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OpenText, SAP Tighten Partnership With Travel Document Management

You get the impression sometimes that OpenText (news, site) and SAP (news, site) make so many agreements at both a business and technology level that they should just merge and get it over with. The latest agreement is one that will enable the SAP Travel Management application to work with a receipts management solution that OpenText has released.

Google, SAP Partner to Add Location Intelligence to Big Data

SAP_logo_2010.jpgSAP (news, site) announced that it is partnering with Google (news, site) to allow customers to create geographic visualizations of business information stored in SAP’s analytics software using Google Map, Earth and Street View.

IBM, Oracle, SAP Make Gartner GRC Magic Quadrant Leaders, But Small Vendors Hold Their Own

It’s taken a couple of weeks to get it, but Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the GRC space is finally out. Leaving aside the list of vendors that made it into the "'Leaders' quadrant," Gartner says that over the course of this year, the market shifted from a tactical focus on regulatory compliance to a wider focus on enterprise risk management.

3 Reasons Why Organizations Need to Increase Transparency

In today’s increasingly connected, competitive and rapidly changing business environments, the individuals working within an enterprise need to be able to quickly access all relevant expertise and information, wherever it may reside, and trust it enough to act upon it. None of that can be done if organizations don’t become more open and transparent.

10 of the Best Social Business Communities & Why They are Important

Want to convince your company to start an online community?

SAP Moves Applications to AWS, Improves Access for .NET Developers

SAP_logo_2010.jpg If SAP (news, site) has given the impression in recent years that it is slow in getting to market or responding to change, the announcements that it will be moving some of its products to the Amazon EC2 cloud and that it is facilitating deeper integration between SAP and Microsoft cloud computing technologies should go some way to improving that image.

SP1 for Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 Offers Chrome Support

Microsoft has finally set a (approximate) date for the release of its Service Pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, which, according to the Office Sustained Engineering and Release blog, will support Chrome once it is released.

Is Collaboration the End of Process?

I understand where this question comes from -- if you're a "collaborator" you must somehow be opposed to process. Not true. A process (in the more ideal than evil world) is an embodiment of learning. It's a way to automatically follow some best practices so that you don't have to expend effort or brain cells figuring out how to do it. It scales very well defined tasks, and ensures compliance with various rules, regulations and policies. Processes have their limitations -- they aren't good at learning, experimenting or adapting. Which is of course what collaboration is extremely good at.

So in this "more ideal than evil" world we try to arrange for ourselves, we want to be collaborators -- supported by processes.

IBM Targets Oracle Customers with Free Finance, Support

ibm_logo_2010.jpg Anyone who watches these things will know that high-end software is a tough, dirty business and not for the faint of heart, and Larry Ellison knows that better than most. So it will interesting to see how he reacts to IBM’s (news, site) new financial incentives to companies that want to move up from Oracle to IBM.

SAP, OpenText Strengthen Relationship with Pinnacle Awards

If OpenText and SAP get any more loved-up it could become indecent. The latest in the ongoing and well-established relationship between the two is that OpenText (news, site) has been awarded two 2011 SAP (news, site) Pinnacle awards, one for Global Software Solution Partner of the Year, the other for Global Enterprise Support Partner of the Year.

Lily Brings Big Data to Content Management

lily-long-logosmall.pngThere is another new entrant to the Hadoop market. Belgium-based Outerthought has announced its repository for big data and content management, Lily. The company is simultaneously launching its commercial services, but has decided to play nice by supporting Cloudera’s (news, site) Distribution including Hadoop (CDH).

SMB Tech Roll-up: Microsoft Gives SMBs Some Bing, But Google Offers Places to Go

This week the battle for the hearts and pockets of SMBs between Microsoft and Google continues with Microsoft offering Bing marketing for SMBs and Google upgrading its Places. SAP offers businesses that want it a cheap way of doing e-commerce, while new research shows that many SMBs are not ready for web traffic spikes.

IBM Releases Next-Generation SmartCloud Platform

ibm_logo_2010.jpg IBM (news, site) has unveiled its next-generation SmartCloud platform, which is designed to coax, rather than force, businesses into the cloud with an Enterprise implementation that is available immediately and an Enterprise+ version that will be released later this year.

SAP Adds GRC Software to BusinessObjects 4.0 Portfolio

SAP_logo_2010.jpg It took SAP (news, site) nearly three years to update BusinessObjects 4.0, which it did earlier this month with the release of the business intelligence and enterprise information management solutions. This week, it continues the momentum with the release of its GRC software called GRC 10, which pulls together its previous GRC offerings into something that has the look and feel of a new platform.

OpenERP Opens Up the ERP Market

openerp-logo-2011.jpg With a competitive business model, a vibrant developer community and 35 active partners around the globe, OpenERP may be the most impressive open source software company you have never heard of.

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