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Key Mobility Factors for the Second Half of 2012

shutterstock_90401746.jpg As the divide between personal and work mobile devices erodes, let's take some time to explore some companies and ideas that may drive changes in the mobile world for the rest of 2012.

Open Frameworks Move Ahead in Gartner Mobile App Development Platforms MQ

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms names Syclo, SAP and Antenna as leaders in mobile application development platforms, while Apple, Google and RIM fall in the niche players category.

RIM Retreats to the Enterprise as It Counts the Cost of October's Outage

rimplaybook_thumb.jpg The BlackBerry and PlayBook maker will return its focus to the enterprise after reporting sizeable losses and seeing its former CEO leave the board. Will the new boss's brutal honesty help the company turn things around? 

How Consumer Privacy Policies Help the Mobile Enterprise

As mobile usage within the enterprise surges, security risks still pose a threat. A recent agreement among leading mobile application platform operators may help ease company's concerns. 

RIM Insists All Is Well with BlackBerry's Market Performance

They say everything is a matter of perspective. Well, the leadership at Research In Motion (RIM) has definitely been heavily investing in rose tinted lenses. In his first public appearance as the new President and CEO of RIM, Thorstein Heins said the company is doing just fine.

Smooth Operator: Microsoft Teams Office 365 with Blackberry Cloud

After hinting at the affair for over a year, BlackBerry Business Cloud Service for Microsoft Office 365 was revealed to the world this week. A much needed move for the once primo of smartphones -- arguably losing steam to its Apple contender -- the new package deal forms a joint and efficient union between the two companies, making mobile offices all the more proficient, and even more reason to stay permanently attached.


RIM Management Shuffle May Offer BlackBerry a New Direction

RIM Management Shuffle May Offer BlackBerry a New DirectionBy sneaking out the news of the dumping of its leading board members between the two NFL championship games, RIM seems to be suggesting it wants to undertake its future plans in a quiet, unassuming manner. Good luck with that, as its possible savior, the "London" BB10 phone sneaks into view.

Apple Closed the Android Gap With iPhone 4S

The numbers are in and the fall 2011 launch of Apple's 4S iPhone mid-life upgrade proved to be enough to propel the iOS platform to near parity with Android's dominant marketshare. Both Nielsen Research and NPD Group announced recently that the world's two most popular smartphone operating systems are within just a few points of each other, with RIM, Windows and all others in the proverbial dust.   

CES Mobile Roundup: New Devices from Nokia and Sony, RIM Updates PlayBook


On a packed day at the CES show, Microsoft showed off the 4G Nokia Lumia 900, BlackBerry promised an email app for the PlayBook next month, while Sony showed off its first solo phone.

Mobile: A Look Back at Smartphones, Apps, Tablets in 2011

2011 was when the smartphone reached its peak, leaving the tablet as the go-to device for makers to aim at. But, the rules in tech are changing, meaning a lot of players went home empty-handed while apps became the focus for users settled into their smartphone OS of choice.

Enterprise Mobility: Who's the Real Winner from RIM's Latest Setback?

The rapid shift in platform dominance among smartphone sales in the consumer market over the past 3 years, as clearly seen in NPD’s report on US Smartphone sales 6 days ago, shows how quickly RIM’s decline has occurred.

Mobile Roundup: Black Days for RIM as Galaxy Nexus Arrives and iPhone 5 Looms


RIM has announced its depressing latest figures, but there's still hope within the company for a brighter 2012, despite having to battle a growing roster of Android and Apple (who just had a nasty iCloud wobble) super phones.

RIM Announces Multi-Million Dollar Write-Down Due to Poor PlayBook Sales

rimlogo.jpg The holidays aren’t bringing any joy for Research in Motion (RIM). Once the leader in smart mobile devices, the company seems to be dying a slow painful death in spite of its attempts to improve its position.  Now, the company announced a US$ 485 million write-down, US$ 360 million after taxes, related to its struggling PlayBook tablet.

RIM to Offer Enterprise-Grade Security for iPhone, Android

RIM to Offer Enterprise-Grade Security for iPhone, AndroidAndroid and iOS are undoubtedly today's most popular smartphone and tablet platforms. Not wanting to be left behind in the game, RIM -- creators of BlackBerry devices and enterprise server systems -- is introducing Mobile Fusion, which can help IT departments manage their mobile deployments, regardless of platform.

RIM Announces Updates to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Effort; No Native BBM in Sight

Research-in-Motion, developer of the BlackBerry smartphone and tablet platform, has provided updates to its development of the next-generation PlayBook tablet operating system. It seems the much-awaited native support for BlackBerry Messaging has been left out in this update.

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