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Microsoft Joins the Record-Profits Crowd on Office/Enterprise Strength

Microsoft Joins the Record-Profits Crowd on Office/Enterprise StrengthMicrosoft (news, site) joins Apple and Intel in the record figures groove as gaming and big-business purchases push the company onward.

Google Announces 36% Jump in Quarterly Profits

Amidst controversy such as privacy concerns and a Federal Trade Commission investigation, Google announced its second-quarter earnings, including record revenue that increased its stock price by more than 10% overnight.

Bing to Service English-Language Search in China; Lost Opportunity for Google?

Search is big business in China, with a 470 million-strong Internet userbase. While Google has shied away from servicing China due to strict censoring laws, Microsoft (news, site) has found a partner in the country's biggest search company, Baidu (news, site).

Telerik Expands Developer Toolset, Adds New Support for Windows Phone 7

telerikLogo-websmaller.jpgTelerik (news, site) releases its latest update to its developer productivity tools portfolio concentrating its focus on the latest technologies, including support for Windows Phone 7.

Vivvo Web CMS: Focuses on Stability in Version 4.6, Offers 3 New Free Plug-ins

Vivvo (news, site) has announced the latest version of its web content management system. Version 4.6 is focuses on resolving some big bugs and adding a few enhancements.

TERMINALFOUR SiteManager 7.1: Improved Mobile, Search Integration & Automated Migration from other Web CMS

TERMINALFOUR SiteManager 7.1: Improved Mobile, Search Integration &  Automated Migration from other Web CMSTERMINALFOUR (news, site) released SiteManager 7.1 today with an eye to getting more companies out of their current web content management system and into t4's. But that's not all that's new in this latest release.

Google Hit With Antitrust Investigation by FTC, States, But is Microsoft Behind It?

In an investigation that could hypothetically break up the search behemoth, the Federal Trade Commission, as well as a number of states and the European Union, are examining Google for anti-competitive practices. But is rival Microsoft behind some of the actions?

Twitter Partners With Yahoo! Japan for Real-Time Search; Preemptive Strike Against Asian Microblogs?

Twitter Partners With Yahoo! Japan for Real-Time Search; Preemptive Strike Against Asian Microblogs?Twitter (news, site) is aggressively expanding into the Japanese market, in particular partnering with mobile networks and portals in the country. Twitter's latest partnership involves adding live feeds in Yahoo! Japan search results. Is Twitter doing this as a means to expand into Asian territories just as certain Asian microblogging services are planning a coup in the English-language market?

Analytics & Monitoring Key to Effective Enterprise Search

Organizations are investing heavily in enterprise search and information accessibility, but a surprising number have no understanding of their users’ search behavior. We recently sat down with Otis Gospodnetić, founder of Sematext (newssite) and co-author of the book Lucene in Action. Otis shared some key lessons learned via the emerging discipline of Search Analtyics.

Optify's Advanced Keyword Reports Kick SEO into High Gear

Optify's Advanced Keyword Reports Kick SEO into High Gear Optify (news, site) kicked out a new set of advanced keyword reports for SEO at the Search Marketing Expo Advanced conference in Seattle this week.

A Week in Google: Pushing Buttons & Playing Nice with Yahoo and Microsoft

Facebook's 'Like' button has had a good solo run across the Web, but this week Google provided some company with the general release of +1. Meanwhile, the Internet giant and China are once again at odds, and a geeky trio of unlikely partners was formed for the greater good of microdata. 

Google, Microsoft & Yahoo Sitting in a Tree, Standardizing Microdata

It seems that even giants like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo can get over their differences when it's mutually beneficial. The trio collectively announced that they will be partnering under the banner, a resource designed to standardize microdata.

Google Extends +1 Button Functionality to Websites

Buttons, buttons everywhere! Just a day after news of Twitter's Follow button broke, Google's announced that the +1 button will be available on partner websites. 

China's Baidu, Microsoft to Challenge Google Outside of China

Baidu LogoBaidu (news, site) has the biggest search market share in China. With Baidu currently working out a strategic search partnership with Microsoft, the company is reportedly challenging Google's search dominance elsewhere.

This Week: The Value of Social Business + 5 Alternatives to Skype

In the news this week Aquia released the latest version of their social business platform, Drupal Commons 1.6, KnowledgeTree took on for mobile document management and Web CMS provider MODx offered up MODx Revolution 2.1.

The Lucene Revolution event took place in San Francisco and our own Josette Rigsby spent time on the conference floor talking to attendees about enterprise search and the new Lucene/Solr certification.

As a close out to our focus on enterprise information management (EIM) we addressed the "enterprise" in enterprise content management, discussed the value of social business and publicly pondered what is more important - employee or customer communities.

And finally for those of you still worried about Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, may we suggest five great alternatives to Skype.

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