we're doing here. If we don't meet this uptime monthly, our customers will be receiving credit from us missing that number."

Can a New Mobile Enterprise Chief Reverse BlackBerry's Fortunes?


Gartner may have told enterprises to ditch BlackBerry and consumers have largely turned their back on the company. But many enterprises move to a different, slower beat. So news of the company's new hire might keep them interested in the mobile vendor, at least for a while.

What can new hire John Sims, head of Global Enterprise Services, do to restore some lustre and plain old lust for BlackBerry's offerings? And what should CIOs and IT managers ask themselves before switching from BlackBerry to other solutions?

Securing Enterprise Collaboration, BlackBerry-Style on iOS and Android

blackberry 10 secure work space, ios, android

As recently promised, BlackBerry has released its secure workspace app to enable workers to share content safely on almost any device. Will playing nicely with ecosystem rivals help BB's bank-end sales, or will the move put another nail in its hardware strategy?

Emerging Market BlackBerry 10 Device, the Q5 Announced by CEO at #BBLive


 With its premium Z10 and Q10 models now out on the shelves, BlackBerry has to go the Nokia route and widen its portfolio to broaden appeal and affordability around the world. The company took a first step down that road today at its BlackBerry Live event. 

BlackBerry Returns to Profit, Sells Over One Million Z10 Devices

 Thumbnail image for Blackberry-logo2.jpg While BlackBerry might just be getting started on its recovery in the U.S., the company has already made the turnaround in other territories, allowing it to record a profit and hit the million mark with the Z10. 

BlackBerry Z10 Available to Pre-Order from Tuesday at AT&T

bb10_logo.JPG if you want to upgrade your BB device or get back in the BlackBerry fold, the new Z10 smartphone model will be available for $199 on a two year contract. Americans can pre-order it from tomorrow at AT&T. Offers BlackBerry 10 Access To SharePoint, Office 365 is giving BlackBerry 10 users access to Office 365 and SharePoint both online and offline.

BlackBerry 10 Events Signal RIM's New Dawn Around the World

rim_logo_2013.jpgWhile the big show in New York is just moments away, the company is staging events around the world to help get the message out about the new BlackBerry 10 OS and phones.

RIM's Super Bowl Advert to Launch the BlackBerry 10

rimlogo.jpgTreading in the footsteps of the legendary Apple advert, RIM will take one of the hyper expensive Super Bowl ad slots to start the marketing campaign for BlackBerry 10. Will it promise a user revolution or be nice to the big brother of enterprise?

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Out Now Ahead of BB10 Launch

 rim_logo_2013.jpg In advance of February's launch of the new BlackBerry 10 line-up and ecosystem, RIM has released its new Enterprise Service platform to the world, offering support for iOS and Android users too. 

High Telco iPhone Sales Could Help Apple's Earnings

applelogo.png The knives have been well and truly out for Apple ahead of today's earnings call, with analysts predicting relatively weak numbers. Yet, Verizon, AT&T and others are reporting huge iPhone sales in their latest reports as earnings season gets into top gear, but that might not be enough to help push Apple's usually stellar numbers. 

RIM Revs Up For BlackBerry 10 Launch With Apps and NFC

bb10_logo.JPG  The news is fairly surging out of RIM this week as the company prepares for the launch of the Blackberry 10 platform and devices that will decide its future in the marketplace.

BlackBerry 10 Has the Apps, Still Needs a Miracle

RIM, makers of the once dominant BlackBerry smartphone ecosystem, is ready to launch its new device lineup, and it looks like it will at least have some apps to show off when it does. Unfortunately for RIM, it won't be enough. There's always a bit of excitement over a new smartphone, and because RIM has such an extensive smartphone history, it's for sure the case with the BlackBerry 10 imminent launch.

RIM Treads Water as First Images of the BlackBerry Z10 Appear

rimlogo.jpg In a mixed day of news for RIM, the company lost customers, made a small profit and beat street estimates, but proved that pretty much no mobile company can keep a secret as the name and image of its upcoming BB10 phone appeared online. 

2013 Predictions: Smartphones and Tablets, What Would an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S4 Look Like?

tablet_thumb_2013.jpg CMSWire peers into the magic crystal ball to see what's coming from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft and RIM in the coming year. 


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