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BrandYourself to Produce Better Google Search Results

brandyourself_logosmall.pngWhen you have a name like mine, Google searches can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. One false move on my part and it won’t be hard to hide from search results. Additionally, if you have a common name, it’s not always easy to ensure that potential employers, suitors or others likely to Google you are getting the results that represent you. Sure, you can try to boost or push down your own results, but it’s not always easy to figure out. Until now. Thanks to BrandYourself, users can optimize the links you want to push up in Google results for your name.

A Week in Google: Nexus Tablets, Our Wallet or Your App and Many Tweaks

Google is in the wars again this week, reinforcing use of its own Wallet product and banging heads with Apple. While on the desktop, it has been busy with the smaller changes, tweaking Gmail and Google+ a little more.

A Week in Google: EU Protests Over Privacy Changes, Google+ Buries Spam

As Google faces legal opposition over its new privacy policy in Europe, expect more long, drawn-out legal battles. Meanwhile, the company is clamping down on spam in Google+, as Chrome's browser share shrinks and Android 5.0 Jelly Bean moves closer to an unveiling.

How Location is Influencing Search Behavior [Infographic]

Graphs are so 1999. Today, it’s all about the infographic -- the busy composite images with lots of metrics that simultaneously cater to my ADD and lust of for semi-useful details. Local search provider, Localeze, has  published a new infographic that details the growth of local search.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Adobe, Alfresco, Hyland, IBM, OpenText and Radian6 (22-Feb-12)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our bi-weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your job openings here).

A Week in Apple: The Chomp Purchase, Office on iOS, and iPad 3


This week, the Apple dragon woke from sleeping on its mountain of cash to pick up a search company, Chomp. That's likely as part of a revamp of iTunes as it prepares for its next generation of hardware launches, with more glimpses of components out in the wild.

Getting Started with Social Business: Building the Culture

In my previous article, we discussed the five key drivers for adopting Social Business. With this follow up,  we will what companies have done who have been most successful in creating an optimal culture for Social Business deployments. By understanding the processes, skillsets and organizational structures associated with business value, we will see how companies have prepared themselves for collaborative success.

SharePoint Applications: Process Redesign & Capabilities Mapping

For those of you keeping score at home, I’m in the middle of a series on how to build and deploy successful SharePoint document management applications, with the goal of migrating end-users off of the most prevalent legacy document management system out there: that unholy trinity of shared drives, hard drives and email.

Yandex, Twitter Partner to License 'Firehose' Data for Search

Social media sentiment is increasing in importance, so much that Google has started indexing Google+ content. The search giant is even updating its results pages to likewise reflect content from its home-grown social network. Twitter is likewise taking advantage of search engines incorporating its social media stream, and is evident with the microblogging service's latest partnership with Yandex.

A Week in Google: Tracking iPhone Browsing, Unlocking Androids and Better Google+

After causing a privacy fuss a few weeks ago, Google is back in the news again having been found circumnavigating Apple's Safari browser privacy to track user's surfing habits. On the positive side, it has found new ways to unlock Android phones and added further features for Google+ to keep it gaining in popularity.


Ektron's New CTO Sees Big Things for Customer Experience and Big Data

When business is doing great, you don't just sit back and ride the wave -- you go out find yourself a Chief Technology Officer. At least that's what Ektron did.

eMarketer Predicts Online Ad Trends in 2012: Hint - Video is Big

Once there were radios, then came television, and now, with computers quickly becoming America’s primary source of entertainment, advertisers are being forced to take notice. The latest trends in online advertising reflect this changing vantage point, as a new analysis from eMarketer shows video will be the fastest growing digital ad format over the coming years, slowly but surely gaining momentum against search and banner ads. The oracle has spoken. 

Yahoo Chairman Jumps Down

Thumbnail image for yahoo_logo.jpg In a letter to the Yahoo board, Chairman Roy Bostock announces that he won't be seeking re-election at the next shareholder's meeting. Is Bostock stepping down? Or is it more like jumping ship?

Apple Threatens App Cheats as iPhone Racks up Sales and iPad Enters Parliament

applelogo.pngA whole bag of Apple-related news snippets have flooded in from various places today, as the company deals with the price of market success, app store shenanigans and the risk of being road-tested by those ultimate fuddy-duddies, British Parliamentarians. Oh, and something called the iPad 3 might be happening soon. 

Why Is Microsoft Hush, Hush on Google's Search Plus Your World?

microsoft_logo_2010.jpgGoogle has received significant public reprimand for their "a little more Google for everyone" Google+ powered Search Plus Your World. Twitter was outraged. Facebook was disappointed. Microsoft was...wait, why isn’t Microsoft saying anything?

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