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Google Sets Aside US$ 500M for Possible DoJ Settlement

Google (news, site) has recently adjusted its quarterly earnings report with a hefty US$ 500 million reduction. The earlier-reported cash earning has now been earmarked for a potential settlement with the Department of Justice for undisclosed ad-related issues.

Information Management: Keep Archived Content Relevant and Compliant

Previously we’ve reported about the ways that companies can begin to access information stored across multiple data storage platforms. In a continued effort to simplify the process, Index Engines has released Collection Engine for Data Domain, which allows organizations to better understand what it is on their back up disks.

CloudMagic Instant Search for Gmail & Google Docs

Google's Instant Search is probably a love-it or hate-it feature. Some might find it confusing, while others might find it useful to see your search results as you type. Gmail doesn't have instant search built-in, but if you want lightning-fast searches, you can try CloudMagic. You get instant-search functionality for your Gmail messages, which is something akin to OSX Spotlight or Windows 7 Search-as-you-Type. CloudMagic even gives you the added functionality of offline search. We recently gave CloudMagic a try and we're pleased with the results.

A Week in Google: Voice Search on, a Bigger App Market than Apple & Winning Over Skype

This week we wondered who would benefit most from acquiring Skype, and whether or not size matters in the app department. 

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: BlackBerry Goes Bing, Tests Voice Search, Viber hits Android

This week the enterprise world saw BlackBerry make Bing its default search engine, an invitation to shout at your computer screen, and a bit of solid competition for Skype. 

Bing Gets Promoted to BlackBerry's Default Search Engine

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, made a surprise appearance at today's BlackBerry World conference in Orlando. Along with RIM president Mike Lazaridis, he announced that Microsoft is entering a partnership with RIM on BlackBerry smartphones, making Bing the default search engine and maps provider on all new devices. 


Google Begins Testing Voice Search on

Today it was confirmed that Google has begun tinkering around with an integration of voice search with the search engine. 

Hadoop Leaving Yahoo?

Is big data darling Hadoop about to pack up its bags and leave home? Rumors and commentary are spinning around the web and traditional media that Yahoo! Is considering spinning off the entire software unit. Although the software originated with Yahoo!, Cloudera (news, site) has emerged as a leader in the paid support and value-added products for the platform. If Yahoo creates a Hadoop startup, Cloudera and "Yahoo spinoff" would compete head-to-head.

yolink Brings Better Searching to WordPress

tigerlogic_logo.jpgTigerLogic Corporation makes no bones about the fact that the default search engine within WordPress sucks. yolink Search for WordPress, the company's latest cloud-based plugin, aims to remedy that problem. 

Optify Offers Next Generation Social Media Marketing Bundle

optify-logo.pngWith their eyes on next-generation SEO, Optify launched an enterprise oriented social media bundle that enables marketers to “act and track” their social efforts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

The Chicken or the Egg: Aka the Content Management System or the Portal?

Many software companies who provide both Content Management and Portal applications are merging the two technologies to provide a consolidated approach for presenting information to users. Historically, portal products have had some kind of content store embedded within them, but were never designed as enterprise level content management applications. Content Management applications which provided Web Content Management claimed to provide some Portal-like capabilities, but were never meant to be a true portal replacement.

In years past, there was a clear process for implementing the strategy: approach it from either the CMS first or Portal first position. Because of the strong inter-dependencies between the two technologies, administrators and developers are at odds over where to start. So which is the chicken and which is the egg? Which one comes first?


Google Quarterly Earnings + Bing Market Share Cause Concern

Google's new CEO Larry Page reported on the company's massive increase in expenses during the earnings call yesterday, causing one set of analysts to cheer for the sales growth while a second worried that this could be the beginning of a less financially-disciplined era for the Internet giant. The latter half expressed further concern at the rise of Microsoft's Bing search engine, whose market share numbers indicate possible usurpation of the search throne.

A Week in Google: The FISMA Battle Continues, Bing's Share Grows and Threatens

It's been a crazy week here in the Google world: Will the Internet giant win the FISMA battle against Microsoft? Maybe. Will Bing surpass Google search in 2012? Maybe. 

Tying Google Search into Nuxeo Enterprise CMS

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpg Open source enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Nuxeo announced the Nuxeo GSA Connector that enables Google Search Appliance to index and search content stored in the Nuxeo Document Management platform. Organizations using Nuxeo and Google’s search appliance can now have the ECM content in same search results as other content indexed by search appliance and actually get closer to living up to the “enterprise search” moniker.

Google Panda Update Rolls Out in the UK; Gainers, Losers Identified

Earlier this year, Google (news, site) started dealing with content spam and low-quality sites in its search results by crowdsourcing quality control and by updating its algorithm. Initially rolled out in the US, the algorithm update is now gradually being rolled out to Google data centers in the rest of the world, and search analysts are reporting how the new algorithm affects sites depending on type and content.

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