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Tumblr The Target of a Social Media Bidding War?


Yahoo is bidding for Tumblr in an attempt to boost its social media credentials, but Facebook and other parties may be interested in spoiling the party. 

Google I/O 2013 Day 1 Wrap Up: Search, Mobile + Cloud Updates

Voice search in Google's Chrome browser now features hands free search by saying the phrase, "Okay, Google."

Once a year, Google throws its I/O developers conference, and day one in 2013 featured plenty of updates about the company's most popular search, mobile and cloud products including a hands free voice search feature for laptops and desktops.

Bing Updates Social Sidebar with Facebook Integration


Keeping track of important Facebook updates can be a tedious process, especially if a person has a lot of contacts, but Bing aims to make this easier by integrating Facebook into its social sidebar tool.

Klout Adding Clout to Bing's Search Results With Detailed Answers

klout_logo_2011.jpgHave you been building up your Klout score through social activity, informative posts and connections? If so, you could be a Klout Expert, someone wise enough to get your content to the top of search engines thanks to a new initiative by the measuring company. 

SharePoint 2013: Fast Search Features Drive Enterprise Productivity

In the year 2008, Microsoft acquired a technology company called Fast Search & Transfer ASA for a whopping US$ 1.2 billion. With this acquisition, Microsoft capitalized on the reputation Fast Search had built for itself in the field of enterprise search and tightened its grip on the workspace collaboration ecosystem by introducing the Fast Search feature in SharePoint 2013.

Google Now Arrives on iOS to Challenge Siri as your iPhone's Favorite Information Source

google_now_logo.jpg Google Now has landed on the iPad and iPhone in an update to the company's search app, bringing Google's power to match your thirst for local, relevant and useful information on the go. 

Google Snaps Up Wavii For Natural Language Search

 wavii_logo_2013.jpgWavii has closed down its existing summarizing service app after being acquired by Google, where it will likely fulfill the same role that Summly now does for Yahoo. 

Yahoo Puts Summly To Work in New Search App

yahoo_30_summly.jpg Yahoo has barely put the welcome mat back in the cupboard for new acquisition Summly, yet it already it has an updated iOS app to make use of the service's summarizing features.

Tablet, Smartphone Paid Search Spend Doubles on Higher Engagement Figures

If anyone had any doubt about the importance of mobile business, new research just released by digital marketing solutions vendor, IgnitionOne, would clear that up. According to the figures released today, paid search spend on both tablets and mobile phones went up 112% and 113% respectively.

LinkedIn Search Gets Wider, Deeper & Smarter

For social media networks like LinkedIn that aim to connect people that don’t really know each other the better the search, the better your service.

Quality Search Requires Quality People

On its own, search technology will not help us find the right things quickly. We need human expertise and human management.

Google+ Rolls Out Local Reviews, Updates Profile Layout

Social media sites are quite adept at capturing information about us, and every update and added feature is usually a way to make this task easier. Google+ is no different, and the latest updates include larger cover photos and minor profile layout changes.

Yandex Android App Store Debuts

Russian search engine company Yandex has opened its own app store version for Android devices, and it has 50,000 paid and free apps at launch.

webOS' Death Is Greatly Exaggerated - LG Wants It to Live Again, Inside TVs

When HP dropped its TouchPad tablet and focused its consumer products on Android and Windows, the accompanying webOS platform went into limbo. Now, there are reports that LG has bought the OS -- and is readying it for use in a new generation of TV sets. 

How the Cloud is Impacting SharePoint 2013

The nature of how we collaborate has evolved.

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