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Skype News & Analysis

Box Upgrades Windows 8, Windows Phone App, Adds Powerful Previews, Office Support

Box is going to very busy over the next year or so as it prepares for its IPO. In the meantime it needs to keep users happy -- after all, happy users generally means happy investors. Last October Box launched Box for Windows 8. This week it is tweaking that and adding some more.

Skype Competitor Viber Soars to 175 Million Users

It’s a huge hit in the wealthy city-state of Monaco, used by about 90% of that population. And now, the Cyprus-based calling/messaging service Viber -- one of Skype’s start-up competitors -- is reporting that its worldwide user base has soared to 175 million. 

Microsoft's Skype Video Messages Out for Android, Apple - Windows? Later

The good news for Skype users is that it’s finally getting video voice mail. The bad news: this assumes you own a Mac, or a mobile device using iOS or Android. The Windows versions look like they will be last to that party, with an availability expected in April.

Futureful iPad App Launches, Promises Content Discovery in Style

A stylish iPad app launches, but does the Internet care? It might if the crew behind the Futureful app have their way. Futureful is like StumbleUpon's fancier, quirkier cousin, and if the Internets like anything new, it is surely a new way to find awesome Internets.

Viber for BlackBerry Updated, HD Voice Calls Previewed

Anyone looking for a Skype alternative or simply needing a free call and text app for their BlackBerry? The very popular Viber may be the perfect choice.

Newest Version of Skype for Windows Adds Outlook Integration

If you are one of those users who toggle between email and Skype desktop clients on your Windows PC, Microsoft can now offer you a time saver. Fulfilling a promise made in July, the software giant is now releasing an updated Skype for Windows, version 6.1, with Outlook integration. 

Microsoft To Kill Messenger In Favor of Skype's Mobile Capabilities

Everyone knew it was coming, but it still feels like a parting with an old friend as Microsoft emails all its Messenger account users to tell them that the jig is up and that they have until March 15th to move over to Skype.

Microsoft Launches Skype in the Workplace, Business Community Collaboration

Skype’s long-awaited march into the business community has taken another step. Microsoft has announced the launch of Skype in the workspace (SITW), following a six month beta trial that involved 500 businesses. 

Microsoft Announces End of Messenger With a Move to Skype

Questions over the future of a world where Messenger and Skype live side by side and are owned by the same company were finally resolved today. Microsoft has announced that it’s knocking Messenger on the head with Skype.

Dynamics CRM Gets Yammer, Skype Integration, Windows 8 Mobile to Come

If you've been following the progress of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will be aware that it is on a release cycle of two outings a year. Today, Microsoft has announced that second of those releases for this year will be available in December, and that it comes with enhanced device, collaboration, social and marketing support, not to mention Yammer and Skype integration.

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 8, Coming November

wp8thumb.jpg Buried under the news of Hurricane Sandy and Apple's executive reshuffle, you might not have realised that Microsoft officially launched its biggest play in smartphones yesterday. Many models and makes are coming soon, with first releases in Europe, followed by the States. 

Nokia Lumia 920 Leaks Ahead of Official Launch

Thumbnail image for nokia920.jpg Oh dear, Nokia couldn't keep a lid on this one, possibly because it is just too bright. Anyway, here's the Lumia 920, the new range-leading device that features a PureView camera, wireless charging and beefed-up specs to bring Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 to the masses. 

Mobile and the Era of Fragmented Communication

logo_tyntec_rgb_xs.jpegIn the lead up to the Olympic Games this month, London added Wi-Fi to its subway system in an effort to help keep communications among visitors open. But last week it was clear that mobile engagement issues were taking their toll when an increase in social media began interfering with mobile networks on which the games themselves depend.

Microsoft, Skype and Privacy Conspiracies

Microsoft acquired Skype last May, triggering more than a few posts, comments and tweets expressing fear about the Seattle giant changing the software. Time passed, and excluding a few outages, discussions of Skype and Microsoft slowed. This week that changed when hackers accused the company of modifying the software’s architecture to make it easier to monitor user communications.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Tealium, Skype, Yammer and Hootsuite (19-Jul-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

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