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Socializing SharePoint: A Look at 4 Leading Social Software Integrations

While SharePoint has been a leader in the document and content sharing category for some time, it has remained admittedly weak on the social media front. A number of companies from the third-party ecosystem are trying fill the gaps between the portal's strong points and shortcomings with infusions of popular functions, and we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of the top dogs:

Document Mgt Roll-up: Migrating SharePoint Content to Documentum, Mobile DM from Box

Looks like vacations in document-management land are coming to an end. This week alone, Box enhanced its mobile document management offerings, Metalogix offers content migration from SharePoint to Documentum, PSIGEN offers Office 365 scanning, Cabinet NG upgrades CNG-WEB, and Fijitsu offers scanning for Laserfiche.

Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint

Metalogix Offers Content Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Legacy content and enterprise content management systems were always going to be one of the problems with SharePoint 2010 deployment. Slowly but surely, Metalogix (news, site) is going through the list of major enterprise CMs and providing a way of getting content from legacy systems into SharePoint. This week it’s Documentum's turn.

How to Make SharePoint More Social without Creating a New Silo

While SharePoint 2010 has introduced improved social features such as status updates, tagging, document ratings and document note boards, many IT organizations are looking for ways to expand social delivery beyond SharePoint’s out-the-box offer.

Tweet Jam: SharePoint in the Enterprise, Join the Experts August 17th #EIMChat

By now you've heard about our upcoming Tweet Jam on Wednesday August 17th at 1pm ET, 10am PT. It's about SharePoint in the Enterprise. Just thought you would be interested in the full list to date of experts and a reminder of the topics to be discussed.

The Future of Social Computing in SharePoint

While SharePoint 2010 leads in almost every Gartner Magic Quadrant in which it appears, it does not lead in social computing. But before you say anything about this perceived limitation, let’s explore what the platform’s real shortcomings are and how they impact the majority of businesses and end users, and discuss what additional investments you may need to make in order to ensure that SharePoint delivers the features and capabilities your employees need to be productive.

Sitecore Releases SharePoint Integration Framework v1.0 for Web CMS

sitecore_logo_2009.gif Sitecore (news, site), provider of web content management and customer engagement solutions, has released its SharePoint Integration Framework, which allows users to integrate Sitecore CMS with content stored in SharePoint.

The Right Way to Approach SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is like the Swiss army knife for information management. It is a versatile platform with capabilities covering many areas of information management, from publishing and document management to business intelligence and collaboration. However, just as you can cut yourself on a knife, there are ways you can either cut yourself on SharePoint 2010. In other words, there are ways to fail even with a capable and modern platform as SharePoint in your hands, and whether you will fail is determined by how you approach it.

SharePoint Advice from the Experts: The Art of SharePoint Success

Our theme this month is SharePoint, which is kind of like Christmas for us CMSWire kids. Read on for expert perspectives on everything from effective governance to building a good records management foundation to a general quick start guide. 

Case Study: How Miller Johnson Implemented SharePoint-Based Email Content Management

In my last article, I described the challenges that most law firms face when it comes to managing email, and set up the case study of Miller Johnson. In this article, I go over the details of the SharePoint solution that Miller Johnson eventually implemented.

MetaVis Releases Permissions Management for SharePoint, Office 365

MetaVis Releases Permissions Management for SharePoint, Office 365 With a product that reaches into as many parts of the enterprise as Office 365 potentially does, security was always going to be a problem. MetaVis (news, site) has released Security Manager for SharePoint and Office 365, which enables enterprises to analyze and manage security permissions across multiple SharePoint sites and farms, as well as permissions in Office 365.

Case Study: SharePoint as an Email Management Solution

When I discuss this solution at conferences or with peers, invariably the initial reaction is something like this: “Are you crazy? Why would you use SharePoint when you could use a commercially available product for archiving?” I must admit there were times over the two years we took to develop this solution, in partnership with Handshake Software, that I did feel a little crazy; however, we never lost sight of our goal. As you are about to see, this effort was about much more than merely archiving email.

We've Got SharePoint...Now What? 4 Next Steps

It is now a well-known fact in business circles that SharePoint has become the standard for portals, document management, search and BI. While there are many ways to configure and implement a SharePoint instance, the question of how to compile and engage a team still remains. Furthermore, questions of what best practices and standards should be part of an implementation are seemingly never asked, or answered.

In speaking with executives and teams about their SharePoint projects, many of our clients have similar stories to share -- that senior executives choose SharePoint for the new corporate portal or to house document management, and then announce to their “team” that SharePoint is coming to the organization, without doing their planning or diligence on the “team” itself. This strategy has obvious issues, which, can be overcome with the right level of mid-implementation planning, training and consulting.

The Executive Perspective: Top 7 Things You Must Consider for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is a popular tool for creating Intranets, customer portals and almost any web-based solution. It’s a powerful product that can address an impressive number of business solutions. With all of the power SharePoint has to offer, and the money you’ll likely spend on deployment, it’s important to get certain things right. In this article, I’ll cover the top seven things that executives must consider when deploying SharePoint 2010. So if you’re thinking about SharePoint, or are revisiting a stalled deployment to give it a kickstart, read on.

Customizing SharePoint: Start with the Solution or the Business Problem?

Before you begin adding customization tools to SharePoint to create a solution for your business, you must understand your company’s business problem. In this article, I cover a few important areas you need to address before you look at technology.

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