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Microsoft Rebrands Small & Medium Business Advertising to Bing

Microsoft has renamed its small and medium business (SMB) targeted Microsoft Advertising to Bing. The company hopes the move will boost sales by giving advertisers a cue that they are buying traffic on Microsoft’s search engine. Will it make a difference?

Search and Find - A User-Centric Approach to Customer Satisfaction

shutterstock_50571640.jpg For several years, usability guru Jakob Nielson has had “bad Search” as his number one “Top 10 mistakes in web design.” The reasons for this are obvious. If users who come to your site cannot quickly find the information or solution they are looking for they will leave and go to a competitor.

Q-Sensei Enterprise v2.0 Search Improves Big Data Support

qsensei_logo.png Q-Sensei Corp., a multi-dimensional search and indexing technology company, announced the release of Q-Sensei Enterprise v2.0 featuring ontology-based data processing and a new API.

Will the New Google Share Button Replace the +1 Button?

Google's social network has added a new way to share content over its growing search + your world platform. Google+ now offers a Google Share button that looks similar to the +1 button. But will websites find it more useful?

Microsoft, Facebook Announce $550 Million Patent Deal

In a half-billion dollar cash deal between two technology titans, Microsoft agreed to sell up to 70% of the patents it recently acquired from storied AOL just two weeks earlier for about twice that sum (US$ 1.056 billion) in cash. Terms of the Microsoft/ Facebook deal include ownership of 650 AOL patents and patent applications, plus access (via license) to the patents and filings that Microsoft will retain. 

Yammer Adds Universal Search, Aims to Replace the Intranet

Earlier this month we pointed out that Yammer has moved past basic social networking and into primary productivity tool territory. But that news was nothing compared to its latest announcement -- universal search.

A Week in Google: Google+ and Gmail Ties, Motion-Launched Apps, Affiliate Ads for Bloggers

Google, as ever, has been rolling out the changes across its range of products with more integration betweern Gmail and Google+ and many other additions. As we wait for the big Drive unveiling (will it be this week? Will it, will it?) we catch up on all the Googling fun that's gone in the past few days.

Driving Value with SharePoint Search

shutterstock_54303646.jpg In his Australian SharePoint Conference (#AUSPC) talk entitled “Driving Value with SharePoint Search: Working Smart, Not Hard” SharePoint MVP and founder of SharePoint Analyst HQ, Michal Pisarek talked about how to build out search to meet business needs and end user expectations for the platform.

Amazon Releases New Search-as-a-Service in the Cloud

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon Web Services has released its cloud search offering, CloudSearch, which has been rumored for months. The new service is based on the same technology that powers product searches on Amazon is the first company to offer search-as-a-service, but something tells us the Internet giant’s competitors will soon be scrambling to keep up now that Amazon has entered the market.

The Best Way to Improve Business Performance

“Who’s the best pilot I ever saw? Well, uh, you're lookin' at 'im”
--Gordo Cooper, Astronaut, The Right Stuff

“What’s the best process improvement approach you’ve ever seen?”
I have answered that question differently over the span of my career and suspect you may have as well. In this article in my adaptive case management series, I reflect on the different business process improvement approaches and tools I have seen and share which one I think has the right stuff.

Yahoo Cans 2,000, Aims to be Leaner and More Innovative

yahoo_logo_2010.jpg As widely rumored, Yahoo has just announced 2,000 redundancies spread across many of its units, as the company aims to slim down, focus on core profitable areas and return to looking after users and advertisers.

Social Sharing In Shopping Demonstrates the Real Google-Facebook War

The formidable power of Facebook and the social revolution got a boost from a new online study that shows consumers find social sharing equivalent to Google search in helpfulness when looking for a product to buy. So says the Sociable Labs consumer research study Social Impact Study: How Consumers See It. 

Apple Integrates with Baidu iOS in China, Reduces Reliance on Google

Competition in the smartphone and tablet market is getting tougher between Apple and Google. Apple is reportedly reducing its dependence on Google in various online and mobile services, and with recent reports that Baidu will soon be a default search engine for iOS mobile devices in China, Google might just lose its already weak hold in this market.

Google Bringing More Relevance and Semantics to Search Results

google_search_button.jpg Despite the vast amounts of revenue generated from the service, Google's search service has remained relatively staid for users, bar the odd funky logo. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it will soon be getting up to speed, offering direct answers to questions and more relevance via semantic searching.

Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Advertising, Search and Privacy Patents

facebook_logo_10.jpg In the last flailing act of a wounded beast, Yahoo won't do the decent thing and go quietly into the night, but will throw lawsuits at anyone it can claw some money from. The latest target is Facebook and the weapon of choice, some super-simple patents.

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