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Yahoo is Changing, Thanks to Marissa Mayer

Change is afoot at Yahoo, and new CEO Marissa Mayer (formerly VP and public face of key Yahoo rival Google) deserves the credit. In a discussion during the most recent Yahoo earnings call that has generated rave reviews from high tech and financial pundits alike, Mayer laid out how and why she plans to institute some significant changes -- designed to shake Yahoo out of the type of situation former President Jimmy Carter called a “malaise.”

DtSearch 7.70 Adds Document Filters, Increased Multi-Level Search

Enterprise-based searching always wants more. And dtSearch, a supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software, is offering more -- with the recently announced version 7.70 of its product line.

Adobe's Global Digital Advertising Update Sees Increase in Social Engagement and Mobile Traffic

Adobe has released their Q3 2012 Global Digital Index Report, which analyzes and reports the findings on social engagement and paid searches.

Google Report Looks at Content, Marketing Strategies in a Multi-Screen World

It’s evening, and the family is in the living room. The teenager is on her laptop Facebooking, Mom is reading the news on a tablet, and Dad is checking email on his smartphone. Oh, yes, and they’re all watching a show on television. Does this scene sound familiar? It should, according to a new report from Google

Google Q3 Report: Early Release Shakes Markets as Search Giant Posts 20% Drop in Profits

It’s rare that the way in which an IT company's financial results are released trumps the numbers themselves, but that's what happened with Google's Q3 earnings report. The news that profits dropped 20% seems almost a side note to what is being described as a market snafu.

Improve Your Search Ranking with New Google Disallow Links Tool, Use Carefully

Suppose someone, universally known for his bad character, went around saying nice things about you. You might wish for him to stop already. That’s the idea behind Google’s newest tool.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Alfresco's Solr Search Integration, Hyland's Mobile Access

This week in the document management world, Alfresco is back in the news with the announcement of a new integration by Ixxus to add Solr faceted search to Alfresco 4, Hyland is making its OnBase application more readily accessible through mobile devices, Lexmark rebrands Brainware and SealPath secures documents in the cloud.

Google Extends Search To Add Google Drive, Calendar, To Gmail Search

In August we reported that Google had extended its search capabilities to include Gmail. It started testing the new functionality then. This week, after feedback from Google users about the new feature, Google has now decided to extend the search capability to Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google GSA 7.0 to Speed Up Doc Search, WatchDox Adds App for SharePoint

It may have been a holiday weekend, but it’s still busy in the document management world. Google has just released GSA 7.0, which makes document search and retrieval a lot easier, WatchDox has released a SharePoint application, Perceptive is offering an e-signing tool, and Central Desktop has introduced single sign-in.

Is There a Future for Enterprise Search?

In September I was taking part in a European Commission conference on search computing at which a senior executive of a major search technology vendor proclaimed that enterprise search is dead, and that the focus should be on data analytics. Without doubt there are some significant benefits in enabling managers to look for trends and outliers in the mass of data that is now being collected by many companies, but that does not mean to say that "enterprise search is dead."

Google Upgrades Enterprise Search Appliance, Adds SharePoint Integration

The Google Search Appliance (GSA), first introduced ten years ago, is getting upgraded. Version 7.0 from the search giant provides new capabilities for employees to find what they need inside an enterprise.

Rio SEO Launches Keyword Discovery Tool for Better Landing Pages

Rio SEO Launches Keyword Discovery Tool for Better Page Landings When consumers search for a need that could be met by your product or service, what keywords are they actually using? There are a variety of tools and techniques for discovering those magic words, and now Rio SEO has unveiled a new one. 

Modern Intranets Need Social Baked In, Not Sprinkled on Top

Around a year ago, several reports came out that highlighted the lack of employee desire for social features in workplace intranets. What a difference a year makes. 

Russia's Yandex Launches Its Own Browser & a Mobile App Store

When you’re the top search engine and most visited website in Russia, as Yandex is, you don’t want Google coming in and eating your virtual lunch. To help keep its lunch for itself, Yandex is launching two new products. 

Klout to Integrate Facebook Pages into Klout Scores

klout_logo_2011.jpg Social influence measurement platform Klout has integrated Facebook pages into its Klout Score calculations -- which should result in higher scores for page users.

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