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Video Blog: Importing Labels to SharePoint 2010

There are many positive features to using the Term Store taxonomy management feature within SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately, not everything that we need as information managers is one click away. 

Document Management Roll-up: Kodak SharePoint Capture, Lexmark's New Strategy

It may have been Labor Day week, but still a few interesting items to note in the document management world. Kodak has just announced the release of a capture solution built on SharePoint, OpenText targets Tempo Express at legal industry, Lexmark points to a new hardware strategy and the Document Foundation joins OASIS.

SharePoint Governance: Needed Now More than Ever

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Tweet Jam about SharePoint. One of the topics that came up was the importance of Governance. In this article I want to dive deeper into this topic and stress how important governance is within your environment. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: Vizit 5's SharePoint Doc Features, Office 2013 On Demand

This week, even with Labor Day weekend approaching there are a few notable releases. Vizit has announced the release of v5 that enhances document management in SharePoint, Microsoft has announced Office 2013 On Demand, M-Files announced SkyDrive support for v9.0 and Parascript upgrades FormXtra toolkit.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: Human Forces

You can't run a SharePoint project and expect it to be maintenance free. You need to have an organization, both during and after the project.

Got SharePoint? Start with the End User in Mind

When it comes to information worker tools, it’s rare I hear someone from IT say “we walk a day in the life of our end users and start backwards from there.” Seldom do they ask “how do our people want to work?” or “what tools and information do our workers need exactly?”    

This Week: Failing Your Marketing Data + SharePoint 2013 - The Good, The Ugly

Data. It overwhelms us.

Most marketers say they're failing to use it optimally. A recent survey showed that most people are not leveraging analytics well. Another study found a lack of analytical minds and skills in key roles.

Getting Good Data
Good data is step one and Forrester recently evaluated Tag Management Systems -- looking at this evolving role of data capture.

Analytics vendors play a key role too and are constantly facing new challenges. This week we saw Webtrends improve measurement of both web and social activity.

In September we'll focused on how marketers can better use their data to make decisions and optimize digital experiences. Stay tuned.

SharePoint 2013 - Disappointing, or Not?
SharePoint's evolution is pleasing many (see SharePoint 2013: 7 Features Users are Going to Love). But worth a read is SharePoint 2013: Not Quite What I Expected.

This week we also checked out SharePoint 2013 workflows and social networking and climbed up for a 35,000 foot view of SharePoint 2013 for Designers.

Forrester: The New Rules of Social Knowledge Management
Join Forrester analyst Kate Leggett on Aug 29th. Get the scoop on how enterprise knowledge is going social.
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Weekend Reading: SharePoint Tweet Jam Recap, Social Media Intelligence and Bacon - The Breakfast of Champions

shutterstock_56242414.jpgThere's no predicting what will come up during a Tweet Jam, and this week's SharePoint Tweet Jam was no different.

Panelists covered the same ground that our feature writers did this week and weeks previous, touching on questions of governance, adoption challenges and breakfast meats. 

We also had reports from the conference field, with updates streaming in from DrupalCon Munich, the Business Marketing Association's Denver conference and Altamont Group's Social Media Intelligence in San Francisco. 

Read on for details.

Tweet Jam Recap: SharePoint People, Process, Planning & More #EIMChat

On Wednesday, we spent our lunch break discussing what we liked about SharePoint, what we considered to be its biggest challenges, as well as what we looked forward to most with SharePoint 2013. But just because we spent an hour talking about SharePoint doesn't mean it was serious business. Who knew that SharePoint could be this much fun?!

The Path from Fileshare to SharePoint


One of the major complaints about SharePoint is that, while it contains the potential for expanded business productivity and automation, within many organizations it has become yet another file share. 

Is SharePoint in the Cloud for You?

The days of Microsoft SharePoint being only a locally installed software product are over.

Tweet Jam Reminder: SharePoint: Supporting the Information Worker #EIMChat

In less than a few hours, we'll be coming together on Twitter (under the hashtag #eimchat) for our next Tweet Jam -- SharePoint: Supporting the Information Worker.

SharePoint Business Governance Strategy: Managing Governance Documents

Continuing my high level SharePoint business governance strategy series, today we are looking at methods of managing governance documents to ensure that information is easily accessible to all, aiding in communication of and adherence to governance rules.

GRC Roll-up: Google Continues Postini Move To Apps, SharePoint Governance Strategies

Even with the summer lull there are a few notable GRC points. The main one this week is Google's further plans for Postini. This week also saw Clearwater’s new SaaS released, a new series on SharePoint governance and Accenture’s acquisition of Octagon.

The Collaboration Circus

Is collaboration in your organization like a 3-ring circus? Are you the ringmaster or the clown; the trapeze artist or the animal tamer? 

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