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GRC Roll-up: Avira Tracks Lost Androids, NextDocs Upgrades SharePoint Compliance

This week in the GRC space, new research from IDC shows security and regulatory concerns are holding back cloud adoption, at least in the utilities vertical; NextDocs upgrades its SharePoint compliance product; Avira tracks lost Androids and LockPath partners with Qualys.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Architecture - Intranet & Collaboration Services

shutterstock_73909762.jpg The sun is shining and spring is in the air. What better way to spend the warmest day of the year in the UK than penning the latest episode of the Art of SharePoint Success?

Office 365: Is SharePoint Online a Good Business Move?

You may recall earlier in the month that Microsoft announced that it was making Office 365 cheaper by up to 20%. With low-level entry barriers for its competitors such as Google and Zoho, it’s not unlikely that those prices will drop again, especially as Microsoft says it is cutting internal costs. But even with the reduced pricing, is Office 365 – and, in particular, SharePoint Online -- really for you.

A Tool's Role in a Productive Environment #mspc12

Coming from a SharePoint world I wondered what I would find at the Project Server conference, but I've really enjoyed my time here! At this point the thing that stands out to me the most is the approach that Microsoft has been taking on Project within the environment.

SharePoint for Internet Sites - Taming the Beast

shutterstock_89927920.jpg Let’s be honest, SharePoint For Internet Sites (FIS) has been given a pretty tough time in terms of its ability to deliver rich and engaging experiences on the web.

SharePoint Applications: Migration Planning


I’m in the middle of a series on how to build and deploy successful SharePoint document management applications, with the goal of migrating end-users off of the most prevalent legacy document management system out there: that unholy trinity of shared drives, hard drives, and email.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into migration planning, one of the most challenging parts of the process.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Alfresco's Formtek Extensions, Lexmark Grows

This week, there have been a number of interesting announcements, including one from Formtek, which has added five extensions to Alfresco; Lexmark continues to grow its enterprise CMS capabilities, M-Files releases Vault 2.0 and KnowledgeLake introduces Unify.

Three Barriers to Securely Mobilizing SharePoint

mobilesecurity_shutterstock_69064420.jpg Mobile devices have infiltrated the workplace, giving executives and employees worldwide the chance to capitalize on the ability to consume and relay business intelligence without being handcuffed to their desktops. But with the new freedoms and possibilities going mobile provides also come new challenges.

Responsive Design for SharePoint Websites

The argument to provide multi-device and multi-channel support for your website is compelling. Three years ago, desktops made up around 90% of the devices we used to connect to the internet. That percentage has now dropped to around 50%, solely due to the number of smartphones and tablets contented to the internet -- a trend that it’s fair to assume will continue to grow.

Vordel Release Enables Data Sharing Between SharePoint, Non-Microsoft Environments

Earlier in the week we looked at migrating content into hybrid SharePoint environments and the importance of governance and securing content. Today, Vordel shot across the radar with the release of its SharePoint Gateway solution that enables users to share data between SharePoint; mobile workforces and non-Microsoft applications.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText Offers Large File Transfer, Symantec Shows Smartphone Risks

This week, there are number of issues dear to the GRC heart. First, OpenText is offering a secure large file transfer application, Symantec has identified what happens to data on smartphones when the smartphones get lost, we take a look at SharePoint governance and content migration, while Canon secures information captured through printers.

Opportunities Abound for Social Video, Dynamic Conversations, Enterprise Search #gartnerpcc

Gartner: Portals, Content and Collaboration isn’t just about the sessions and keynotes, it’s about building relationships with attendees and exhibitors alike. This week, many key social business vendors announced new releases and launches. Here are a few that caught our attention.

Governance and Content Migration in Hybrid SharePoint Environments

While we have previously noted that many companies look to SharePoint to manage content, it is also clear that many companies are using a mixture of online and on-premise SharePoint environments. While cloud computing is well rooted now, there is still concern about keeping sensitive data in the cloud. The result is that many are now using hybrid SharePoint environments, which require rigorous governance.

Azaleos Eases Configuration for Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010

Azaleos Eases Configuration for Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 prides itself on delivering an exceptional intranet and people search experience and a platform for building custom search-driven applications. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to configure. Thanks to Azaleos, now it can be.

Technology is the Tool, It's the People Who Matter

As the tech world takes to the skies on their way to Austin, TX to sample the bbq, music and information insights that #SXSWi brings, our experts reminded us this week that technology is only one piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, it’s about the people, both those outside the enterprise and those doing the day to day work.

Businesses were put on warning that the end of metrics and the sales funnel is here, that social tools for social’s sake within the workspace just won’t cut it if there isn’t a clear benefit and reason for using them, and we were shown how an information architect is like the manager of a large office block.

Intrigued? Read on and save some bbq for me!


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