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Dynamic Document Vendor Seismic Releases App for Salesforce Content

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From the Seismic Web site

The information in the Salesforce platform is used on a daily basis by marketers and salespeople. This week, content creation vendor Seismic announced its app for Salesforce, so this much-requested information can be readily employed to generate brand approved reports, presentations and other useful material. 

Microsoft Finally Reveals Office 365 Uptime

Microsoft Office 365, information managementSince the launch of Office 365, Microsoft has been very guarded with any information about things like use, subscription numbers, and -- most important for business users -- its uptime. Now, however, it made a clean breast of at least the uptime element, giving itself nearly straight A’s for the past 4 quarters.

Salesforce Launches Sales Cloud 'Performance Accelerator' to Propel Sales Reps

salesforce, crm, customer experienceCan sales professionals improve their performance with more data and more feedback on their own performance, integrated into their regular sales tools? Salesforce think so, and has released a new Performance Accelerator in its Sales Cloud for that purpose.

It's Official: Salesforce Completes ExactTarget Acquisiton

exacttarget salesforce aqusition has announced it has finally completed its acquisition of cloud marketing automation platform ExactTarget and through this partnership will improve its CRM capabilities and company revenue.

Extending SharePoint 2010's Enterprise 2.0 Capabilities

In my last article “Evaluating SharePoint 2010 as an Enterprise 2.0 platform” I did a quick and dirty evaluation of SharePoint 2010 against Prof. McAfee’s SLATE framework. The average score for SP2010 was 7 out of 10 which I characterised as “pretty good”. But the article noted some obvious gaps in the lower scores in some areas. I was contacted by NewsGator (news, site) to discuss how their Social Sites product helps fill those gaps in the SharePoint 2010 “out of the box” Enterprise 2.0 experience.

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