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Semantic Search News & Analysis

Why Every Digital Marketer Needs a Graph

Customer Experience, Why Every Digital Marketer Needs a GraphWhen Google introduced the Knowledge Graph in 2012, they initiated the shift to semantic search -- the greatest shift in search since the introduction of the Page Rank algorithm. Instead of relying on documents connected by hyperlinks, the Knowledge Graph signaled Google’s move toward supplying answers based on knowledge embodied by entities connected via a graph of relationships. 

Digital marketers can learn a lot from Google’s shift to semantic search.

Apple to Make US$ 1 Billion from Google to Remain Default Search Engine on iOS

Long have there been rumors of a deal between Apple and Google to keep Google as the default search engine on iOS devices. According to Scott Devitt in a recent investor report, One Morgan Stanley analyst has pegged that deal as one based on a per device sold basis, and it could be worth US$ 1 billion this year alone.

Futureful iPad App Launches, Promises Content Discovery in Style

A stylish iPad app launches, but does the Internet care? It might if the crew behind the Futureful app have their way. Futureful is like StumbleUpon's fancier, quirkier cousin, and if the Internets like anything new, it is surely a new way to find awesome Internets.

Sharepoint 2013, Office 365 Get Semantic Search with Smartlogic Semaphore

Semantic search provider Smartlogic is ready to integrate its Semaphore platform into Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013, and upgrades include more ontology related Web parts and better multi-farm support for large-scale deployments.

The What and Why of Semantic Web Technologies

In my first article on The Semantic Web and the Modern Enterprise, I introduced the vision of the Semantic Web. I also discussed how the progress made while working towards that vision provides a strong foundation to help enterprises better deal with their information management challenges. In this article, we’ll take a high-level look at what the core Semantic Web technologies are, why they’re different from conventional technology approaches and how they deliver tangible benefits for enterprise information management.

The Semantic Web and the Modern Enterprise

shutterstock_97855988.jpg For over a decade the Semantic Web has been maligned, misconstrued and misunderstood. It’s been overhyped by its supporters while its critics have hung the albatross of artificial intelligence around its neck. Even its successes have been understated, often coming with little fanfare and without the mindshare and hype surrounding other trends such as Web 2.0, NoSQL or Big Data.

How Location is Influencing Search Behavior [Infographic]

Graphs are so 1999. Today, it’s all about the infographic -- the busy composite images with lots of metrics that simultaneously cater to my ADD and lust of for semi-useful details. Local search provider, Localeze, has  published a new infographic that details the growth of local search.

Are Semantic Ads the Push that Semantic Technologies Need?

Semantic technologies are maturing and this is good news because they can be used to fuel semantic ads, ads that promise a lot to both advertisers and publishers. Still, if the technology is reliable, why don't we see more semantic ads?

Be a Pal, Help IKS Bring Semantic Technologies to CMS

Be a Pal, Help IKS Bring Semantic Technologies to CMSAttention all CMS vendors, IKS (news, site) is inviting you to take part in a survey for evaluating their product's coverage of features, particularly with respect to semantic capabilities. 

LOUD3R Updates its Publishing Platform, Content Streams Stand Out

loud3r-logo.jpg As long as the state of online news publishing still flickers and fades, there will be companies who aim to capture as much of its light as they can. Recently, LOUD3R, launched a newly redesigned version of its real-time content discovery, curation and publishing platform.

Jahia EE 6.1 Offers Semantic Search, Improved Social Media Modules

150_jahialogo_2009.jpgJahia (news, site) adds the latest must-have buzzwords to its all-in-one web content, document management and portal system.

Yebol's Semantic Search Provides Human Knowledge

yebol.gifThink of all the times you’ve searched Google. Are you searching for information or for knowledge? If you’re not sure of the difference, meet Yebol, a semantic search engine that can teach you a thing or two about search.


Zite Goes Beyond RSS: Combines News Aggregation and Social Media

zitelogo_75px-01.pngIn the world of search and discovery, there aren’t many viable examples that give users the information they didn’t know. For every Pandora, Netflix and Amazon, there is a Google and Facebook. But Worio (news, site) has other plans.

Be an IKS Early Adopter and Enhance your CMS with Semantic Features

IKS-leader.jpg If you want to get involved with the Interactive Knowledge Stack(IKS) Early Adopters program then now is probably a good time to start looking at your options.

The Interactive Knowledge Stack, or IKS (news, site) has just announced details of how it intends to proceed with its prototypes: an Alpha Version available between July and September this year and a Beta Version -- which you could be a part of -- targeted for April to June next year.

Open Text to Cash Out CDN $35 Million for Nstein

open text_logo_2009.jpg

Hey, look, it took no time at all. As we predicted a little while ago, Open Text (news, site) is getting ready to make yet another acquisition in the Web CMS space.

This time around, it’s their Canadian neighbor Nstein Technologies Inc. (news, site) -- the makers of TME (Text Mining Engine). Data mining and analysis, and not necessarily WCM or DAM, is likely the main focus of this deal.

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