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Rim News & Analysis

RIM Unveiling BlackBerry 10 at New York Event in January

rimlogo.jpg RIM's BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones will get their first proper public unveiling at a New York event at the end of next January, marking what it hopes will be a major turnaround in the company's fortunes.

Apple Now the Second Largest Mobile OEM in the U.S.

applelogo.png    As if there was any doubt that mobile is now a two-horse race, Apple has taken over the No. 2 spot behind Samsung as an OEM producer. 

Nokia Targets BlackBerry With Phone Ban After Patent Win

With all the heavyweight action between Samsung and Apple, it can be easy to overlook the other mobile players throwing patent actions at each other. The latest round sees a victory for Nokia as it wins a WLAN renegotiation dispute against the BlackBerry maker.

New BlackBerry 10 Pics Leak as the CEO Says RIM Has Only One Shot

bb10_logo.JPG More pictures of the test version of BlackBerry's BB10 smartphone are now out in the wild, as RIM's boss Thorsten Heins and other troops are sent out to butter up the press ahead of next year's launch. 

Android and Apple Do Battle In the Latest Smartphone Market Share Reports

Most open-minded smartphone users will give it a few quarters before deciding on their own choice of next device, as Microsoft and RIM feed back in to the competition and Lenovo looks to expand. However, the analyst firms are churning out their reports for the here and now as the usual suspects dominate.

BlackBerry 10 Devices Going Onsale February 2013

bb10_logo.JPG RIM will show off the make-or-break BlackBerry 10 devices at its Jam event next January, with the smartphones launching for sale in stores the following month.

BlackBerry 10 Approved as Secure for Government Use

bb10_logo.JPG BlackBerry 10 might not make it back into the consumer spotlight soon, but with Fed approval, RIM's devices may end up in the hands of government officials in need of secure communications. 

iPad Mini Launching as the Battle for Enterprise Tablets Hots Up

elitepad_hp.PNG Apple is likely to start selling the iPad Mini at the beginning of November, just as Windows 8 tablets from the likes of HP and Dell get ready to storm the enterprise. Will Apple's softly-softly approach to penetrate businesses reap rewards, or will old enterprise rules and alliances win out? What tablet hardware will the smart executive or worker be using in 2013?

Microsoft, RIM Licensing Deal To Improve Blackberry 10 Video Capabilities

Last week Meg Whitman slapped down any speculation that HP would buy struggling RIM. Instead, she said HP would make its own smartphone way. That doesn’t mean that RIM will not undergo a renaissance, and the announcement of a licensing agreement with Microsoft could be part of that.

Whitman Says HP Is Building New Smartphone, Rules Out RIM Acquisition

If the appointment of a new CEO to run Autonomy was the first of many steps needed to put HP on an even keel, then the recent interview by Meg Whitman with Fox Business News has just muddied the waters again. Her bombshell announcement: HP intends to move into the smartphone market -- again.

IBM May Be Interested in RIM's Enterprise Business

Both Reuters and Bloomberg report that IBM is considering a bid for the enterprise division of Research in Motion (RIM). Is it true?

BlackBerry Planning A New Tablet and Smartphones for 2013

rimlogo.jpgThere are many questions over RIM's ability to deliver BlackBerry 10 OS and the new device hardware. However, if it does achieve its aims, a leaked roadmap shows where these new devices are headed, even as new current-gen models launch around the world. 

RIM's Losses Mount as BlackBerry 10 Slips to 2013

rimlogo.jpg       More losses, more redundancies and the pushing back of the already-delayed BlackBerry 10 keep the company firmly on the  back foot, and, perhaps, looking for an exit.


Microsoft Hosting Secretive Event on Monday in L.A.

microsoft-logo.JPG Microsoft is sending out minimalist invites to the media for a secret event on Monday; no location and no idea on who will be presenting or what they'll show. What could it be?  We'll find out on Monday, but until then, let's guess.

RIM Axing up to 40% of Workforce to Focus on BlackBerry 10

rimlogo.jpg It seems only a few years ago that every person in a suit was using a BlackBerry, typing away with their thumbs. Now, can the company survive to see BB10 reach those loyal suits as massive cuts loom and executives leave.

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