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SAP Invades Oracle Open World #oow

What does SAP's co-option of the Oracle Open World hashtag spell for the future of business to business social media relations?

Oracle Iron vs. SAP HANA: Will the Battle for Big Data & Analytics Play Out Like Reality TV? #oow

Now that the Jersey Shore is in its final season and we’ve become desensitized to the catfights on the Housewives of Wherever series, how about a reality show featuring the rivalries in Enterprise Computing?

Webinar Redux: Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Digital marketing is being disrupted. New technologies, including social media, and increased consumer sophistication are requiring digital marketers to rethink how they engage their audiences.

As detailed in CMSWire's August 8th webinar, “Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing,” by changing their approach to a content- and journey-centric marketing strategy, marketers can weather this change and distance themselves from the competition.

Read on for a recap of the webinar content and to access the full recording of the event.

Pinterest, Photo Sharing and What it Means for Customer Experience

Last week, Pinterest opened their site up to everyone -- no invitations required. And while the content sharing service’s popularity has soared, many companies are still trying to figure out how Pinterest fits into its marketing strategy. Thanks to an infographic released by Netbase & SAP, we can better analyze the online conversations taking place across Pinterest over the past year.

Gartner: Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP Dominate Sales Force Automation MQ

It’s the middle of the holiday period, so it’s a little bit surprising to see Gartner release another one of its Magic Quadrants. This time it’s the Sales Force Automation quadrant that features quite a number of the vendors we've seen in the customer experience management space, except this one has a slightly different focus.

Forrester Wave: Oracle, Microsoft, SAP Among CRM Solution Leaders Q3

In the first part of this examination of Forrester’s Wave: CRM Suites for Large Organizations, Q3 2012 earlier this week we saw that organizations are struggling to define a CRM strategy for their organization. Even still, the CRM market is one with seven companies making it into the Leaders section.

Online Video Increases, Video Ad Dollars Follow

If you’ve had a sneaking suspicion that video ads are becoming more prevalent online, your suspicions are correct. Consumers are increasingly viewing their favorite television shows and movies online, and according to comScore the advertising dollars are following.

Forrester Wave: Enterprises Struggling to Define Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Despite investment in, and deployment of customer relationship management applications in close to 75% of large organizations, it seems that many enterprises are struggling to clarify, or even define, a distinct and lucid customer relationship strategy.

SAP Brings Social Collaboration to the Employee #e2conf

SAP is widely unveiling its new social collaboration strategy, dubbed “Project Robus,” at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston this week. Although SAP did discuss Project Robus at its recent Sapphire user conference, Enterprise 2.0 marks the first time the enterprise software vendor has presented the strategy to a general audience.

Oracle: 'Project Fusion' Delivers Exadata; Secure, Comprehensive Cloud

When you run a company with a market value of US$ 137 billion and revenues of around US$ 37 billion annually, you probably don’t eat much humble pie. Certainly Oracle CEO Larry Ellison wasn’t eating any as he announced Oracle Cloud -- no longer Oracle Public Cloud -- yesterday after years of poking fun at cloud providers.

Webtrends Analytics Module Gets SAP Web Experience Certification

Webtrends’ Advanced Analytics module has achieved certified integration with the SAP Web Channel Experience Management 2.0 app. The module provides analytics for campaigns, shopping carts and customer support, and is built on the Webtrends Analytics 10 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

IBM Releases Commerce Cloud, SAP to Compete With Ariba US$ 4.5 Billion Buy

The weather finally turned hot this week in Europe, and it looks like it could fray tempers a bit as Oracle, SAP and IBM once again set upon a collision course -- this time over data management around e-commerce.

Key Mobility Factors for the Second Half of 2012

shutterstock_90401746.jpg As the divide between personal and work mobile devices erodes, let's take some time to explore some companies and ideas that may drive changes in the mobile world for the rest of 2012.

SAP Mobilizes ERP, Hints at Cloud Strategy, Gives HANA Big Data Support

With Sapphire Now, SAP’s annual gathering coming to a close later today, it’s hardly surprising that there is a bit of something for everyone. There’s cloud, mobile and databases, with the ERP king announcing the release of around 70 apps that do different things with different systems.

SAP Speeds Big Data Analytic Delivery with New Releases

The company that leverages data best will win the future. That’s the business credo of 2012. It’s easy to say, but not so easy to do, especially at the enterprise level.

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