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SharePoint Users Snub Data Security, Survey Finds

Swedish IT security risk management company Cryptzone Group said a recent survey showed almost one in three (30%) Microsoft SharePoint users have disregarded its security measures and admitted to copying and distributing sensitive or confidential documents through non-secure means. The group further comments that, remarkably, of the 92% of respondents who understood the risk, 13% believe that protecting company data is not their responsibility.

SharePoint App Store: Should Microsoft Vet Contents?

Rumors and conjecture have circulated about a possible SharePoint App store since the release of SharePoint 2010. A number of independent attempts currently exist, though they amount to little more than website catalogs. An official app store was thought to be part of Microsoft's launch plans for SharePoint 2010, but it is believed that logistical and technical issues prevented it from becoming a reality. With the success of the iOS version and official plans for a Windows 8 store, it's almost certain we will see something soon for SharePoint.

Now on General Release, AvePoint 6 Unifies, Automates SharePoint Management

Now on General Release, AvePoint 6 Unifies, Automates SharePoint Management If you’re a heavy SharePoint user, you will know that it can be used on-premise, online and in hybrid deployments. Managing one type of deployment is difficult enough, but three? AvePoint 6 -- or, officially, DocAve 6, which has gone on general release today -- aims to help enterprises overcome that by pulling the management of SharePoint into one space.

NewsGator, Vizit Integrate to Improve SharePoint Social Collaboration

Social software provider NewsGator and Vizit, a social collaboration solution provider for SharePoint, announced that they've integrated their software to improve viewing, commenting and conversation abilities for SharePoint users.

The Future of Enterprise CMS: Interview with Real Story Group's Alan Pelz-Sharpe

The Real Story Group published its annual report on the enterprise content management industry last week. We talked to Real Story Group (RSG) Principal Alan Pelz-Sharpe, who outlined some of the main findings and who argues that the industry has already passed a turning point which will result in some established and newer trends gaining ground in the year to come.

Do SharePoint & Silverlight Have a Future Together?

Silverlight was Microsoft's answer to Adobe Flash, an application framework with which to build rich internet applications. It was launched in April 2007 to much fanfare, albeit mainly from Microsoft. Version 5 brought GPU accelerated video decoding and 64-bit support in December of last year. It also brought the conclusion of the Silverlight story, as this version is set to be the final release. Silverlight is no more. Or so people have been speculating, as there has yet to be any official word from Microsoft. Its lifespan might be prolonged as a Windows Phone platform, but it seems likely it will cease to exist as a browser plugin.

However this article is not about SIlverlight per se, but rather its somewhat fractured relationship with SharePoint. If we have really seen the final installment of Silverlight, what does that mean for its use with SharePoint in the future? Let’s start by seeing how it is used today.

SharePoint Implementation Checklist: Aligning People, Technology & Process

SharePoint adoption in the enterprise is growing at a rapid pace, but many organizations are still struggling to achieve the proper mix of “people,” “technology” and “process.” In the midst of just trying to figure out the technology side of SharePoint, many organizations overlook the people and process side of an implementation. Pushed even further to the backburner are the “business value” considerations of SharePoint. What is the purpose of implementing SharePoint in the first place? How will SharePoint improve operations and drive overall business results?

Customer Experience, SharePoint, Governance: Experts Advise

In the spirit of the New Year, this week quite a few of our experts were looking to clean up shop and take care of business, be it reexamining the Enterprise CMS or rethinking your customer approach.

Retroactive Governance is Better than Nothing

You won’t have to try too hard to imagine this scenario: you installed an application for a specific department to solve a certain task -- let’s call it marketing automation and team sites in SharePoint. A few months later you come back to find that it has spiraled into dozens of other departments and the system is growing like an insatiable IT monster, set to consume all of your time and resources. And now the fun part: your executive team wants to know how people are using it and why your million dollar projects look and feel a lot like unmanaged shared drives. What do you do?

Overhauling the Next Version of SharePoint My Sites

My Sites in SharePoint have always been a divisive subject. Some people love them, others aren’t so keen. SharePoint 2010 brought with it a huge improvement in the features and functionality available in My Sites, and the next version of SharePoint is likely to see a similar leap forward. It would be a big surprise if these "next generation My Sites" didn’t take some directions from the world of social networking -- Facebook, Twitter and others.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategic Lenses - Enterprise CMS & Collaboration

Happy New Year and welcome back.

In our last article we began to explore a series of "strategic lenses" which I use to help clients understand and articulate their SharePoint related goals. We discussed value, knowledge management and intranets. In this article we’re going to wrap up on strategic lenses with Enterprise Content Management and the "C" word -- Collaboration!

Selling SharePoint 2010 to Your Enterprise

Communicating how your organization may implement SharePoint 2010 best is a very delicate message. Clearly communicating the value for every department, while acknowledging their different needs, is an important step in the implementation process. Introduce the language below to market gingerly towards the user community and the project implementation team. Intersperse these phrases in tandem with less records jargon-specific terms.

SharePoint at the Crossroads

As you would expect, Microsoft is being predictably tight-lipped about the next release of SharePoint, but that doesn’t mean we’re not all anxiously awaiting SharePoint 2013/14. In January 2012, two years after the release of 2010 and five years after the release of MOSS, dynamic document management is at an interesting crossroads.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Enterprise CMS Market in 2012, Cabinet NG Releases CNG-WEB 8.1

The first roll-up of the New Year and things are already beginning to move. If you want to look ahead, the Real Story Group has released its market analysis for 2012, while a number of companies including Cabinet NG, Kofax, Aptus and Accusoft Pegasus have new releases or upgrades worth looking at.

Quest Releases SharePoint Administrator, Offers View of Enterprise Environment

It’s always been hard to keep track of SharePoint, particularly in enterprises that are using multiple installations. This became even more complicated with the release of SharePoint Online, and then Office 365. Quest aims to untangle the SharePoint maze with the release of a new SharePoint management solution.

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