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Forrester: How Customers Reach Your Website Can Inform Digital Marketing Campaigns

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According to a new report from Forrester Research, marketers should learn more about the paths customers take to get to their company's website to help inform discovery marketing campaigns.

Google Voice Search Extended to Gmail Contacts

Gmail search expanded.jpgOver the past year Google has been pushing the boundaries of its search capabilities in an ongoing field trial. Over that time it has added all kinds of new functionalities. Today, it has announced that participants will be able to pull results from their Gmail contacts from Search.

Quixey Releases Sponsored Apps to Improve Search Results

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Sponsored Apps Quixey.jpg App search engine Quixey has released Sponsored Apps, a tool that is designed to help advertisers and developers target customers at the discovery stage by matching them to relevant apps to what was searched.

Yandex Updates Smart Email Sorting Tool

Yandex Updates Smart Email Sorting ToolYandex, sometimes called the Google of Russia, has updated a smart sorting tool within its email system that helps people take actions on a variety of emails like meeting invites and e-tickets.

Search Engines Must be Clear about Ads, F.T.C. Says

Search Engines Must be Clear about Ads, F.T.C. SaysAdvertisements need to be labeled as such when they are surfaced on a search engine results page, the FTC told search engine companies this week after finding the paid results were increasingly harder to tell apart from natural results.

Windows 8.1 Preview Goes Live as Build 2013 Keynote Kicks Off

windows 8.1, blue, msdn, build, ballmer.jpg

The MSDN developer site looks like it can't handle the demand to watch Steve Ballmer and co show off the latest Windows wares and developer news. However, the Windows 8.1 Blue preview version is now available to download.

Tech Tool Tourist: Gartner's Digital Marketing Transit Map

Tech Tool Tourist: Gartner's Digital Marketing Transit MapFeeling turned upside down by the digital marketing landscape? There's an app for th... well, at least Gartner has taken the time to build a handy transit map style infographic to show us the digital marketing toolkit in a somewhat navigable way.

Webinar Recap: Video is the New Document

Webinar Recap: Video is the New Document

Think video is the defacto form of communication on the Web? You're not alone.  The explosion of online video has inundated the Web in much the same way documents once resulted in information overload. Video is, in a sense, the new document.

How Worried Should You Be About the NSA's PRISM System Watching You?

How Worried Should You Be About the NSA's PRISM System Watching You?

To paraphrase The Police song (which is apparently the NSA's hold and dial-in teleconference music), "Every Key You Press, The Government is Watching You", as leaked documents show the NSA has full access to most social media and search sites. 

Yandex Adds Actionable Context to Search Results with Islands

Yandex search island.pngAn example of Yandex' new search "island."

Yandex is the latest search engine to announce new revisions designed to make it a faster, more useful tool as Russia’s largest search engine announced the launch of “islands” this week. 

PC Users Can Talk To Chrome While Google+ Gets A Mobile Browser Update


Google has turned the taps on its update stream after last week's I/O event. You can now talk to your PC's Chrome browser for Google searches, while mobile users get a new version of Google+ to play with that's more in line with the card-based update of the recent PC browser update. 

Sitecore 7 Puts Search as the Information Access Layer, Scaling Limits Gone

Sitecore 7 Puts Search as the Information Access Layer, Scaling Limits Gone Digital marketers have a strong interest in tuning and optimizing the search experience, which is why Sitecore has given search a front row seat in Sitecore 7.

Tumblr The Target of a Social Media Bidding War?


Yahoo is bidding for Tumblr in an attempt to boost its social media credentials, but Facebook and other parties may be interested in spoiling the party. 

Google I/O 2013 Day 1 Wrap Up: Search, Mobile + Cloud Updates

Voice search in Google's Chrome browser now features hands free search by saying the phrase, "Okay, Google."

Once a year, Google throws its I/O developers conference, and day one in 2013 featured plenty of updates about the company's most popular search, mobile and cloud products including a hands free voice search feature for laptops and desktops.

Bing Updates Social Sidebar with Facebook Integration


Keeping track of important Facebook updates can be a tedious process, especially if a person has a lot of contacts, but Bing aims to make this easier by integrating Facebook into its social sidebar tool.

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