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13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing Processes

Customer Experience,13 Content Marketing Tools That Can Improve Your Content Marketing ProcessesYou can use your web content management system to do content marketing, but are there better tools out there to fit your needs? Robert Rose, and the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), analyzed 13 new solutions for content collaboration. Here's his take on this disruptive market.

Creating Content Experiences - Be Remarkable or Fail

Customer Experience: Creating Content Experiences - Be Remarkable or FailI've recently written on why I think Content Marketing is in the “Valley of Disillusionment” (to borrow from Gartner’s hype cycle). But I also believe that it is now that the real work begins with content, and the experiences it facilitates. Businesses that have facile management of content are poised to make true progress.

Webinar Redux: Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Digital marketing is being disrupted. New technologies, including social media, and increased consumer sophistication are requiring digital marketers to rethink how they engage their audiences.

As detailed in CMSWire's August 8th webinar, “Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing,” by changing their approach to a content- and journey-centric marketing strategy, marketers can weather this change and distance themselves from the competition.

Read on for a recap of the webinar content and to access the full recording of the event.

Interview: Robert Rose Talks Content Marketing & Engaging Your Customers

Content Marketing isn't exactly new, but it's certainly come mainstream with the evolution of the Internet and recognition that the online customer experience should be as much about engaging and building loyal subscribers as it is about selling products and services. The two go hand in hand these days.

To learn a little more about content marketing and how it helps engage customers, we spoke with Robert Rose, Senior Analyst at Digital Clarity Group and co-author of Managing Content Marketing.

WEM: Are We Tilting At Engagement?

So, that new engagement metric you’ve come up with suddenly pulls the TV show you are marketing from #50 to #3, based on using a more comprehensive, multi-platform audience rating system. A sign of true success … or delusion?

3 Keys for How Web Content Management & Web Engagement Work in the Real World

Okay, first of all let’s cut to the chase. We marketers can get ourselves in a big frothy tizzy over new terms. And, Web Engagement Management is no exception. On the marketing hype cycle, WEM is the Ducati Multistrada 1200 (look it up, kids).

Content Optimization A Best Practice That Few Practice

There’s a term in scientific research called “social desirability bias”. It’s a term that’s used to describe the tendency of a respondent to answer a question in a way that will be viewed favorably by society. Its effect on research is usually an over-reporting of good behavior and/or an under-reporting of “bad” behavior. In short, if you ask people if they are willing donate their organs after death (as one organization did) 72% will say yes. Yet, only 38% actually do so.

There’s a similar trend in optimizing web content for conversions.

Will the Future of Enterprise 2.0 Follow That of Web Content Management?

Enterprise 2.0 is the latest hot business trend. But where does its future really lie? One only has to look at web content management to see the path.

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