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Skype News & Analysis

Microsoft, Skype and Privacy Conspiracies

Microsoft acquired Skype last May, triggering more than a few posts, comments and tweets expressing fear about the Seattle giant changing the software. Time passed, and excluding a few outages, discussions of Skype and Microsoft slowed. This week that changed when hackers accused the company of modifying the software’s architecture to make it easier to monitor user communications.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Facebook, Tealium, Skype, Yammer and Hootsuite (19-Jul-12)

Start off Summer with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

Skype Bug Sends IMs to Wrong Recipients, Hotfix in the Works

If you're a Skype user, you might just be sending private instant messages to the wrong contacts. Skype recently acknowledged a bug in its system that sends private IMs to the wrong recipients, and is working on a fix.

Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone 8 at Mobile Summit

windowsphone8logo.pngHot on the heels of the Surface launch, Microsoft is showing off its future in smartphones with an early look at Windows 8-powered Apollo phones.

Skype Conversation Ads Now Part of the Free Service

Skype Adds Ads to Free ConversationsA conversation on Skype is between you, the person on the other end -- and an advertiser. That’s the thinking behind the service’s new, targeted Conversation Ads. 

Microsoft Buying Yammer, Boosting Enterprise Social Networking in SharePoint?

Thumbnail image for yammer_logo_2010.jpg Rumor that Microsoft is buying Yammer has swept the enterprise social networking company's office this week. Now, Bloomberg has news that a $1 billion deal is on the cards.

TU Me: A New VoIP and Social Comms iPhone App from Telefonica

tume_logo_2012.PNG Global No. 3 communications service provider, Telefonica has had enough of users going with Skype and other solutions for off-network communications. It now offers its own app, TU Me, for iPhone users to chat, share and message, with Android support coming soon.

DAM Evolves into a Key CXM Technology

“What is digital asset management (DAM)?” This is by far the most common question that comes up in Forrester’s DAM-related inquiries. In part, it’s because the DAM term is going to quickly become antiquated.


Cisco Brings Jabber to iPad and Windows to Extend TelePresence Offering

jabber_ipad.jpg Cisco is upping its game in the collaboration and unified communications market, bringing its Jabber video and TelePresence offerings to new platforms and broadening users mobility and connectivity options to encourage wider enterprise adoption.

Magnolia v4.5 Extends Mobile Capabilities

The promise of a March delivery from Magnolia was kept this week as the Miami based company announced the latest release of the web content management system Magnolia CMS 4.5, bringing us a little further down the highway to the full v.5.0 upgrade.

Video Call Facebook Friends with Skype 5.6 for Mac

Skype 5.6 for Mac includes automatic updates, an improved user interface, full-screen mode in OS X Lion, the ability to delete conversations and an awesome beta feature that connects Skype users to their Facebook accounts.

A Pretty New Version of Skype Comes to Windows Phone #mwc

microsoftLogo.jpgLast year Microsoft acquired Skype to widespread groans from users and competitors, but it doesn’t seem that  Microsoft is second guessing its decision. Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft announced the release of a beta version of Skype for Windows Phone, and it looks different than any version of Skype we’ve seen before.

Windows Live Will Reach End-of-Life With Windows 8

win_live_login.png Microsoft's venerable basket of Windows Live services will live on, but the name is being retired. With the launch of Windows 8, something new is needed to unify and simplify Microsoft's offerings as it has to work across phones, tablets and desktops without sounding out-of-place.

GRC Roll-up: OpenText Offers SharePoint Capture, Guidance Buys CaseCentral

This week, OpenText releases a capture solution that provides easier retrieval of content in SharePoint, DocuWare provides better email compliance management and Guidance announces that it is buying CaseCentral, while SAI outlines GRC predictions for healthcare.

Skype App Finally Making its Way to Windows Phones


It seems odd that Microsoft has the hottest smartphone of the moment but doesn't have a Skype app for it, despite having paid billions for the company. That will change, "soon," as the Windows Phone bandwagon starts to really roll.

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