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Vizibility Adds Mobile Tookit to Online Identity Management Platform

vizibility_logo_2011.jpgDefining your online identity has never been more important and Vizibility has the tools to help you prioritize what others can find out about you when they Google you or your company.

7 Ways to Ensure Your Lucene/Solr Implementation Fails

The emergence of Google and other web search engines has made search pervasive. It has created a generation of users that expect to locate information at work as easily as they can at home online. But, often that is not the reality. Implement a tool to find stuff. How difficult could that possibly be? Ask anyone that has ever implemented anything but the simplest search solution, and they’ll likely agree -- pretty freaking hard.

Here are a few things to avoid to not make your enterprise search implementation even harder.

Microsoft's Bing Extends Twitter Search Deal

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has managed to come to agreement with Twitter to extend its deal that incorporates Tweets into Bing, with the result that, for at least another two years, Tweets will be searchable through Bing.

Yahoo for Sale After CEO Bartz Firing?

Yahoo for Sale After CEO Bartz Firing?After sacking its CEO Carol Bartz yesterday, it now seems like Yahoo is putting itself on the market for potential acquisition.

Google to Use +1 Data in Search Ranking, Tweak Algorithm to Fight Content Scrapers

Google is always on the lookout for ways to combat search and web spam. In an effort to include crowdsourced information in its algorithm, the company is asking for user input, and is likewise considering adding Google+ +1 shares as a factor in search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

10 Features That Will Make Your SharePoint Search Shine

Search giants like Google and Bing provide powerful features that allow you to do great things with search. But, do you know about the possibilities available with SharePoint search? We’ve pulled together 10 ways to help you make your SharePoint search shine. You might be surprised at all of the exciting new features available with SharePoint search.

Politician Wants to Ban PowerPoint; Would He Get Your Vote?

Politician Wants to Ban PowerPoint; Would He Get Your Vote? That's a hypothetical question, unless you're in Switzerland, but he makes an interesting point. Would presentations be more interesting if the speaker didn't get to rely on whizzy graphics and effects of PowerPoint?

A Week in Google: Throwing Away Old Social Acquisitions, Gaining Records Mgmt & Infinite Scrolling

This week in Google world the Internet giant signaled its satisfaction with Plus by trimming away some of the fat. That is, it started tossing the old social acquisitions that didn't lead anywhere. At the same time, Google users gained a records management perk, as well as a bit more of that whole infinite scrolling thing. 

SharePoint in the Enterprise: Best Uses, Trends, Tools & Strategies

I recently attended and spoke at the SharePoint Saturday: The Conference this August 2011. My presentation was around real world applications on SharePoint: ideas, trends we’re seeing and actually uses. I also had the opportunity to speak with several experts in the field, and some current and future consumers of SharePoint. Here’s what most of the buzz was about.

Adding Google+ to Search Results Won't Change the Game

Google recently made more changes to its search strategy with the addition of Plus posts, but it might be too early to say whether or not getting more social will have a big influence on results. 

Meltwater Buys IceRocket, Adds Social Media Search

Everything in news organizations is getting more expensive, so the owners say. The result, online media intelligence company Meltwater (news, site) says, is that it is expanding its business into social media monitoring through the acquisition of social search engine developer IceRocket (news, site).

Real-Time Google Search Results Could Return Via Google+

Not too long ago, Google (news, site) trumpted its real-time search as adding value to current events. Then it vanished after arguments with Twitter, but could return thanks to the rise of Google+.

Yahoo Knows What You Want: Adapting 'Today' Algorithm to Rest of Site

Have you fired up a web browser with the intention of finding some important piece of information quickly, but Yahoo (newssite) opens as your home page and, before you know it, you’ve spent 15 minutes reading articles from the Today box at the top of the page? Apparently you are not alone.

Google's Page Speed Service Raises Concerns Among Webmasters

Google (news, site) recently unveiled its Page Optimization Service, promising anywhere from 20% to 65% page speed improvement. Currently on a free, limited trial, the service supposedly improves page delivery and loading time by distributing the load across Google servers worldwide. But at what cost?

Open-Source Options for Faceted Search, for the Budget Conscious User

Faceted search, or guided navigation, has become the de facto standard for e-commerce and product-related websites. And e-commerce sites aren’t the only ones joining the club: other content-heavy sites such as media publishers, libraries and non-profits are tapping into faces to create an optimal search experience. Faceted search is also hitting its stride behind the firewall, being found in intranets and enterprise search applications.

But what do you do when you don’t have the budget to get one of those fancy commercial search applications from the large specialized vendors, like Endeca or FAST?

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