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Microsoft's Bing Looks Over Shoulder, Sees Yandex Passing By

In the monthly race for search queries worldwide, Microsoft’s Bing search engine was beaten in November and December by… Yandex. If you’re asking, “What is Yandex?”, you obviously do not live in Russia. 

Twitter Updates Mobile Search, Discovery with Single Content Stream

Social network Twitter is changing how content is streamed to mobile users in order to improve the search and discovery experience for them. Upgrades to the Twitter iOS and Android apps and site provide a single stream of blended content results.

Microsoft Already Extending Office 365 2013 With 5 Bing Apps Including Maps, Image Search

It’s only three days since Microsoft launched Office 2013 and the online version through Office 365, but already it has started building it out. To be more precise, it is Bing that is building out Office 365 with the addition of five new apps that can be used with the new Office 365 Home Premium.

Facebook Mobile Now Bringing in a Quarter of Entire Company's Ad Revenue

2012 ended on a high note for Facebook even after the company's rocky public launch early in the year, and the latest financial release shows the company now brings in nearly a quarter of its revenue from mobile.

Whither Yahoo? CEO Mayer Says Search Personalization, Partnerships

In what directions does Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, want to take her company?

Research: How Paid Search Did in 2012 Retail Season

Adobe has announced some interesting paid search research on the 2012 retail season. And there are some key takeaways here for digital marketers.

Graph Search Unveiled by Facebook to Improve Social Relevance

 Facebook-logo.jpg At its mystery-shrouded event in San Francisco, Facebook has unveiled Graph Search as a potentially massive new feature to help find relevant results among the photos, likes and other information that users put up on the social service. 

YouSendIt Buys Found for All in One File Search from Anywhere

File sharing service YouSendIt has expanded its roster of duties by purchasing Found, a system for enabling file search across devices and clouds.

Video Portal Provider Qumu Adds Speech Search

According to business video platform provider Qumu, three-quarters of a company’s business knowledge is spoken in meetings, not written down. When those meetings are video recorded, finding that knowledge has traditionally required that the videos first be transcribed into searchable text. Qumu is removing that step, by adding Speech Search to its video portal.

Twitter Search Refined with Real-Time Human Computation

Ever try to search for an unfolding event on Twitter as it happens? Sometimes the results are not so great. When news breaks, Twitter doesn't always have the context it needs to fulfill those requests. Until now.

In 2013 I Wish ...


In 2013 I wish that businesses would take a moment to realize the wealth of technology and capability that they already have. The technology platforms they buy have so many untapped and unused features that can help plug holes and fulfill needs that are acutely felt every day. Too many businesses get enamored with the shiny new software pitched by that year's sales rep while missing out on the ROI and efficiency and expertise that lies latent and waiting.
In 2013 I wish that organizations would take a moment to inventory the expertise, tools, best practices and insight that is freely available on the web. From whitepapers to freemium software to graphics to templates for everything from expense reports to business plans, the World Wide Web abounds with the answer to any question you have if only you'll invest the time to find and read and use it. The information you seek is out there, usually for free. Tap into that resource and enjoy an amazingly prosperous 2013! -- Billy Cripe, Founder and Principal BloomThinker of BloomThink


Help Google Find the Structured Data on Any Web Page

Search results that incorporate structured data have new found importance to Google, and the company wants to help webpages improve search snippets by including the most important information people might be looking for.

Google Brings Ray Kurzweil Aboard to Lead Engineering

Ray Kurzweil, an author, futurist and inventor, now works for Google.

YouTube Search Gets More Precise with Upgraded Data API

YouTube has overhauled one of its most popular developer resources by adding new functions and simpler controls to its Data API.

Yandex Gets Personal with Search Results

213775.jpgRussian search engine provider Yandex is now offering its users search personalization as part of a new search platform Kaliningrad.

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