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Rim News & Analysis

A Look Inside RIM's PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook.png

Remember the "will they or won't they" rumors? What has materialized out of them is Research In Motion's formal announcement of the BlackBerry-themed PlayBook tablet device.

Do BlackBerry Users Want a Different Smartphone?

crowdScience_logo.gifLast week, we mentioned that RIM may or may not be releasing a tablet device in the near future. We suggested that BlackBerry may need to find a niche for whom the new device would be best suited, much the way the iPad has appealed to geeks and gamers. A commenter reminded us that BlackBerries already have an audience: suits, lackeys and IT managers. Yet, according to a new study, even that niche is waning.

Will They or Won't They? Rumors of the RIM Tablet Device Continue to Grow

Have you heard the rumor that Research in Motion is developing a tablet device? Of course you have. The Wall Street Journal reports that the device will include a 7-inch display, WiFi connectivity and a new operating system that RIM has yet to unveil. There is no word on pricing or availability.

Extensis Upgrades DAM Software, Adds Web Client, Improved Set Up

Extensis_logo_2010.jpg With pressure on digital asset vendors to provide products that give an edge over standard video management capabilities that now come with many Enterprise CMS, Extensis (news, site)  has just released v9.5 of its Portfolio Server with improved set-up options and better web client features for file selection.

Document Management Roll-up: EntropySoft Connects Repositories, Improved Office Apps for Blackberry?

Busy, Busy, Busy. Labour Day weekend over and right back into it. This week document capture features quite large, with a couple of new solutions and Kofax hitting the high notes with its end-of-year figures. Hyland Software has also been looking at document and content security.

Forrester Evaluates the State of Smartphone Management


A new report, Market Overview: Smartphone Management, by Forrester estimates that in the next 12 to 18 months, IT managers will change the way they manage client computing strategies, impacting smartphone management in the enterprise.

Mobile Enterprise: Security Tips for Developers, Scrutiny for RIM

This week, the mobile enterprise advises developers about the security of their mobile applications, while RIM continues to be subjected to strict scrutiny regarding their security.

SMB Tech Roll-up: New Search Advertising Manager, A Blackberry Tablet?

There’s a mixed bag of news for SMBs this week, the principal item -- if in fact it’s true -- is that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) may be getting ready to launch the unconfirmed BlackPad. Meanwhile, Google has given Gmail contacts a bit of a makeover.

Mobile Enterprise: Business Travelers Multitask, BlackBerry Sales Disappoint

This week the mobile enterprise reveals the secret lives of business travelers, while Blackberry and iPhone jostle for position.

RIM's New Blackberry OS Includes Facebook and Twitter Integration

At the Wireless Enterprise Symposium in Orlando yesterday, RIM execs gave attendees a video preview of the company’s new BlackBerry (news, site) 6 operating system for its next-gen handsets.

3 Ways SharePoint 2010 Supports eDiscovery

Sharepoint 2010_logo_2010.jpgA few months ago we outlined the ways that new features of SharePoint 2010 help evolve document management processes. This week, we’re showing you how SharePoint 2010 enhances eDiscovery.

Mobile Collaboration Tools Uptake Fueled by Smartphone Surge

Will we look back at 2010 as the year of mobile content management and collaboration? At least two market researchers think so. And to prove it, a number of companies are already in the game with tools that put enterprise collaboration platforms into information workers' pockets.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting A Digital Asset Management Solution

Becoming aware of an issue is one thing. Choosing a solution is another. Once you're aware of how crucial Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is to your organization, you have the fun of trying to sort out which software offerings on the market really are DAM solutions and which suit your particular needs.

dotCMS Readies to Support CMIS

dotCMS Readies to Support CMIS

Open source dotCMS (news, site) announced that the upcoming 1.9 release will feature an implementation of CMIS v1.0, which is currently in public review.

According to the vendor, Will Ezell, CTO, has been working with other content management vendors supporting CMIS -- IBM, Alfresco, others -- who are part of the founding members of the specification.

dotCMS says it plans to invest in CMIS to help decrease the amount of connector and integration work on the customer’s part. “The big win is the huge increase in the amount of content available to all. dotCMS felt that CMIS would be very attractive to larger enterprises -- a key target for the company,” said Bill Beardslee, SVP, strategy and development.

“Fresh, highly relevant content is the most crucial aspect of building traffic and converting visitors into customers. CMIS unlocks the power of a content repository, creating opportunities for those organizations that know how to pair content with commercial opportunities,” added Ezell.

dotCMS, who is also an OASIS TC member, plans to roll out their CMIS implementation iteratively. Version 1.9 is scheduled to go GA in Q1 2010 and will include a draft implementation that will be finalized by release 2.0 some time in Q3 2010.

And for those of you having as much fun as we are at Gilbane Boston, check out dotCMS' product lab on Thursday.

Memopal Offers Free Cloud Storage Option

Memopal Offers Free Cloud Storage OptionGet your 3GB of free cloud-storage from Memopal (news, site) to store your files and test out the service to see if their larger offerings will tempt you to upgrade.

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