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Smartphone News & Analysis

Is Microsoft Losing Its Office Advantage in Tablets, or Making Surface into the Best Productivity Tablet?

Is Microsoft Losing Its Office Advantage in Tablets, or Making Surface into the Best Productivity Tablet?Is Microsoft in the process of losing one of the few competitive advantages it has in tablets? That question is being raised following news this week that Google is now offering its Quickoffice productivity apps for mobile devices, including tablets, for free. 

Is a Smartwatch Really a Smart Idea?

Is a Smartwatch Really a Smart Idea?Those rumbling sounds you heard on September 10 were complaints by Apple-watchers that the tech giant failed to announce an iWatch at its big press event. While Apple, Samsung and others need new product lines, and we at CMSWire need more cool things to write about, let’s take a moment to ask a simple question: Is a smartwatch really such a smart idea? 

LG Launches the G2 Learning Smartphone for the High-End


Knocking around in the fight for the number three smartphone market spot for some time, will the new G2 propel LG into the limelight? Or is the high end market no longer where its at for the majority of buyers. 

Hipstamatic Oggl Launches for Nokia Lumia 1020 and Windows Phone 8 Users


As promised, Microsoft has announced the release of Hipstamatic's social photo app for Windows Phone 8 devices, with a special Pro version for the new Nokia Lumia 1020 super-camera smartphone. 

Lumia Progress Fails To Halt Nokia's Q2 Slide, No Talk Of Buyers

Lumia 1025 new july 3013.jpg Lumia 1025

If Nokia was able to say at the end of Q2 that Lumia had finally overtaken Blackberry in smartphone sales then it was the only good news in a set of figures that shows the Finnish giant is sliding again as competition across the market cuts into its crucial handset sales.

Can Mobile Apps Eliminate the Need for Blogging?


You may have noticed an interesting trend recently. As the popularity of visually engaging sites such as Pinterest and Instagram rise, and many mobile apps with user-generated content continue to launch, users are choosing to share on these sites rather than creating blogs. Even brands are turning to Pinterest and Instragram to show off their "behind-the-scenes" experience and to reach a new audience. What does this mean for the future of traditional blogging, as we know it?

Facebook's Smartphone is an Android in Disguise, Press Event Next Week

Thumbnail image for Facebook-logo.jpg Social media giant Facebook has sent out invites to a new event next week, likely the unveiling of the company's much-rumored smartphone. A broad hint suggests the device will be a modified Android running some clever Facebook-centric features.

Tablet, Smartphone Paid Search Spend Doubles on Higher Engagement Figures

If anyone had any doubt about the importance of mobile business, new research just released by digital marketing solutions vendor, IgnitionOne, would clear that up. According to the figures released today, paid search spend on both tablets and mobile phones went up 112% and 113% respectively.

Never Mind the Smartphones, Here Come the Smart Watches

sony_smart_small.jpg While business focuses on big data, the consumer-connected Internet is aiming smaller and smaller, with data presented on smart watches supposed to be the next big thing. But where could we see true innovation, and not just cloning of phone features?

Nokia Lumia Smartphones Sales on the Rise, With the 620 to Come

lumia620_thumb.jpg Nokia's fourth quarter stock update should put an end to the company's doom-sayers (for a while) as it sells nearly 4.5 million Lumia smartphones, suggesting Windows Phone 8 and Nokia are here to stay.

A Handbook for Collecting, Publishing and Presenting Content On Mobile Devices

logo_infoteria.pngWhile there are many ways to create, publish and share information across a variety of social, mobile and web channels, it’s not always easy to collect it all in one place. The folks at Infoteria, a company that develops and markets software and services that connect various corporate computers and devices, have a solution, called Handbook.

Poll: Using Analytics and Customer Data to Make Decisions

As we continue our editorial focus on making all your customer data actionable, we turn to you for your thoughts on how you are doing. Are you capturing the right analytics? Are you tracking customer interactions? Are you using that information to drive your marketing campaigns and strategies? Or are you struggling with the right tools and people to really take advantage of all that information?

Here's our question for you today:

The easy part is collecting the data (even though that's not as simple as it sounds). The hard part is the analysis of that data that will provide you with the insights on how to better reach and serve your customers and prospective customers.

Take our poll, it closes September 26th, after which we'll give you the results.

Amazon's Kindle Fire 2 and A New Smartphone To Be Unveiled Today

amazon_kf_logo.jpg Amazon will show off its new hardware later, as it tries to capture more of the tablet market, and attract further users to its huge digital market place and store. But, the star of the show could be a new smartphone which could dominate Amazon's store front for Christmas. 

Social Media Takes the Bronze in Online Sales

Social media is kind of a big deal for most businesses. A single bad experience anywhere in the world detailed on a network like Twitter or Facebook can go viral and wreak havoc on a company’s reputation. However, in terms of cold hard cash, social media still lags search and emails.

Mobile and the Era of Fragmented Communication

logo_tyntec_rgb_xs.jpegIn the lead up to the Olympic Games this month, London added Wi-Fi to its subway system in an effort to help keep communications among visitors open. But last week it was clear that mobile engagement issues were taking their toll when an increase in social media began interfering with mobile networks on which the games themselves depend.

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