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EntropySoft Exchange, SharePoint Connectors Compatible With Office 365

EntropySoft has taken a step further to easing the deployment of hybrid IT environments for enterprises. This time, it has announced that it has made its SharePoint connector and Exchange connector compatible with Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud suite.

Video Blog: Sharing Tags Across the Enterprise

In light of this month's focus on Social Business, today's post looks at the collaborative potential of tags and how they can help inform taxonomies.

SharePoint as a Social Business Hub: Tips to Transform

As we learned in last Wednesday’s Social Business TweetJam, creating a social business requires a unique combination of people, process and technology. For SharePoint users, the technology is the easy part, but getting the people and process in place can be challenging.

SharePoint Planning: Focusing on 4 Key Areas

In the early days of SharePoint, the emphasis from experts and Microsoft's marketing teams was on how easy it was to deploy and begin using the platform. And they were right. Teams found that they could (and still can) quickly set it up and build simple solutions to meet their specific needs. But those that pushed the platform for its simplicity often left out one little detail: planning.

Social Business Ain't Going Nowhere: The Experts Have Spoken

While the end of February, and with it, CMSWire’s focus on Social Business is drawing to a close, our experts are still going strong sharing their insights into a concept you can’t afford to ignore (if you still are). From the sounds of this past week’s Tweet Jam, there are as many thoughts about what makes a business a social business as there are practitioners, but the consensus is that it's time to stop treating this as a separate entity, and just look at it as the new way we work.

Another phenomena that can't be ignored? Big Data. And don't worry SharePoint, we didn't forget you.

Forrester: Where SharePoint Lacks as Enterprise CMS, Supplement and Integrate

With SharePoint firmly established in the enterprise, and companies looking to deploy an enterprise content management system across the company, many businesses are being forced to answer the question as to whether they should replace their enterprise CMS with SharePoint, or integrate the two.

SharePoint Applications: Process Redesign & Capabilities Mapping

For those of you keeping score at home, I’m in the middle of a series on how to build and deploy successful SharePoint document management applications, with the goal of migrating end-users off of the most prevalent legacy document management system out there: that unholy trinity of shared drives, hard drives and email.

SharePoint Gets Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform Through NewsGator Social Sites 2010

One of the collaboration features that didn’t come with the release of SharePoint 2010 was video collaboration and management, but then that’s not really SharePoint’s thing. NewsGator, however, has remedied that by offering Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Online Increases Scalability, Promises More

SharePoint's got enterprise-level game, expanding its active directory entries from 20,000 to a whopping half-million user objects. That's the big news in the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog today announcing the second update to SharePoint Online (SPO) since the launch of Office365. Microsoft is characterizing this as "Enterprise Readiness" and the company said, "As a result, customers of any size can easily start using SharePoint Online. And in the future, you can expect even larger scale limits."

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategy - Benefits of SharePoint

In our last two installments we have been exploring the business case for SharePoint. We’ve introduced the idea of the left-brained business case and the right-brained business case, and we’ve looked at the costs of SharePoint. In this episode we are bringing the business case discussion to a climax with the difficult bit: the benefits of SharePoint.

GRC Roll-Up: Symantec Previews Compliance Suite, Varonis Offers Big Data Governance

This week, Symantec offered us a preview of its soon-to-be-released upgraded compliance suite, Varonis offers a way of providing Big Data governance, Nuance gives healthcare document capture with HL7 CDA Standard compliance and Metaviz offers archiving for Office 365.

Forrester: Businesses Reinvest in Enterprise CMS, Focus On Cloud, Mobile Content

Enterprise content management looks set to make a comeback this year. While most of the curtain calls over the past year have been in the mobile and social media space and enterprise content management has been neglected in many enterprises, new research from Forrester suggests that companies will be investing again in ECM in the coming year.

SharePoint Backup Goes 'Agentless' With MetaVis SavePoint

Promising a fast, secure and flexible way to keep a local backup and restore a cloud-based implementation of SharePoint  items, documents, lists, libraries and sites, Philadelphia-based MetaVis, the SharePoint cloud solution provider, announced "SavePoint" SaaS (software as a service) technology that offers agentless SharePoint backup and archiving for Office 365. The backup service also extends to often overlooked metadata from a local drive, with a price point starting at under $500 and free-trial download available from the company.

Turning Knowledge into Action: Experts Explore Social Business

This week at CMSWire, the air was charged with Social Business love. Our experts shared different viewpoints on what it takes to create a truly social enterprise and spread a little love for document management. We were reminded the challenges and rewards inherent in innovation and tasked with moving past the pain to reap the benefits of social business. All a good lead up to next Wednesday’s Social Business Tweet Jam -- come by and share the love!

Colligo Upgrades 'Lite' SharePoint Access Through iPad

In early January, we predicted that Colligo would be one of the vendor’s third-party SharePoint products to watch this year. In December, it introduced Colligo Briefcase Enterprise for iPad. Today, in keeping with our earlier predictions, it has released Colligo Briefcase Pro.

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