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Shoutlet News & Analysis

Shoutlet 6.0 -- Adds Social Contests, Listening and Analytics Tools

Cloud-based social marketing platform, Shoutlet, has upgraded to version 6.0. With this update, it has added a variety of new tools that are sure to enhance the digital marketing experience.

Shoutlet Integrates with Foursquare for Location-Based Marketing

shoutlet-logo_2012.jpegShoutlet, a cloud-based social marketing platform, announced that it is now integrated with foursquare, the location-based friend-tracker.

Shoutlet 5.0: Trigger-based Social Media Management & More

Today, enterprise social management platform, Shoutlet, announced the release of Shoutlet 5.0. Designed to abridge social media for enterprises, the latest version adds three ultra-sophisticated new features and a round of updates to the existing program. Makes you just want to shout out loud thinking about it!

Shoutlet 4.0 Helps Corporations Shout Louder Than Most

shoutlet_logo_2011.jpgEvery good company should be using (and listening to) social media. Shoutlet (news, site) offers a centralized way for business to appeal to the grassroots.

The Next Generation Web CMS, Has Modera Got Answers?

The Next Generation Web CMS, Has Modera Got Answers? †Web Content Management 1.0 is dead! So says Forrester Senior Analyst, Stephen Powers. There are few that would disagree with him -- I mean hey, there's like "2.0" all over the place these days. We need some for CMS†too, right?

But more importantly, what's next? That is indeed the question.

And so when we saw Modera (news, site) take a £1.3 million (roughly US$ 1.8 mil.) investment and announce intentions to build its next generation web application framework, we were intrigued.

Have they got the secret sauce for generation deux-point-zero content management? We went to Siim Vips (great name!), CEO of Modera, for the answer to that question. Here's what we learned.

No Leader in Customer Communications Management Software

No Single Leader in Customer Communications SoftwareA positive customer experience is necessary for any organization. A key part of the customer experience is related to customer communications and how those communications are performed, in many cases as some sort of document output.

There are vendors out there that provide solutions to support the market for document output for customer communications management (DOCCM) and Forrester did an evaluation of 11 of those vendors to help you better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The report is called The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q2 2009 and here's a look at what they found.

Shoutlet Makes Social Media Easy


Social media is one of the fastest growing marketing areas on the Internet today. It allows marketers and business owners to advertise and market in ways that were unheard of 5-10 years ago. Every major corporation (and many small businesses and start-ups) out there is currently using social media.

The problem inherent with social media is the fact that a proper social media campaign can be extremely time-consuming, very costly and may require a large team of people. Letís face it — most of us already know that there is an insane amount of sites, software, services and methods out there. A social media campaign can be exhausting. Enter Shoutlet, a tool that makes managing all your social marketing campaigns a snap.

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