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Top Three Weekend Reads: Gamification of SharePoint, Breaking Down Silos for CXM

Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl. The only game you should care about this weekend is the gamification of SharePoint.

Metalogix: 60% of Enterprises Plan SharePoint 2013 Upgrade, 40% Still Using SP 2007, 2003

It’s been a big week for Microsoft with the launch of Office 365 and Office 2013, even if many of the details have been out in the open for a while. SharePoint 2013 is next on the list, even if we don’t know when. In preparation for this Metalogix conducted a survey to find out what the state of the SharePoint landscape is at the moment.

Do You Need a SharePoint Road Map?

A SharePoint road map. It’s a neat phrase, and one that evokes images of nicely labelled diagrams, feature discussions and documented plans for the future.

And it won’t work. Certainly not for everyone.

Understanding the Potential of Gamification in SharePoint

Interested in increasing SharePoint end user adoption and productivity? Gamification might be for you. 

My Five Big New Year's Resolutions for SharePoint Managers

With the working year now kicking off it's a perfect time for SharePoint business managers and administrators to make their New Year's resolutions. Whether you're looking after an intranet, collaboration portal, website, DMS, BI portal -- or all of these -- here's a few ideas to help you with the process of figuring out your priorities for the year, based on some of the more common personal resolutions we all make at the start of the year.

Microsoft Bets on Yammer to Change Itself and Us

Microsoft bought out the enterprise social network company Yammer, for a reported US$ 1.2 billion last June, announcing plans to add Yammer to its SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 application. It has also been selling Yammer packages at such a low price point that only massive sales will recoup its investment.

Microsoft clearly thinks that they are on a big business software winner by acquiring Yammer.

This Week: Forrester's Customer Experience Index + The Future of Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing
Have a look at what these CMO's had to say about the future of digital marketing. Hint, it's about data and breaking down silos.

Need tips for improving the customer experience? Think super fans and destination spots.

If you are wondering how organizations are faring in Customer Experience, check out Forrester's Customer Experience Index.

Your Big Data Strategy
You know you need one, so consider these 5 recommendations for your big data strategy. And remember, the data savvy digital marketer will own 2013.

SharePoint in Your Organization
SharePoint 2013 has a new business model you need to consider before you dive in. But maybe you are happy with SharePoint 2010. If that's the case, here are 3 steps to a great SharePoint Intranet.

5 Steps to a Successful Content Migration 
Learn how to complete a successful migration by anticipating the challenges and pitfalls.
> Learn How It's Done

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A New Business Model for SharePoint 2013

It’s true, we are a long way off from seeing serious uptake of SharePoint 2013. In fact, most organizations are still using SharePoint 2007 despite the advantages that 2010, and 2013, are offering. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to consider how this latest version of SharePoint will change the way we implement new applications within our companies.

3 Steps to a Great SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is great, but not everyone knows how best to use this formidable platform to build the system that they want. Take the humble Intranet.

3 Steps to a Great SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is great, but not everyone knows how best to use this formidable platform to build the system that they want. Take the humble Intranet.

Struggling with Content Marketing? Here's What to Do Now

Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

Nielsen Announces Choices For 10 Best Designed Intranets 2013, 70% Built on SharePoint

The Nielsen Norman Group has just announced its list of the 10 best intranets for 2013 and again, as in previous years, companies in the insurance vertical take three of the top spots followed by utilities, government, biotechnical and -- surprisingly -- the finance vertical only providing one.

Three Hurdles SharePoint 2013 Faces this Year

This year is a big one for SharePoint 2013.

Box Offers Up Refund After Customer's Installation Failed

A US $10,000 partial refund has been offered to a Box customer after the company failed to set up its file sharing system due to the customer's own firewall incompatibility. 

Mobilize SharePoint Securely: 5 Requirements of a Successful BYOD Strategy

New Year and new resolutions. Any enterprise that hasn't made its content mobile must surely be looking at this as one of their resolutions for 2013. But if you’re main enterprise content management system is SharePoint, or even if it’s just one of your systems, how do you make it secure when making it mobile?

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