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Semantic Web News & Analysis

Google Now Tracks and Ranks Authors

In a move that may shift the balance of power a bit, Google has begun indexing the attribution of content to content authors, rather than just websites.

IKS Workshop Offers Practical Semantic Technology Training

iks_logosmall.jpgInteractive Knowledge Stack (IKS), the open source endeavor to increase speed of adoption for semantic web technologies, is planning its largest workshop to date. Over 100 participants are expected in Paris July 5-6 for the free event.

W3C Launches Working Group to Update Foundations of Semantic Web

logo-w3c-mobile-lg.pngWeb 3.0, the semantic web, is gaining in both popularity and adoption, but the pace isn’t rapid enough for some. With the recent move by web standards organization, W3C, to launch a RDF Working Group that will enhance the resource description framework (RDF), the standard may become more attractive to the masses.

Drupal 7 Released, But is it Production Ready?

Drupal Web Content Management System (Web CMS)That's right, Drupal 7 has officially launched today. The latest version of the well known open source web content management system has been three years in the making (and we've covered much of that work), now we just have to wait for the contributed modules to catch up.

Are Semantic Ads the Push that Semantic Technologies Need?

Semantic technologies are maturing and this is good news because they can be used to fuel semantic ads, ads that promise a lot to both advertisers and publishers. Still, if the technology is reliable, why don't we see more semantic ads?

Enterprise CMS Nuxeo Adds Semantic Packages to Marketplace

nuxeo_logo_2009.jpg Nuxeo (news, site) added two new semantic modules to its recently released Nuxeo Marketplace. Both the Semantic Linking and Auto-Categorization packages use semantic technologies.

Content Strategy: What Will Be Hot in 2011

Well, it's that fun time of year again, where crystal balls are dusted off, and gazing into the future is fun for all. Content Strategy came of infancy in the later parts of the last decade (eek -- it is the 10's) and really rose to hot prominence this year. So, what's my take on what'll be hot topics for content strategists and their clients next year?

Semantic Web Gets Closer to Relational Data

w3c_home_nb.pngWeb 2.0 is so yesterday. Perhaps, that’s an overstatement, but Web 3.0, the semantic web, is rapidly moving beyond the academic laboratory to real-world utilization. Now the W3C RDB2RDF Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of "A Direct Mapping of Relational Data to RDF.” This work is a major step towards making the astounding amount of data stored in relational databases more easily available to the semantic web.

Update: IKS Semantic Technology Project Making Solid Progress

In only two years, the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) (news, site) project has released its first working demo of a semantic knowledge engine and is making quite a stir, as early adopters begin integrating it into their content management software. Recent events have also seen part of the results acceptance as an Apache incubator projected named Stanbol. Here's an update.

Web Optimization: W3C Takes Semantic Web to Next Level

If you think RDFa and the semantic web is only for geeks, it's time to take a second look. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is advancing the standards for tomorrow's Internet and web content management vendors are getting on-board. The result is going to be a smarter, more findable Web.

Things You Always Wanted to Know About Day's CRX, JCR, CQ5, Open Source #dayignite

day ignite 2010 logo.jpgIn one Ignite Chicago panel, Day’s own scientists and experts gathered to address any possible question about Day, JCR, CQ5, CRX and open development coming from the audience starving for answers. Here’s the scoop.

Discover Your Unstructured Content with Sophia Search

For some search engines, it’s about recovery, not discovery. But for Sophia, provider of enterprise search products and software, discovery is a priority.

Webnodes Upgrades Semantic WCM, Improves Semantic Definitions Module

webnodes_logo_2010.jpg With the release of v3.5 of its semantic web content management system, Norwegian-based Webnodes has continued the development of its semantic web engine, this time with improvements to the semantic definitions module that enables a user to define semantic ontologies.

OpenPublish 2.1 Brings Semantic Web and Improved Theming

Phase2Leader.jpgFans of the OpenPublish (news, site) packaged Drupal (news, site) distribution aimed at publishers will be pleased to know that creator Phase 2 Technology has some interesting updates coming, and big plans to complete before the next Drupalcon.

Google Pushes Semantic Web with Rich Snippets

Last year Google's Rich Snippets launch initiated a big semantic web push. The snippets enable website managers to show richer search results, making it easier to determine content within a particular page before you've even visited it. The initiative was reviewed at this year's Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, revealing usage statistics that will likely influence the future of Google Search. 

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