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MetaVis Upgrades Migration Tools For New Office 365

It's inevitable when you get a big release like Microsoft’s upgrade of Office 365 yesterday that a bunch of vendors will following up with tools to complement the release. Some of the services are more significant and useful than others, as is the case with MetaVis, which has just announced that its migration and administration tools will work with the new upgrade.

Microsoft Challenges Samsung Galaxy S3 Owners in New Windows Phone Advert

lumia620_thumb.jpg Commercials are funny things, never more so than when one brand compares itself against another. So, here we see Microsoft trying to raise the profile of Windows Phones, and the Nokia Lumia 920, by challenging users of Samsung's current hero. 

EPiServer Connects SharePoint Content to the Website

Wednesday, EPiServer releases a new connector that allows organizations to collaborate on website content within SharePoint.

How the Cloud is Impacting SharePoint 2013

The nature of how we collaborate has evolved.

This Week: 5 Tips for Creating Better Mobile Experiences

Integrating WEM and Marketing Automation
Check out 5 reasons to close the gap between marketing automation and web experience management. Then watch the recording of our Google Hangout where we discussed how WEM and MA can be integrated to support omnichannel experiences

Digital Marketing Innovations
To improve lead generation, there is an option that falls between simple landing pages and your website. This new multi-page 'post-click' experience is more creative and possibly, more effective.

Better Mobile Web Experiences
Have a look at these 5 usability tips for your mobile website and check out Forrester's picks for online testing tools to help you build great experiences.

Does SharePoint Suck?
Forrester recently surveyed SharePoint users and found SharePoint lacking in key scenarios.

CXMChat Tweet Jam
Make sure to join us on February 27th at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 1800 GMT for our CXMChat TweetJam, "Building Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation." We have an expert panel ready to discuss how MAP and WEM can integrate to drive great customer experiences.

Is Your Document Management System Working for You?
5 critical lessons for selecting, purchasing and implementing a Document Management System.
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Socialtext Adds Three Integration Points for SharePoint

In another SharePoint related announcement this week, Socialtext announced three new points of integration between SharePoint and Socialtext, as more companies start preparing their product portfolios for the release of SharePoint 2013, expected for this quarter.

AvePoint Releases DocAve 6 Service Pack 2 to Aid in SharePoint 2013 Migration

SharePoint governance and infrastructure management technology provider AvePoint is releasing DocAve 6 Service Pack (SP) 2. This latest version of AvePoint’s enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance includes expanded SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 support.

KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint Debuts Native iOS App

Apple's App Store is ready to dispense some new document management fun with the KnowlegeLake Capture for SharePoint ECM app. iOS users can share documents and images right into their workflows with the free app, and SharePoint devotees are now that much closer to a deskfree workspace.

Yammer Starts Earning Its Keep at Microsoft: Fuller Integration to Come in Summer 2013

When Microsoft bought enterprise social network Yammer in June for US$ 1.2 billion, more than a few eyebrows were raised, especially since Microsoft already had enterprise social networking in SharePoint and was partnering with Yammer. Now, those same eyebrows may again be arching skyward following Yammer’s recent report of record growth last year and its plans to move toward closer integration with other Microsoft product lines.

SharePoint 2013: Communication and Internal Public Relations Plan

Ever roll out a SharePoint implementation to be hit with a bombardment of requests for features and configurations? It's important to nip this in the bud with a communication and internal public relations strategy to steer the conversation and SharePoint roadmap in the right direction.

Forrester: Business Isn't Happy with SharePoint, But IT Seems To Be

IT may be happy with SharePoint, but it looks like the business users aren't so much. This according to new Forrester research.

SharePoint 2013: Social Features Highlights

When you look at SharePoint 2013 Social Features, it is important to understand the Social features are really just a way to highlight how users are already working. Once you've flipped things around and are starting with the user and common actions, it becomes easy to see how the tools available to you can simply enhance current activities of users.

SharePoint 2013's Mobile Functions Offer Enhanced Social, Expanded BYOD Possibilities

Even if there is still no official release date, every day it seems we learn more surrounding the SharePoint 2013 release. The latest -- a recent blog from one of the people working on it that provides brief glimpse into some of the mobile features.

My Techie Valentine: Have You Hugged Your SharePoint Manager Today? #GeekLove

Valentine's Day comes but once a year, but our love of all things social, mobile, local is something we talk about every day. There is no better day to show our love for those that make it all possible. This Valentine's Day we salute you!

CMSWire Google Hangout: Better Web Experiences Using Marketing Automation #ghwemma

Curious if you could get more bang for your buck if you integrated your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) with your Web Experience Management (WEM)? Wondering if it's a possibility or it it's more trouble than it's worth? Join us on February 20th as we host a Google Hangout to discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating your MAP and WEM.

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