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Document Mgt Roll-up: When Will Office 15 Be Released?

This week, the question of the timing of the Office 15 release came to the fore again with a leaked document appearing on the Web, while Office 2007 support seems to have been extended for a few months. Perceptive offers a document viewer for iPad with an Android viewer due, Yammer bought document collaboration vendor OneDrum, while DocuWare expanded in Canada.

What Is This SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?

shutterstock_80585350.jpg SharePoint has become quite the buzzword in many organizations today. It seems to be the Swiss Army Knife that can be a tool to solve any problem at any time. There are many good reasons, and some not so good reasons that have created this reputation. But, regardless of your current impressions of SharePoint, it is important to be fully educated before making any decisions about the product.

SharePoint, Social Metrics, Web Experiences: Experts Weigh In

shutterstock_94267645.jpg Does anyone else find it eerie that the SharePoint 15 roadmap leaked today, following a week of sound advice from our experts on how to better manage your current SharePoint environment, which will ease any future migrations? Spooky.

A conversation was started that we bet will continue about the value (or lack therein) of social media metrics, found out that pretty much everyone likes cupcakes and heard some hard won wisdom gained from years in the field for how to best improve business performance.

All this in one week, thanks to our feature writers. Read on.

SharePoint 15 Arriving Early 2013 According to Leaked MS Roadmap

sharepoint_2012_scribbled_logo.jpgThe next version of Office and SharePoint seem likely to land on servers in the first quarter of next year, making it SharePoint 2013, with a beta due this summer.

SharePoint Backup: It Ain't What It Used to Be, It's Better

shutterstock_51976948.jpg What is the first rule for administrators of a SharePoint environment?

Always backup your implementation. With no backup and recovery plan, you are setting yourself up for failure.

SharePointBoost Permission Report Streamlines Administrative Workflow

Beijing, China-based SharePointBoost announced a new web part Permission Reporting Tool to validate individual and group permission status. The company targets improved functionality for SharePoint with a host of web parts that streamline web administrators tasks. For example, last year at this time, SPBoost launched its Outlook workflow solution to customize the out-of-the box SharePoint solution with e-mail drag and drop support from within Outlook.

Why Intranet Governance is Overrated: It's Really About Change Management

shutterstock_74087128.jpg Intranet governance is critical to intranet success. Why, then, do so few organizations get it right?

SharePoint Applications: Communication, Training and Go Live

shutterstock_50194075.jpgI’m at the end of a series on how to build and deploy successful SharePoint document management applications, with the goal of migrating end-users off of the most prevalent legacy document management system out there: that unholy trinity of shared drives, hard drives and email.

Thriving in a State of SharePoint Governance

According to the initial results of a Microsoft SharePoint governance survey commissioned by Axceler, more than two-thirds of the respondents consider SharePoint governance to be extremely or very important to their organizations. Yet nearly half of those same respondents confirmed that SharePoint governance policies do not exist or are undefined.

Evolution of SharePoint Project Governance: Best Practices for Today

In yesterday's article, “The Evolution of SharePoint Project Governance: Lessons Learned,” we explored the differences between SharePoint governance of the past and today’s holistic view of SharePoint governance as it relates to organizational goals and business needs. Today we reveal how an organization can move from the antiquated form of SharePoint governance to a modern form of SharePoint governance that provides true business value.

Evolution of SharePoint Project Governance: Lessons Learned

Organizations have been talking about “effective governance” for years in relation to large-scale systems, but the emergence of governance in the SharePoint world is relatively recent and still fairly immature.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Architecture - The User Centric Intranet

In this week's installment of The Art of SharePoint Success, we are going to consider how we can further evolve the model developed in the previous two posts, discuss what Microsoft are doing to “fix” their own intranet and speculate wildly about what might be coming in SharePoint 15.

Hold on to your Easter bonnets…

Colligo Eases Document Management, Email Management Access for Government

Colligo Eases Document Management, Email Management Access for Government If you think SharePoint deployments are already extensive, then they’re about to get even more so. Colligo has announced that its document management and email management products for SharePoint are now available through GMP on the General Services Administration (GSA) contract Schedule 70.

Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Intranets

shutterstock_64722724.jpg Digital Asset Management is a specialist sub-set of Content Management, one which has developed along it's own evolutionary past. It has grown out of the needs of the traditional publishing industry to manage photographic images for print publications, and developed into an adjunct of web content management to manage still images, video and audio files as "rich media" content for web sites and other media.

Microsoft's Vision for Social & What That Might Mean for SharePoint

Recent research from Harris Interactive (on behalf of Microsoft) offers an idea of what's important in the area of enterprise social networking. Microsoft Director of SharePoint Product Management, Jared Spataro, offers the SharePoint point of view on that research.

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