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Semantics News & Analysis

Temis Announces the Luxid Community, a Collaborative Semantics Platform

Semantic content enrichment solutions provider, Temis has announced it will be releasing a beta version of its online collaboration platform, the Luxid Community.

Google Bringing More Relevance and Semantics to Search Results

google_search_button.jpg Despite the vast amounts of revenue generated from the service, Google's search service has remained relatively staid for users, bar the odd funky logo. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it will soon be getting up to speed, offering direct answers to questions and more relevance via semantic searching.

IBM Analyzes Social Network Sentiment With SPSS Modeler Upgrade

IBM_logo_2009.jpg IBM (news, site) has just released an upgrade to the SPSS predictive analytics tool that will enable users to analyze text gathered from social media sources, including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, wikis and RSS feeds.

Call for Feedback on Drupal 7 Semantic Web Impementation

DrupalWhen Dries Buytaert founded Drupal (news, site), he intended it in part to be a platform where he could test out and play with new technologies. Drupal, for example, was an early adopter of RSS. With the pending release of Drupal 7, this goal isn't changing, and the Drupal 7 team is asking for feedback from the "pedantic web community" on how its implemented some new features.

Orchestr8 Releases New Structured Data Mining Technology

Orchestr8 Releases New Structured Data Mining Technology Orchestr8, developers of semantic tagging and text mining software, announced a new technology to complement their content analysis service, AlchemyAPI.

Dubbed Visual Constraints, the company claims the tool enables the extraction of structured data (such as product info, pricing, descriptions, etc.) from any web page.

MetaDolce Ushers In Web 3.0 With Semantic Search

MetaDolce Ushers In Web 3.0 With Semantic Search FunctionalityMove over scientists, we’re all feeling lucky these days. At least, we are when it comes to relevant search results thanks to companies like MetaDolce. To be more specific, OmniSearch is MetaDolce’s new and robust platform for semantic searching.

Last time we talked semantics the conversation featured Noesis, the semantic Web search engine developed specifically for scientific vernacular. This time around is considerably broader, as OmniSearch is designed especially for e-Commerce, social networking and informational websites.

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