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Migrating From SharePoint to Office 365: Where Document Management Fits In #SPTechCon

document management, SharePoint to Office 365: Enhance Document Management Program Now? Another Time? #SPTechConGeoff Varosky’s in a band. And the tune he sang this month is all about taking SharePoint to the cloud with Office 365, a move that is helping organizations forget about the old, ungoverned music that was their intranets.

Another Salvo to Microsoft from Box: Sinofsky As Advisor

Steven-Sinofsky-Developer1.jpg A virtual game of industry ping-pong is heating up between Microsoft and Box. And Box just laced a wicked forehand cross-court over to Microsoft’s side.

Making the Most of SharePoint AND Yammer

Social Business, Social Collaboration, Making the Most of SharePoint AND YammerWith every announcement Microsoft make about their roadmap for SharePoint and Yammer integration, there comes a flurry of excitement and activity from customers and industry experts alike.

SharePoint Migration? 14 Vendors That Can Make It Happen

So you’re SharePoint environment is up and running. All you need now is the right SharePoint migration tool to get your content into it. If you haven’t worked out your migration strategy, forget about looking at migration vendors. But if your migration strategy is in place, you have SharePoint migration tool options to consider. Let's have a look.

Have SharePoint Online + Office 365 Evolved Enough for SMBs to Get Value Past the "Price of Entry"?

Social business, Have SharePoint Online + Office 365 Evolved Enough for SMBs to Get Value Past the Office 365 has made SharePoint available to the masses due to its aggressive price point. But is a low monthly cost per user enough for an organization to really facilitate enterprise collaboration and ultimately justify the ROI? Will SMBs be able to successfully implement and adopt SharePoint Online without substantial investments in expert assistance?

Improve Your SharePoint 2013 ROI with Office Web Apps Server

office web apps.png

Microsoft Office Web Apps Server (OWA Server) together with SharePoint Server 2013 brings a modern user-friendly interface for Office document collaboration that will save your users’ time and the company money.

Google Hangout Reminder: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise #SocBizHangout

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Love all things SharePoint? Well then be sure to tune in to our Google Hangout taking place in just under an hour! We've formed a panel of experts who will take on the changing face of SharePoint -- where it began, how far it's come and where it's going in the future. 

Metalogix Buys Out Axceler's SharePoint Business

Metalogix Buys Out Axceler's SharePoint BusinessSharePoint content management and migration expert Metalogix has bought up part of another one of its fellow SharePoint ecosystem brethren, and Axceler's SharePoint governance and permission management tools are the target this time.

How Do You Explain the Success of SharePoint in the Enterprise?

Social Business,how do you explain sharepoint success in the enterpriseIt's easy to forget there is a whole other world out there that does not use or know SharePoint. 

SharePoint 2010 to 2013: Plan Content Migration Now #SPTechCon


For organizations contemplating the upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, there doesn’t seem to be a concrete answer to the “when” question. Upgrade now? Upgrade later? Upgrade at all?

CMSWire's Google Hangout: The Changing Face of SharePoint in the Enterprise #SocBizHangout


SharePoint may have started as a document focused collaboration tool but it's certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings. So where does SharePoint go from here? Be sure to join us Wednesday, August 28th as we host a great panel in a Google Hangout to discuss the changing face of SharePoint in the enterprise.

SharePoint 2013: The Role of Hybrid Deployments

Information Management, SharePoint 2013: The Role of Hybrid DeploymentsMicrosoft simply loves the cloud. So how do organizations choose between SharePoint on premises and cloud deployments? Simple, they choose both.

Weekend Reads: The Cost of Connectivity + SharePoint's Future in ECM

Customer Experience, Weekend Reads, Privacy, SharePoint, EmailSpeaking refrigerators, smart thermostats, self monitoring oil refineries -- we've seen the future and it's here. But what are we giving up in exchange for these conveniences and is it a price worth paying? Read about this and more in this week's features as our contributors tackled the email question, the outlook for SharePoint in the enterprise and reports from the ground on the state of today's archives. Let's dig in.

Reports of SharePoint's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

Social Business, Reports of SharePoint's Death are Greatly ExaggeratedSharePoint's got a few good years in it yet.

SharePoint and Office 365: Enterprise Mobile Evolution

Mobile enterprise, social business,SharePoint and Office 365: Enterprise Mobile EvolutionJust a year ago analysts were saying that SharePoint was failing in supporting mobile, and now Microsoft is releasing Android Apps for SharePoint. A lot has changed since the release of SharePoint 2013.

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