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ZyLab, EntropySoft Offer Enterprise CMS Connectors for e-Discovery

One of the biggest issues around e-Discovery, apart from the fact that many companies don’t bother about it until they’re hit with an e-Discovery demand, is access to information in the many different silos across the enterprise. The new OEM agreement between EntropySoft and ZyLab aims to solve that problem.

SharePoint Third Party Products to Watch in 2012

Arguably one of the reasons for SharePoint's success over the last few years is the ecosystem of third party products and developers that help to support it. Generally speaking, if you want to add to or expand the standard SharePoint feature set, there is a product or plugin that fits the bill. Visual workflow design, list and document level backup and a hundred weather webparts -- all can be readily and easily added to your SharePoint environment.

But who will be setting the pace in the new year, and what software is worth keeping an eye on? Let’s review some of the most interesting third party products on the market for SharePoint right now.

Colligo Secures SharePoint Content on iPads

There seems to be no shortage of SharePoint deployments, and,  thanks to consumerization, iPads floating around most corporate offices these days. The risk of sensitive data being accidentally exposed is enough to make the network security team break into a cold sweat. SharePoint solution provider Colligo’s new iPad app for iPad may be just the thing they need.

3 Things Windows 8 Can Teach SharePoint 2012

Windows 8 was slowly revealed to the public during the course of 2011. A number of unofficial leaks were soon followed by an official "developer" preview in September at the Microsoft BUILD conference. The final product is due sometime in 2012 and is expected to be one of Microsoft's most important product launches ever.

3 Things to Know Before Using SharePoint to Build Your Website

Starting any Microsoft SharePoint project can be a daunting task, especially when it’s the corporate website -- it is generally a very high profile project. If you are thinking about using SharePoint for Web Content Management (Web CMS) or Customer Experience Management (CXM), here are my three top points to consider to ensure your project is a success:

A Look Back at the Top CMSWire Articles of 2011

As the year winds down and our thoughts turn to roasted goose and egg nog what 2012 will hold for information management, it’s time to look back to see what captured reader’s interest in 2011.

SharePoint 2010: A Look Back at 2011

There were no big Microsoft-based announcements for SharePoint this year. 2011 was really about proper planning and implementation practices for SharePoint 2010. And of course, it was about the partner ecosystem and all the good stuff it brought to the SharePoint platform. Here are some highlights, mixed in with a discussion about social business with Jared Sparato.

Web CMS Professionals, This Holiday, Spare a Hug for SharePoint

As the nights are drawing in and a chill fills the air, the most wonderful time of year is descending upon us. It’s the season for predictions and Content Management professionals are making their lists and checking them twice.

Rather than listing my industry predictions for 2012 however, I’m going to pool my holiday wishes into one big hope for 2012. That big hope is that we truly figure out where SharePoint sits in our content management and digital engagement strategies.

Atidan Releases SharePoint Document Search App for iPad, iPhone

The developer of the document search application for SharePoint, Atidan, is closing off the year by uniting two of the biggest-selling apps of the year through its own DocExplore application. As of today, iPad and iPhone users will be able to search documents stored in SharePoint using Atidan’s mobile app.

Metalogix Releases SharePoint 2010 Migration Solution, Promises 'Radical' Speed

With a promise of radical gains in migration speeds, Metalogix Software announced its Migration Manager for SharePoint v.5.0 with full support for Nintex Workflow. Its approach reduces site migration and upgrades from days to just minutes by leveraging sophisticated multithreading techniques, that claim up to 1000% increase in SharePoint migration and upgrade speed.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategic Lenses - Knowledge Mgt, Intranets & Value

This week in the Art of SharePoint Success it's time to talk Strategic Lenses (aka "what do I do with SharePoint?") -- specifically Value and Knowledge Management. Let's take a closer look.

Information Management in 2012: Another Week With Crystal Balls

As we continue our look back at 2011 and consider what 2012 and beyond might hold, our contributors shared their predictions, insights and expertise on all things social, information management, customer experience and of course, SharePoint. We were reassured that email isn’t dead yet, given insight into what customer experience might look like in 2012, asked "What would Darwin do?" and caught a glimpse of the next iPhone. Curious? Read on: 

12 Document Management Moments, 2011: Content Chaos, Office Suites, SharePoint

The end of another year in document management, and what a year it was. There really was something for everyone from SharePoint, to HP and Autonomy, from open source to enterprise CMS. Here are some of what we think are the highlights of the year. Undoubtedly you’ll have others, so let us know and maybe we can get a second list up and running in the New Year.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategy - SharePoint as an Information & Knowledge Management Infrastructure

This is article seven in the series exploring the Art of SharePoint Success, a framework for achieving long term business benefits from investments in SharePoint-based change initiatives.

There are four elements to the framework:

  1. Governance
  2. Strategy
  3. Architecture
  4. Transition

We are discussing the strategy element which began with the question, “What is SharePoint?” I suggested the following answer: SharePoint is a set of integrated technologies which provide a platform upon which an organization can build a flexible, long-term information and knowledge management infrastructure. The past two articles have explored the concepts of SharePoint as a set of integrated technologies, as an application development platform and the nature of infrastructure. This month we are going to wrap up the definition of SharePoint by looking at the idea that SharePoint is all about information and knowledge management.

Evolution vs. Revolution in Social Business

The doctrine of natural selection or survival of the fittest….implies that when variations...of a beneficial nature happen to arise, these will be preserved.”

Charles Darwin, “The Origin of Species” -- Chapter VII

Today’s conventional wisdom says businesses already recognize the benefits of introducing social technologies like wikis, chat and microblogging into the organizational workflow. It’s just a matter of making the technologies available to employees who are already familiar with Facebook and Twitter.

Why, then, do we see such dismally low adoption of social technologies?

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