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Doc Mgt Roll-up: Office, SharePoint 2010 SP Beta2 Releases, and the Paperless Office?

There were a number of interesting releases in the document management space that are definitely worth a look. Among them are the new Service Pack 2 beta releases for Office and SharePoint 2010, WatchDox apps for mobile-desktop collaboration and sharing, and Docstocs new link-up to the Microsoft store. We also revisited the paperless office through EchoSign.

MetaVis Upgrades Migration Tools For New Office 365

It's inevitable when you get a big release like Microsoft’s upgrade of Office 365 yesterday that a bunch of vendors will following up with tools to complement the release. Some of the services are more significant and useful than others, as is the case with MetaVis, which has just announced that its migration and administration tools will work with the new upgrade.

Axceler: Half of SharePoint-Enabled Enterprises Have No Governance Strategy [Infographic]

The buildup to the release of SharePoint 2013 continues. One of the issues that was widely discussed around the 2010 release was governance and SharePoint environments. This time, with so much more data under the bridge -- and more and more people using SharePoint -- governance will be certainly be a hot topic once again.

SharePoint 2013 Localization For Multilingual Intranet, Internet Publishing

Back to SharePoint 2013 and the upcoming release. We have already looked at a number of improvements that look set to make it considerably better than previous editions, but the advanced localization abilities that have just been outlined in the SharePoint blog could end up being a top selling point to companies with a global outlook.

How to Drive Sustainable SharePoint Adoption in Your Organization

Microsoft market research indicates that 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies are SharePoint users. Every day for the past five years, 20,000 workers have joined the ranks of SharePoint users. One in every five knowledge workers now has access to SharePoint, but that doesn’t mean these workers are properly trained in how to use SharePoint.

5 Tasks For Successful Migrations To SharePoint 2013

In the past week, Microsoft released a new version of Office 2013 and a new home subscription version of Office 365. The next big release will be the general release of SharePoint 2013, even if we still don’t know when. To help companies that are planning to move to SharePoint 2013, or migrate from an earlier version, Dell has put together a few tasks that should get you into the right planning mode.

Metalogix: 60% of Enterprises Plan SharePoint 2013 Upgrade, 40% Still Using SP 2007, 2003

It’s been a big week for Microsoft with the launch of Office 365 and Office 2013, even if many of the details have been out in the open for a while. SharePoint 2013 is next on the list, even if we don’t know when. In preparation for this Metalogix conducted a survey to find out what the state of the SharePoint landscape is at the moment.

My Five Big New Year's Resolutions for SharePoint Managers

With the working year now kicking off it's a perfect time for SharePoint business managers and administrators to make their New Year's resolutions. Whether you're looking after an intranet, collaboration portal, website, DMS, BI portal -- or all of these -- here's a few ideas to help you with the process of figuring out your priorities for the year, based on some of the more common personal resolutions we all make at the start of the year.

3 Steps to a Great SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is great, but not everyone knows how best to use this formidable platform to build the system that they want. Take the humble Intranet.

Nielsen Announces Choices For 10 Best Designed Intranets 2013, 70% Built on SharePoint

The Nielsen Norman Group has just announced its list of the 10 best intranets for 2013 and again, as in previous years, companies in the insurance vertical take three of the top spots followed by utilities, government, biotechnical and -- surprisingly -- the finance vertical only providing one.

SharePoint in Review 2012: Planned Deployments, Information Access Still Key

What would a year in information management be without SharePoint -- any kind of SharePoint? We have to be careful to clarify now as talking about SharePoint could involve any one of four groups of products. In other words, we could be talking about the 2003 version -- and yes it is still being used -- the 2007 and 2010 version, and SharePoint 2013.

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2012 - Christian Buckley

If you go to a SharePoint conference, chances are high that Christian Buckley will be there. An active member of the SharePoint community, Christian travels the Western United States and the greater world spreading the SharePoint love. Find out how Christian found his passion in this interview.

How Business Models and Culture Intersect SharePoint Deployments and Why It Matters

The mission critical nature of technology in the enterprise has elevated the status of the IT department, which is gaining influence in shaping enterprise business strategy and company culture. However, the inverse is also true.

CMSWire's Top Contributors of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, we at CMSWire wanted to take some time out to recognize a few of our many outstanding contributors. 

[Infographic] SharePoint 2013 in 2012

In August, we illustrated the current state of SharePoint. As it is now December and time for retrospectives, we decided that we'd take a look back at what kept us most engaged about SharePoint this year -- SharePoint 2013.

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