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SharePointBriefs: PartnerPulse, AvePoint Meetings + Metalogix's BLOBulator

SHarePoiintBriefs.jpg With every new edition of SharePoint there’s a lot of new apps around that are key to getting the best of out it. This week AvePoint has a new meetings app to bring order to the content around meetings, Metalogix is offering a new way of assessing SharePoint storage, SharePoint Solutions automates site creation, and PartnerPulse monitors Microsoft partners.

SharePoint 2013 Extranet Collaboration Manager by SharePoint Solutions Released as Beta #spc12

The Extranet Collaboration Manager beta for SharePoint 2013 has just been announced by SharePoint Solutions, and as the SharePoint Conference 2012 gathers steam, the tool is ready to download for deploying and managing SharePoint extranets.

Facebook Seeks to Patent Sharing Info Between Users

facebook_logo_10.jpgFacebook (news, site) made certainly a very smart move when it bought up Friendster's patents and patent applications. Fast forward to present day and it turns out one straggler patent app request from 2010 remains. Should this last gem win the approval of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, it would lend Facebook yet another avenue for being -- and staying -- the top dog of social networking. 

Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in May 2011

Welcome to the May 2011 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.

Beefing Up Workflows in SharePoint Designer 2010

If you create a lot of custom workflows for your SharePoint implementation, but are frustrated by the low number of workflow activities available out of the box, SharePoint Solutions (newssite) has a new product available that you will be interested in looking at.

Build Your SharePoint 2010 Extranet with Help from SharePoint Solutions

Build Your SharePoint 2010 Extranet With Help From SharePoint SolutionsAlways there to help you build SharePoint solutions for every audience (hence their name), SharePoint Solutions (newssite) has released a new toolkit to support your SharePoint Extranet: SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager 2010.

WISDOM for SharePoint - Is it Top Shelf Document Management?

SharePointSolutions.jpg SharePoint junkies who still haven’t had their fill after last week’s Las Vegas hoedown might be interested in the release this week of new document management software designed to run on top of SharePoint, but improve upon its abilities. This fancy concept is called WISDOM for SharePoint. Let's see just how sage it is.

Bridging the Gap Between SQL Databases and SharePoint

Data Zoom: Bridging the Gap Between MSQL Databases and SharePoint

SharePoint Solutions (news, site) decided to make accessing and integrating Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) database information from/with SharePoint less of a chore by introducing new SharePoint Data Zoom extensions.

Integrate SharePoint and Salesforce with a Data Zoom Web Part

Integrate SharePoint and Salesforce with a Data Zoom Web PartThe crew over at SharePoint Solutions (news, site) isn't one to sit around and do nothing apparently. It's been a little over a month since they released their Data Zoom Web Part for SharePoint, enabling developers to create dynamically driven content.

Now, they've gone and extended that Web Part one step further offering integration between SharePoint and

Create Dynamic Data-Driven Content for SharePoint with Free Tool

SharePoint Solutions Releases Workflow EssentialsLooking for an easy way to create dynamic, data-driven content in SharePoint? SharePoint Solutions (news, site) is offering a new free tool to help you out: SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part.

Create Better Workflows in SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Solutions Releases Workflow Essentials

Yes, you can create workflows for SharePoint lists in SharePoint Designer, but they aren't the most robust workflows you may need for your organization. Instead of hiring developers to build the workflows you need, why not try the new Workflow Essentials solution from SharePoint Solutions.

The suite of workflow activities and conditions enable you to create the business processes you need for your SharePoint content within the Designer interface.

How to Automate Business Processes with MOSS and InfoPath

SharePoint Solutions, Training, InfoPath

If you have SharePoint Server 2007 in your organization and you are keen to start taking advantage of more than the Team Site functionality, SharePoint Solutions is offering a 3 day instructor-led course that you shouldn’t miss.

It’s called Mission: Automation – SharePoint Workflow and InfoPath and is designed to teach information workers how to leverage SharePoint Workflows, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer to automate business processes.

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