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Humanizing Your Content with Experience #smartcontent


When you think of your content strategy, are stories a part of the user experience? Randall Snare, Elizabeth McGuane of iQ Content thinks that telling stories should be a major component of your sales strategy.

Managing Your Content in a Nimble World #smartcontent

SClogo7.pngWith a morning filled with keynotes and lightning talks, the Smart Content Conference reconvened after lunch to take on more semantic content-related initiatives. Content strategist extraordinaire, Rachel Lovinger of Razorfish asked us to Imagine a Nimble World: Challenging the Publishing Industry.

What You Need to Know about Content Analytics #smartcontent

SClogo7.pngLooking at content analytics through the lens of business strategists, end users and research scientists, Jeff Fried, the CTO at BA-Insight presented us with What Business Innovators Need to Know about Content Analytics.

Content Strategy: How Do We Make Our Content Smart? #smartcontent

SClogo7.pngHave you ever asked, what is content? What makes it smart? At the Smart Content Conference in New York City today, a panel was tasked with delving into the ins and outs of content, as we know it within the enterprise and beyond.

This is Content Intelligence, According to 4 Experts

In this guest article Seth Grimes looks through the eyes of four industry experts, examining the relationships between content analytics, smart content and business intelligence. Do you know what content intelligence means for your organization?

The Smart Content Conference: Deriving More Value From Your Info

SClogo7.pngMost of the social networking tools we covet today could be easily replaced tomorrow. While we’d need some time to adapt, our content would continue to flow, despite the medium. Yet, for as much as it flows, it will be smart content that will aide producers, publishers, consumers and content managers reap the greatest return on investment, no matter how that return is defined or measured.

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