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Siri News & Analysis

Samsung Launching New Galaxy SIII Superphone Today

samsung_launch1.png Get ready for lift off, as Samsung unveils its latest Android-powered Galaxy smartphone to the world, live from an event in London at 7PM UK (2PM EST, 11AM Pacific). We've got the latest news and stay tuned for coverage of the event and any new features, apps or other devices Samsung cares to share.

iPad Mini Reports Suggest Apple is Thinking Little

ipad3thumb.jpg After the iPad 3 launch, things have gone rather quiet, with disquiet about its actual capabilities. Since any new iPad will struggle to push the tech envelope much further, is it time for the iPad Mini to step in and expand the brand?

Google's Project Glass Offers A Squint into the Future

googleglass2.bmp Google is now offering the world a peek at its wearable glass displays, which will be being tested by employees out in the real world in the months to come. If popularized, they will open up a whole new world of local information, marketing and content opportunities.

Google Bringing More Relevance and Semantics to Search Results

google_search_button.jpg Despite the vast amounts of revenue generated from the service, Google's search service has remained relatively staid for users, bar the odd funky logo. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, it will soon be getting up to speed, offering direct answers to questions and more relevance via semantic searching.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Adobe, Alfresco, Hyland, IBM, OpenText and Radian6 (22-Feb-12)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our bi-weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your job openings here).

Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion, A Desktop or Mobile Battle?

win8_logo.jpgApple has been fighting Google's Android for so long, we'd almost forgotten what a good Microsoft vs. Apple battle felt like. But this one will be a little different as both operating systems aim to tie in their mobile OS features to the desktop.

iPad 3 to be Unveiled by Apple in Early March

Thumbnail image for ipad.jpg Word is out that Apple will be hosting an event in the first week of March to show off the iPad 3, with an on-sale date very shortly after. But, what cool apps and content will be on offer to sway upgraders? 

Voice-Enabled Personal Assistants are Useful, But Not a Killer Feature in Asia

Siri has been lauded as one of the iPhone 4S's main selling points. The voice-powered personal assistant can be used for just about anything, although the feature is not exactly popular in some markets, particularly in Asia.

iOS 5.1 Update Does More Than Fix the iPhone's Battery Issues

ios5_logo.jpg There's more at stake then just the battery problems some users are having when Apple updates iOS. Expect some good stuff too from the imminent upgrade, including improved Siri functionality.


Windows 8 Will Unify Cloud and Kinect with PC

We all (hopefully) use cloud services in some form, but with more apps starting to rely on them, expect Windows 8 to have cloud at the core, along with the endless possibilities of Kinect's motion, audio and lip-reading skills.

iOS vs. Android is Over. What Next?

The western trenches of the smartphone war are empty. Pretty much every user has picked their side and gone home. It is time for the makers to start improving on features and add what users really want from their phones, rather than play out a pointless specification war.

Amazon Acquires Yap Speech Recognition Startup, Might Compete Against Apple's Siri

Watch out, Siri. You're not the only speech-recognizing intelligent assistant out there. Amazon might have something in the works, having snapped up a speech-recognition startup a few weeks ago, which might suddenly crop up as a feature in the Kindle Fire in the future.

iPhone 4S Early Reviews: Siri Speech Recognition Engine is the Killer Feature

iPhone 4S Early Reviews: Siri Speech Recognition Engine is the Killer FeatureThe verdict is in. The iPhone 4S is "the best smartphone ever made." At least that's what early iPhone 4S reviewers are saying. Will the iPhone magic be enough to convince everyone to buy or upgrade?

iCloud Goes Live, iOS 5 Due Today

iCloud Goes Live, iOS 5 Due TodayMillions of Apple iPhone users will be pressing refresh at a rate of knots today, as the new version of iOS 5 and its associated cloud services launch ahead of the iPhone 4S release.

Apple Launches iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 Left On Hold


After a year of anticipation, Apple has launched its next half-generation iPhone, offering advanced software to make best use of the upgraded hardware power.


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