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The Art of SharePoint Success: Transition - How to Write an Adoption Plan

Last time I resorted to sensationalist headlines and claimed that you don’t want users to adopt SharePoint. You want them to adopt the business solutions that you build on the platform, and the secret to successful adoption is to make your solution useful and useable. This week we are going to see how to bring it all together and to create an adoption plan for your useful and useable SharePoint solutions.

Axceler Adds SharePoint Governance Features With ControlPoint Update

Axceler Adds SharePoint Governance Features With ControlPoint UpdateAxceler, a provider of Microsoft SharePoint governance, administration and migration solutions, is releasing version 4.6 of its ControlPoint governance/administration product. The latest upgrade to ControlPoint includes a governance policy manager, as well as enhanced mobility and functionality for Microsoft Project sites.

Colligo's Email Manager for SharePoint Adds Launchpad for Web Access #MSTechEd

Colligo's Email Manager for SharePoint Adds Launchpad for Web Access #MSTechEdMicrosoft’s Outlook has uses beyond sending and receiving email. On Monday, SharePoint app provider Colligo Networks added more uses, as it announced the release of its Email Manager 5.4, featuring the ability to add one-click icons to the Outlook 2010 ribbon. 

Social Enterprise: It's About a Lot More Than Technology

shutterstock_57181246.jpg You've gone through the vetting process. You've established clear goals and benchmarks for what you want the social tools to do. You've held training sessions, identified early adopters, everything is in place. But then comes the crucial question: what comes next?

This week our experts looked into what it takes to be a social business beyond the technology, exploring the fundamental cultural changes that need to take place before your business becomes truly social. We also heard some different methods being used to capture audiences, identified drivers in choosing cloud solutions and pondered the future of risk management.

AvePoint Exposes File Share Content to SharePoint Users

avepoint-logo.JPG AvePoint, a provider of governance and infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, is making its new DocAve File Share Navigator solution generally available. The application enables access to and retrieval of file share content through SharePoint lists without migration.

SharePoint on Mobile Devices: The Options

Every other day I get asked "What's the best way to expose my SharePoint portal on a mobile?"

The truth is, there is no one size fits all solution.

Infragistics' NetAdvantage for SharePoint Turns Data Into Actionable Interfaces

infragistics logo 6612.pngTurn Sharepoint into a data dashboard without writing code. That’s the goal of the new NetAdvantage for SharePoint 2012 Volume 1, announced by design and user experience software company Infragistics.

SharePoint 2010 Search: Relevance, Refinement, People

This is the fifth article in this series “What is This SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?” In previous articles we have discussed all of the great ways that you can add content to SharePoint and now we are going to highlight the powerful Search features available to help you access and locate the data once it exists within the site.

K2, KnowledgeLake Extend SharePoint with Business Process Management

K2, KnowledgeLake Partner for Sharepoint BPM, ECM SolutionsK2 and KnowledgeLake are now collaborating to offer ways for Microsoft SharePoint users to get the information they need for a task, within a business application. The two companies announced earlier this week their strategic partnership, integrating business process management (BPM) with enterprise content management (ECM) on the Microsoft platform.

Three Emerging Trends in SharePoint for Intranets #cgint

While there is ample anecdotal evidence to suggest that companies are using SharePoint in many ways other than the original concept of SharePoint as a collaboration platform, many companies are still using it for their intranets.

DotNetNuke Goes Social with Version 6.2

dotnetnuke_logo_2009.jpgWeb content management provider DotNetNuke has released a new, more social version of its web content management system (Web CMS). In the latest release, version 6.2, DotNetNuke has an entire suite of social tools, SharePoint integration and multi-language support within the administrative console.

Azurati Addresses Mobile SharePoint Security Concerns With SharePoint2Go

New UK-based mobile enterprise application developer Azurati is introducing itself to the market with SharePoint2Go, a solution designed to provide secure mobile SharePoint access via any smartphone or tablet. Azurati is positioning the cloud-based SaaS solution as a means of ensuring secure mobile SharePoint usage in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment.

Changing Platforms, Common Goal: Reach Your Audience

724861_0bb0daa949_n.jpgBetween this week's Tweet Jam and our featured articles, a lot of information and strategic insights were shared for anyone needing to start or update their Mobile strategy.

It was five years ago that the first iPhone was released and marketing hasn't been the same since. We heard about the challenges inherent in reaching the multiple device owning consumer, suggestions on how to enhance your website and your marketing strategies and after faithfully reading the 17 articles preceding, were told that we didn't want users to adopt SharePoint. Hey, wait a minute...

Now it's time to dust off those white shoes. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

SharePoint 2010: Enterprise Content Management for the Masses

This is the fourth article in this series “What Is This SharePoint Thing All About Anyway?” In this article we are going to be looking at the concept of SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Huddle to Expand Enterprise Collaboration Reach With US$ 24 Million Funding

If you’ve been following the fortunes of SharePoint, or ever searched for a SharePoint alternative for enterprise collaboration and document management, you’ve probably come across UK-based huddle. In the coming months you’re likely to see more of it following the successful completion of Series C funding worth US$ 24 million.

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