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Evolution of SharePoint Project Governance: Lessons Learned

Organizations have been talking about “effective governance” for years in relation to large-scale systems, but the emergence of governance in the SharePoint world is relatively recent and still fairly immature.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Architecture - The User Centric Intranet

In this week's installment of The Art of SharePoint Success, we are going to consider how we can further evolve the model developed in the previous two posts, discuss what Microsoft are doing to “fix” their own intranet and speculate wildly about what might be coming in SharePoint 15.

Hold on to your Easter bonnets…

Colligo Eases Document Management, Email Management Access for Government

Colligo Eases Document Management, Email Management Access for Government If you think SharePoint deployments are already extensive, then they’re about to get even more so. Colligo has announced that its document management and email management products for SharePoint are now available through GMP on the General Services Administration (GSA) contract Schedule 70.

Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Intranets

shutterstock_64722724.jpg Digital Asset Management is a specialist sub-set of Content Management, one which has developed along it's own evolutionary past. It has grown out of the needs of the traditional publishing industry to manage photographic images for print publications, and developed into an adjunct of web content management to manage still images, video and audio files as "rich media" content for web sites and other media.

Microsoft's Vision for Social & What That Might Mean for SharePoint

Recent research from Harris Interactive (on behalf of Microsoft) offers an idea of what's important in the area of enterprise social networking. Microsoft Director of SharePoint Product Management, Jared Spataro, offers the SharePoint point of view on that research.

Document Management Roll-up: Mobility Disrupting Enterprise CMS Market

This week Info-Tech continues its analysis of the enterprise content management market and finds that mobile and mobility is disrupting the entire market, Perceptive takes its cloud offerings international, HarePoint offers new SharePoint workflow extensions, and BPS takes its Capture to the cloud.

Video Blog: Office 365 for Project Collaboration - Sync MS Project & SharePoint

In previous articles, you’ve learned how to set up your project site, created a document library, learned how to collaborate on project documentation in real-time, and linked your document library to Outlook to further facilitate collaboration. Now it’s time to delve a little more deeply into the project management side of things, apart from basic collaborative efforts.

Who Owns Governance? #nzspc

Just because IT owns the technology platform, that doesn't mean they know best how to implement it.

This Week: Tackling the Challenge of Pervasive Digital Personalization

This week we've got questions (and answers) for you:

These are just some of the topics we explored this week -- and the answers have been enlightening.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is on the mind of every CEO, CIO and CMO and there are no easy answers, no cookie cutter blueprints to do it right.

Tomorrow we welcome you to April -- join us this coming month as we look at the evolution of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and it's increasingly important role in the online customer experience.


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e-Spirit: Paying Attention to the Internal Customer Experience

As we close out our March editorial theme on the internal customer experience, let's have a look at a web content management vendor -- e-Spirit -- which has taken the time to build a platform that delivers a great experience to not only the customer, but to the people who build the customer experience.

Aligning Business Objectives with SharePoint #NZSPC

shutterstock_92284150.jpg While attending the 4th annual New Zealand SharePoint Conference (#NZSPC) in Auckland this week, I was able to attend a session by fellow presenter Paul Culmsee (@paulculmsee), a principal of Seven Sigma in Perth, Australia. Paul's session "Aligning Business Objectives with SharePoint" provided great examples of the need for consensus and shared understanding around the business problems for which SharePoint is being deployed.

Managing Records in SharePoint 2010: An ARMA Report Review

Bruce Miller has threatened for years to write a book amalgamating his decades of experience in electronic records management. This publication feels like a preview.

GRC Roll-up: Avira Tracks Lost Androids, NextDocs Upgrades SharePoint Compliance

This week in the GRC space, new research from IDC shows security and regulatory concerns are holding back cloud adoption, at least in the utilities vertical; NextDocs upgrades its SharePoint compliance product; Avira tracks lost Androids and LockPath partners with Qualys.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Architecture - Intranet & Collaboration Services

shutterstock_73909762.jpg The sun is shining and spring is in the air. What better way to spend the warmest day of the year in the UK than penning the latest episode of the Art of SharePoint Success?

Office 365: Is SharePoint Online a Good Business Move?

You may recall earlier in the month that Microsoft announced that it was making Office 365 cheaper by up to 20%. With low-level entry barriers for its competitors such as Google and Zoho, it’s not unlikely that those prices will drop again, especially as Microsoft says it is cutting internal costs. But even with the reduced pricing, is Office 365 – and, in particular, SharePoint Online -- really for you.

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