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Wiggio Reaches 1 Million Users, Continues to Simplify Group Work

Wiggio Reaches 1 Million Users, Continues to Simplify Group WorkLast year, we marveled at the speed at which Wiggio, a Boston-based software company, gained the following of 400,000 users engaged in its suite of online collaboration tools aimed at managing social activity. This year, the folks at Wiggio are celebrating an impressive milestone of 1 million users.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Transition - There's No Such Thing as a SharePoint Project

Hello from my room in a rather nice hotel overlooking the river Thames in London, where I am staying for the International SharePoint Conference ☺

This article is the beginning of the end as we move on to the final element of Art of SharePoint Success framework, Transition. Transition is the umbrella term that I use to include change management and user adoption. As a former colleague of mine used to say, it’s about moving the organization from the old world to their new world.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Office for Mac SP2 Gets Pulled After One Week

This week, Microsoft offered us a new definition of pulling speed when it took Office for Mac SP2 off the shelves, SharePoint and DotNetNuke get close, SpringCM joins the mobile party, Perceptive also gets mobile with Interact and Adobe releases CS6/Extended.

DotNetNuke Offers SharePoint 2010 Support

DotNetNuke Offers SharePoint 2010 Support DotNetNuke announces improved SharePoint integration with support for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Posers: The One Thing I Hate More Than SharePoint

For readers unfamiliar with my opinion on SharePoint, look no further than my rant from late last year. However, I see one thing that to me is infinitely worse. It may even be common ground in a shared perspective with comrade Matt Ranlett, who wrote a nice rebuttal. Given my final retort, some SharePoint denizens may read this with a skeptical eye. But I ask you to put aside your predisposition and judge my argument on its merit.

DAM in the Enterprise: What Does it Do, Where Does it Belong?

shutterstock_58670884.jpg As this past week's Tweet Jam showed, while the uses and demands on digital asset management (DAM) have evolved, the foundation remains the same: intelligently managing, distributing and delivering rich media assets. While there is disagreement about where it fits in the enterprise, there is consensus that it is time to take DAM out of its silo and integrate it more fully with other workflows.

We also heard about how ads are reaching us everywhere we go, learned some questions to ask to spur creative thinking and were introduced to fuzzy logic which I admit, I am still a little fuzzy about.

Read on.

Best Practices, Social Business Strategies Abound at J. Boye 2012 Philadelphia #jboye12

j.boye 2012small.pngIn a few weeks (May 8-10), many web and intranet professionals will gather in Philadelphia for the J.Boye conference at which they’ll learn how to turn digital challenges into successful projects. Whether it’s best practices for Intranets, tips to drive user adoption, or web strategy and governance, there’s something for everyone. Yours truly will also be presenting about how to manage engage across web, mobile and social media channels.

Driving Value with SharePoint Search

shutterstock_54303646.jpg In his Australian SharePoint Conference (#AUSPC) talk entitled “Driving Value with SharePoint Search: Working Smart, Not Hard” SharePoint MVP and founder of SharePoint Analyst HQ, Michal Pisarek talked about how to build out search to meet business needs and end user expectations for the platform.

Document Mgt Roll-up: When Will Office 15 Be Released?

This week, the question of the timing of the Office 15 release came to the fore again with a leaked document appearing on the Web, while Office 2007 support seems to have been extended for a few months. Perceptive offers a document viewer for iPad with an Android viewer due, Yammer bought document collaboration vendor OneDrum, while DocuWare expanded in Canada.

What Is This SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?

shutterstock_80585350.jpg SharePoint has become quite the buzzword in many organizations today. It seems to be the Swiss Army Knife that can be a tool to solve any problem at any time. There are many good reasons, and some not so good reasons that have created this reputation. But, regardless of your current impressions of SharePoint, it is important to be fully educated before making any decisions about the product.

SharePoint, Social Metrics, Web Experiences: Experts Weigh In

shutterstock_94267645.jpg Does anyone else find it eerie that the SharePoint 15 roadmap leaked today, following a week of sound advice from our experts on how to better manage your current SharePoint environment, which will ease any future migrations? Spooky.

A conversation was started that we bet will continue about the value (or lack therein) of social media metrics, found out that pretty much everyone likes cupcakes and heard some hard won wisdom gained from years in the field for how to best improve business performance.

All this in one week, thanks to our feature writers. Read on.

SharePoint 15 Arriving Early 2013 According to Leaked MS Roadmap

sharepoint_2012_scribbled_logo.jpgThe next version of Office and SharePoint seem likely to land on servers in the first quarter of next year, making it SharePoint 2013, with a beta due this summer.

SharePoint Backup: It Ain't What It Used to Be, It's Better

shutterstock_51976948.jpg What is the first rule for administrators of a SharePoint environment?

Always backup your implementation. With no backup and recovery plan, you are setting yourself up for failure.

SharePointBoost Permission Report Streamlines Administrative Workflow

Beijing, China-based SharePointBoost announced a new web part Permission Reporting Tool to validate individual and group permission status. The company targets improved functionality for SharePoint with a host of web parts that streamline web administrators tasks. For example, last year at this time, SPBoost launched its Outlook workflow solution to customize the out-of-the box SharePoint solution with e-mail drag and drop support from within Outlook.

Why Intranet Governance is Overrated: It's Really About Change Management

shutterstock_74087128.jpg Intranet governance is critical to intranet success. Why, then, do so few organizations get it right?

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