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SharePoint in the Enterprise: Best Uses, Trends, Tools & Strategies

I recently attended and spoke at the SharePoint Saturday: The Conference this August 2011. My presentation was around real world applications on SharePoint: ideas, trends we’re seeing and actually uses. I also had the opportunity to speak with several experts in the field, and some current and future consumers of SharePoint. Here’s what most of the buzz was about.

This Week: HP Steals the Show with Autonomy Buy & WebOS, PC Dump

The biggest news of the week came when HP announced its intentions to buy Information Management and Customer Experience giant Autonomy. Information is in, and hardware (unless you are Apple or Google) is out.

Autonomy, who only recently added Iron Mountain to its fold, is the last of the big, independent Enterprise CMS vendors. The company recorded US$ 870 mil in 2010 revenues and has made strong progress selling cloud-based services.

Along with a successful SharePoint in the Enterprise Tweet Jam (read the archive here), this week also offered some great SharePoint thinking, including:

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SharePoint Advice from the Experts: Making SharePoint Social

Christmas in CMSWire Town continues with this week's roll-up of expert advice on the almighty SharePoint. Read on for tips on making SharePoint social, improving your portal's environment and how to approach it as a whole. 

Why Settle for SharePoint?

Microsoft makes billions of dollars from SharePoint. It's their premier revenue generator at this point. The reason has mostly to do with Microsoft's sheer size, of course, and the prevalence of their operating system and office suite, particularly in small and medium businesses. But something else is going on here: IT is settling for less than it deserves.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan and ISO 15489: Taxonomies & Folksonomies

I find Microsoft’s advice regarding how to properly assemble a taxonomy somewhat nonsensical, but it’s because I love the Records and Information Management standard ISO 15489 so much. As you write your SharePoint 2010 Records Governance Plan, I recommend you consider the following.

Is SharePoint a Savior for Information Management?

For years, the challenge with many information and content management systems has been the lack of discipline. I’m not referring to missing knowledge or processes but to the lack of control people have faced in keeping the scope of the effort under control. It is too easy to try and take full advantage of any product right out of the gate. In many ways, SharePoint might actually be a savior and help people to properly scope their initiatives.

GRC Roll-up: CrownPeak Gets Governance; Records Management for SharePoint

This week in GRC, CrownPeak and Magus team up for SaaS Web Content Management system governance, Socialware picks up US$ 7 million in Series C funding, DocuWare v5.1 gets FDA certification renewed and McAfee goes mobile with Sony. Also this week, we took a look at records management for SharePoint again.

Today's Live Tweet Jam: SharePoint in the Enterprise #EIMChat

A final reminder that in less than an hour we kick off our tweet jam: SharePoint in the Enterprise. We have some great topics to discuss and a huge number of industry experts ready to provide their insights.

You can watch unfold right here, join us in a TweetChat room or hang out with the hashtag #EIMChat using your favorite tool. See you there!


#EIMChat Tweet Jam Topics

You may tweet your questions and/or responses throughout the Jam, roping them in via the #EIMChat hashtag.

These are the topics we will discuss:

  1. How do you most concisely describe SharePoint's place in the enterprise in 2011?
  2. What is your most important advice for success with SharePoint?
  3. What are SharePoint's top strengths as Social Business explodes?
  4. What are SharePoint's biggest weakness as Social Business explodes?
  5. What trends or technologies threaten SharePoint's place in the enterprise?
  6. What will be the biggest challenge for organizations using SharePoint this year?


Participation Guidance

Please keep this guidance in mind:

  • Introduce yourself with your first #EIMChat tweet. Include your name, job title and organization you work for.
  • Subsequent tweets must start with the question number you are responding to and the #EIMChat hashtag. For example, "@bigbird Q5 We very much believe sentiment analysis works #EIMChat."
  • Please don't pitch products or services; stay knowledge focused.
  • Keep the discussion professional, but informal.
  • Remember that this is a public chat — be thoughtful.

Lowering the Bar: 5 Information Management Quick Fixes to Improve Your SharePoint Environment

SharePoint best practices and advice are nothing new -- consultants like me have been inundating SharePoint users out there with our tips, tricks, advice, admonishments and so on for years. You could make a whole career out of doing nothing more than telling people what to do and what not to do with SharePoint…and lots of people do.

Socializing SharePoint: A Look at 4 Leading Social Software Integrations

While SharePoint has been a leader in the document and content sharing category for some time, it has remained admittedly weak on the social media front. A number of companies from the third-party ecosystem are trying fill the gaps between the portal's strong points and shortcomings with infusions of popular functions, and we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of the top dogs:

Document Mgt Roll-up: Migrating SharePoint Content to Documentum, Mobile DM from Box

Looks like vacations in document-management land are coming to an end. This week alone, Box enhanced its mobile document management offerings, Metalogix offers content migration from SharePoint to Documentum, PSIGEN offers Office 365 scanning, Cabinet NG upgrades CNG-WEB, and Fijitsu offers scanning for Laserfiche.

Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint

Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Legacy content and enterprise content management systems were always going to be one of the problems with SharePoint 2010 deployment. Slowly but surely, Metalogix (news, site) is going through the list of major enterprise CMs and providing a way of getting content from legacy systems into SharePoint. This week it’s Documentum's turn.

How to Make SharePoint More Social without Creating a New Silo

While SharePoint 2010 has introduced improved social features such as status updates, tagging, document ratings and document note boards, many IT organizations are looking for ways to expand social delivery beyond SharePoint’s out-the-box offer.

Tweet Jam: SharePoint in the Enterprise, Join the Experts August 17th #EIMChat

By now you've heard about our upcoming Tweet Jam on Wednesday August 17th at 1pm ET, 10am PT. It's about SharePoint in the Enterprise. Just thought you would be interested in the full list to date of experts and a reminder of the topics to be discussed.

The Future of Social Computing in SharePoint

While SharePoint 2010 leads in almost every Gartner Magic Quadrant in which it appears, it does not lead in social computing. But before you say anything about this perceived limitation, let’s explore what the platform’s real shortcomings are and how they impact the majority of businesses and end users, and discuss what additional investments you may need to make in order to ensure that SharePoint delivers the features and capabilities your employees need to be productive.

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