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The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategy - Benefits of SharePoint

In our last two installments we have been exploring the business case for SharePoint. We’ve introduced the idea of the left-brained business case and the right-brained business case, and we’ve looked at the costs of SharePoint. In this episode we are bringing the business case discussion to a climax with the difficult bit: the benefits of SharePoint.

GRC Roll-Up: Symantec Previews Compliance Suite, Varonis Offers Big Data Governance

This week, Symantec offered us a preview of its soon-to-be-released upgraded compliance suite, Varonis offers a way of providing Big Data governance, Nuance gives healthcare document capture with HL7 CDA Standard compliance and Metaviz offers archiving for Office 365.

Forrester: Businesses Reinvest in Enterprise CMS, Focus On Cloud, Mobile Content

Enterprise content management looks set to make a comeback this year. While most of the curtain calls over the past year have been in the mobile and social media space and enterprise content management has been neglected in many enterprises, new research from Forrester suggests that companies will be investing again in ECM in the coming year.

SharePoint Backup Goes 'Agentless' With MetaVis SavePoint

Promising a fast, secure and flexible way to keep a local backup and restore a cloud-based implementation of SharePoint  items, documents, lists, libraries and sites, Philadelphia-based MetaVis, the SharePoint cloud solution provider, announced "SavePoint" SaaS (software as a service) technology that offers agentless SharePoint backup and archiving for Office 365. The backup service also extends to often overlooked metadata from a local drive, with a price point starting at under $500 and free-trial download available from the company.

Turning Knowledge into Action: Experts Explore Social Business

This week at CMSWire, the air was charged with Social Business love. Our experts shared different viewpoints on what it takes to create a truly social enterprise and spread a little love for document management. We were reminded the challenges and rewards inherent in innovation and tasked with moving past the pain to reap the benefits of social business. All a good lead up to next Wednesday’s Social Business Tweet Jam -- come by and share the love!

Colligo Upgrades 'Lite' SharePoint Access Through iPad

In early January, we predicted that Colligo would be one of the vendor’s third-party SharePoint products to watch this year. In December, it introduced Colligo Briefcase Enterprise for iPad. Today, in keeping with our earlier predictions, it has released Colligo Briefcase Pro.

SharePoint 2010: "The Elements of User Experience"

Jesse James Garrett quietly published the second edition of his requisite “The Elements of User Experience” last year, almost ten years after the first volume issued. Reading his book in light of today’s SharePoint governance plans is a fascinating hindsight exercise.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText Offers SharePoint Capture, Guidance Buys CaseCentral

This week, OpenText releases a capture solution that provides easier retrieval of content in SharePoint, DocuWare provides better email compliance management and Guidance announces that it is buying CaseCentral, while SAI outlines GRC predictions for healthcare.

Managing SharePoint Security, Permissions the Hard Way

Organizations deal with a lot of confidential information every day, information that is typically managed using business applications, like SharePoint. That means that properly implemented and managed security is critical to these applications.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Microsoft Pops at Google Docs, iPad Access to OpenText eDocs

This week Microsoft and Google started popping at each other again over Office, Laserfiche gets data mining in v8.3, SeeUnity offers iPad access to SharePoint documents and Open Text eDOCS, while Idera offers document encryption to SharePoint users.

SharePoint Applications: 8 Basic Steps to Success

In my last post, I sketched out at a high level what I see working at organizations trying to move off of older repositories onto SharePoint. 

What I want to do in the next few posts is walk through a process that, while by no means a silver bullet, gives you a better chance of success than the typical approach.

This Week: Social Business - The Nuts and Bolts

If you want to succeed in business today, your organization must embrace social technologies -- not just for your customers but also for your employees. But where do you start? Start with building the foundation.

For those who already think they have it under control, check out these two articles:

We are gearing up for our February 22nd Tweet Jam on Social Business (#SocBizChat). If you are interested in participating or have a question you want answered, drop us a line.

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Back to School: Social Business, Enterprise CMS, Getting Your Data in Order

With the imminent arrival of Social Media Week and speculation on how many will join the ranks of millionaires (or billionaires) in light of Facebook’s IPO, Social has been on a lot of people’s minds.

Our experts brought us back to school this week and offered some practical advice on how to capture the power of social software to create more agile, responsive and collaborative organizations. Some commonly held myths about Drupal were dispelled, we remembered the customer and got some practical, strategic advice on information architecture tools and things to remember when shopping for an Enterprise CMS.

School’s in session!

Windows 8 for ARM Will Run Office 15, No Word on SharePoint

winloz.bmp Any confusion about what ARM-processor-powered Windows 8 devices could and couldn't do has been cleared up by Microsoft. This new class of non-Wintel machines will do a limited amount of what your current PC can do, as they are limited to apps from the Windows Store.

SharePoint Information Architecture: Tools of the Trade

A fair amount of work goes into the role of a SharePoint Information Architect. And every architect should have his tools, right? What does Microsoft provide out of the box, to design, deploy and manage an information architecture in SharePoint? Let’s have a look.

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