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Safari News & Analysis

Adobe Releases Flash Player Security Updates for Mac, Windows, Android + IE 10

Malicious Flash Player content has been circulating, and Adobe has responded with an emergency security update for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and various browser systems.

Watch Microsoft's Office 2013 Event Live Today

new_office_logo_official.PNGThe new Office suite has been formally unveiled by Microsoft with Yammer and SharePoint taking center stage among the new features. See what else was shown off at the launch event today, and where you can download the new customer preview version. 

Google Launches Chrome Browser for iPhone and iPad

 Chrome Logo The Chrome browser finally becomes available for Apple devices, giving users an alternative to Safari and allowing Google fans to sync their desktop browser content with their mobile device. 

A Week in Google: Tracking iPhone Browsing, Unlocking Androids and Better Google+

After causing a privacy fuss a few weeks ago, Google is back in the news again having been found circumnavigating Apple's Safari browser privacy to track user's surfing habits. On the positive side, it has found new ways to unlock Android phones and added further features for Google+ to keep it gaining in popularity.


W3C Speaks Out Against Apple, Google Behavior

Apple and Google’s use of non-standard CSS features in its mobile browsers is causing quite a bit of outrage around the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). At this week’s meeting of the CSS Working Group, the implications of Google and Apple’s mobile browsers were compared with those of Internet Explorer 6. Gasp. Are things really bad enough to hurl the techie explicative? Unfortunately, yes they are.

SharePoint Upgrade Supports iPad Mobile Business Intelligence ...Sort of

The latest SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update from Microsoft came with a surprise for iPad users: Select mobile business Intelligence reports and scorecards can now be viewed via the Safari Browser running Apple iOS 5.

FarmVille Social Gaming's Zynga Next to IPO?

zynga_logo_2011.jpgZynga (news, site), the company behind FarmVille, is getting ready to go public, according to breaking reports.

Security Firm Finds Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome; Should We Be Afraid?

Chrome LogoSince its launch, Google Chrome (news, site) has been pretty much rock-solid in terms of security, to the extent that Google has offered rewards to hackers who can break into Chrome. A recent turn of events might prove that Chrome may not be so secure after all.

7 Tips for Working Smarter with IE8

IE8 With Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) (news, site) now in wide distribution, we thought it a good time to talk about a few ways that with a little bit of applied knowledge you can save some of your valuable time. Come, take a few minutes to tinker with us.

Safari 4 Beta Goes Public, Chrome Comparisons Abound

Safari 4 Beta releasedEarly on Tuesday, Apple slapped an unannounced release of Safari 4 Beta on the table, and the entire Internet subsequently went bananas.

We’ve taken it for a test drive and right off the cuff it feels natural to compare Safari’s upgrades to the features in Google Chrome. In fact, even after sleeping on it, it still feels that way.

Staying true to their reputation for paying extra attention to miniscule details however, Apple has somehow managed to take almost all of Chrome’s popular perks and make them more intuitive. Of course, that’s in addition to Apple’s own innovations, including the integration of an iTunes-like interface. As a mix of both fresher, more popular elements and good ol’ Apple standbys, the new release has got hard core Safari fans shedding tears of joy—and sorrow.

Internet Explorer Security Flaw Prompts People to Switch Browsers

internet explorer security flaw

Internet Explorer has long been the topic of negative conversation in the tech community. And today is no different as a major security flaw has been announced that affects IE5 through the new IE8 beta.

The flaw allows serious and far reaching attacks that are not just theoretical in nature. According to sources this particular issue is already in wide use with attempts to steal game passwords. There are a reported 10,000+ websites infected with the code necessary to take advantage of this breach.

Skyfire: Mobile Browsing Exactly Like PC Browsing


A new player in the mobile web browsing playground is rapidly changing the mobile web content game. By launching their downloadable mobile web browser Skyfire has the potential to compete with Safari, Opera and other mobile browsers that are out there. The browser is fast, simple, supports rich media and, what a shocker, is absolutely free.

Apple Surprises Exactly Everyone, Releases Safari for Windows

Safari.png While there wasn’t much excitement at this week’s WWDC for the Apple Fanboys amongst us, Apple did flip the script and reveal Safari for Windows.

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