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The Future of Enterprise File Sync and Share is Integration

2014-19-September-Pinky-Promise.jpgWhen I was at Microsoft in the late ‘90s, we had file servers -- machines dedicated to storing and sharing huge numbers of files. If you needed to access a recent presentation or wanted to share a product spec with another employee, there was a centralized repository in which you could find important documents.

Then came file sharing. Regardless of novel approaches, file sharing had a common problem with file servers: it put the responsibility on people to choose how to share and where to publish information.

Gamification: Game With the Concept?

Next year will be the year gamification fails. It’s a concept built on hype, and 80 percent of all programs will die by 2014, according to Gartner

Rajat Paharia disagrees — 100 percent. The founder of Bunchball, a provider of online gamification solutions, he thinks it is only logical, in a data-driven world, that organizations implement gamification strategies to motivate employees and customers, and recognize, reward and encourage a deeper learning of concepts for better business outcomes.

Which side of the gamification hemisphere are you on? Is it a fad or here to stay? We caught up this week with a few industry insiders to find out what they had to say.

Maximize Social Marketing with Online Communities

There are more channels than ever before to connect with your customers -- and every business wants to understand how to maximize its customer-brand interactions.

But there is good news. The channels used to achieve these goals, including social media networks, online communities and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, are getting easier to manage and measure. In fact, consumers’ rampant use of social media has unleashed a treasure trove of data to help businesses sell.

Rob Howard on the Zimbra Acquisition, Email's Future in Social Collaboration

Social Business, Zimbra Acquisition, Telligent.jpgEmail is not dead. Far from it. Rob Howard, Founder and CTO of Telligent believes that with the acquisition of Zimbra, Telligent is now set to disrupt the social software market in a way no other provider can. And he's staking his company's name on it.

The Experience of the Customer Comes First

When I was originally asked to write this piece, I was asked to write about the Customer Life Cycle Experience -- how great customer service and ongoing experience continues the customer journey. However, I wanted to take a different angle. One that I think better reflects the new normal in the market: How does a customer experience the Customer Experience Life Cycle?

2013: The Year of Big Data, Major Shifts & Convergence

Last year witnessed some real progress being made in the social business sector and this year promises more of the same.

Social Business 101: Framing Your Strategy

In my previous article, I shared the first five tips and recommendations for getting started with social business:

  1. Social is the new normal
  2. Target the social ecosystem
  3. Social isn’t a destination
  4. Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  5. Strategy, not technology

As promised from the last article, I have compiled five additional recommendations to help those looking to integrate social into their existing business.

Social Business 101: Building the Foundation

As new forms of social media proliferate and enterprises scramble to keep pace with their customers, social business is a force that cannot be ignored.

The Community is Correct 91% of the Time

We are all overwhelmed with content on a daily basis. Our feeds blink in and out of our peripheral vision, our 7 communication streams ping and honk and shout for attention, our searches result in 600,000,000 results. How we prioritize this information stream and glean insight and relevance from the flood is an ongoing evolving process. The wisdom of the crowd is here to help.

Is Your Company Lost 'Socially'? Here's a Guide to Navigating the Social Ecosystem

Social media webinars. Web 2.0 books for beginners. Social business conferences. Blogs on how to build a successful online community. These are all things that people and companies are doing to keep up with the ever-changing world of social; however, many organizations still struggle to understand what exactly social is and how it fits into an organization’s overall business objectives.

Social Analytics in Internal Communities

An organization’s employees collaborate every day. How can you capture that information and transform it into knowledge that the broader organization can use? The most important aspect of collaboration is the ability to run analysis over the data to draw important insights and use it again in the future.

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