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Poll: What is SharePoint 2010's Best Feature?

SharePoint 2013 is out in preview and it has a number of enhancements that everyone seems to like. But that version of SharePoint is at least one to two years away. So we are curious to know what you think SharePoint's best feature is today, with SharePoint 2010. Hence we ask:

Our poll is open until August 25th, but give us your thoughts now, in case we change our mind and close it early (or you head out for a much needed vacation!).

Sharepoint: Who, How and Why We're Using It [Infographic]

August belongs to SharePoint at CMSWire. This month, we’ll examine SharePoint from many different perspectives. But before we do, what is SharePoint? If you had to conceptualize it, what would it look like? What characteristics would be highlighted?

Metalogix Speeds SharePoint Content Migration with Integration of StoragePoint

metaLogixLogo2012.PNGWhile Metalogix has made a name for itself already with migration and lifecycle products for SharePoint, it doesn’t appear to be happy at the speed at which migration takes place. The result is the integration of Migration Manager for SharePoint -- File Share Edition, with its file share solution StoragePoint.

Quest Encourages SharePoint Use With AttachThis for Outlook

Thumbnail image for Quest_logo_2010.jpg We have seen in the past that SharePoint deployment in an enterprise does not necessarily mean that enterprise workers are going to use it. There are a number of possible reasons why this might be the case. In today’s release of AttachThis, Quest is trying to tackle a couple of them.

NewsGator To Integrate Yammer With Social Sites After Microsoft Buy

It was inevitable that when Microsoft announced it was buying Yammer there would be ripples across the industry, particularly with products and vendors that are closely tied into the Microsoft machine. One of those companies that has reacted the quickest is NewsGator, which has just announced that it is going to integrate its SharePoint-based application with Yammer.

Content Marketing: It's About Perspective

shutterstock_76664440.jpg Pssst. Want to hear a secret?

Our Content Marketing focus continued this week, with many opinions on what is and isn't working including a tip on what could be marketers' new best friend: word of mouth.

We also witnessed the end of a SharePoint era this week with the posting of the final installment of The Art of SharePoint Success, 20 articles and nearly one year after the series began. Perhaps a follow up series on The Art of SharePoint 2013 Success is in order?

Neudesic Pulse and iQ for Business Team Up for Social Business Intelligence

neudesic logo 61912.pngNeudesic Pulse has teamed up with iQ for Business, provider of useable data for teams who want to base their decisions on solid info, to integrate social collaboration into the BI stream.

SharePoint 2010 Composites: Do-It-Yourself Business Solutions

This is the final article in this series “What is this SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?” and in this article we are going to be looking at the concept of SharePoint Composites. Composites are a type of solution that allows you to pull together items from multiple applications to build a complete solution. In this article we are going to highlight some of the various types of things you can build using composites as well as provide an overview of the tools you will utilize.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Capture for Dynamics CRM, Still No Office 15

This week we’re still waiting for a proper look at Office 15, Dynamics CRM gets a new document capture tool, Sharegate offers economical SharePoint content migration, Colligo builds a fortune around SharePoint, and Doo goes on general release.

Google Spring Cleaning Continues to Eliminate Products

Google's continuing “spring cleaning” effort, which actually began last fall and has closed or combined more than 30 products since, is eliminating several more products Google now considers obsolete or redundant. These include Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback, Google Video, iGoogle and the Symbian Search App.

Never Mind Microblogging, SharePoint Needs to Support Plain Old Blogging

In case you missed it, Microsoft bought Yammer. We await the results of this acquisition within SharePoint (we might be waiting some time), but it is certainly a clear admission that SharePoint doesn’t currently do "social" very well. Yammer is primarily a microblogging platform, albeit with a lot of other features thrown in, so it is fair to say Microsoft will use it to beef up this side of SharePoint -- user profiles, activity feeds, microblogging, status updates and so on. But what about good old fashioned standard blogging?

The Art of SharePoint Success: Epilogue - The Call to Action

shutterstock_56703853.jpg I’ve been writing the Art of SharePoint Success for about four years (seriously). The framework is intended to be a way of structuring thinking and knowledge. It’s not a methodology or process, but knowledge that doesn’t enable action is pretty useless. Therefore, to round off the series I thought you might be interested to hear how I use the framework in consulting engagements.

Sharegate Offers Economical, Simple SharePoint Content Migration

If you like SharePoint -- and let’s face it, here at CMSWire we do -- you’re going to like Sharegate and its migration products. This week, the Montreal-based company has just added a new product, Copy Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint, to its other migration capabilities.

Microsoft Proves Steve Jobs Right Again

There seems to be a lot of chatter around Microsoft's purchase of Yammer. There is clearly much to talk about here especially what it means for the addictive business narcotic known as SharePoint. This topic is not that interesting to me as I find this acquisition to be one more step towards the inevitable demise of licensed application software for businesses.

Office 15 Public Beta Release Rumored For This Week, Includes PDF Editing Abilities

Microsoft’s slow drip of information about the release of its new business productivity software continues. Over the past six months there have been a number of leaks around SharePoint, for example, as well as Office 15. With the latter, the wait could be over as there are reports that Office 15 will be going into beta this week.

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