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Big Data Bits: Cloud, Security, Power, Analytics Edition

Hadoop, Hadoop distros and the technologies and analytics around big data keep getting more widespread and more pragmatic to use because the benefits of leveraging them are now both proven and obvious.

Rather than pontificate further, we’ll just bring you the notable news we think is worthy of your attention. 

SnapLogic Updates Integration Platform for Cloud/On-Premises Connections

Enterprises looking to connect data to the cloud have a scalable way to do it with SnapLogic Integration Platform, and the company has a few new updates to keep the process simple and intuitive.

SnapLogic Picks Up US$ 20M For Enterprise Data Integration

SnapLogic Goes Into High Gear, Fueled by US$ 20 Million Investment Enterprise cloud integrator SnapLogic is boosting its efforts to increase adoption of its platform – thanks in part to a new round of Series C funding that brought in US$ 20 million.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Jive, Acquia, Interact Intranet, Microsoft, Salesforce and Nuxeo (19-Apr-12)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our bi-weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

SnapLogic Cloud Cover Expands to Europe

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpg Too often companies say one thing and mean another. In the case of SnapLogic (news, site), part of the funding received in December of 2010 was earmarked for expansion into Europe. It delivered on the promise.

SnapLogic Adds US$10m in Funding for Enterprise Integration Solutions

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpgThe need to bridge data and information from various systems is greater than ever and SnapLogic (news, site) has introduced updates to its server, as well as a new control center to keep things humming along.

SnapLogic's Data Integration Marketplace Goes Live

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpgSnapLogic (news, site) becomes the latest company to create its own little store front on the burgeoning Web shopping mall to make the data transformation features for its DataFlow solution easier to buy.

SnapLogic Adds Java Support to Data Integration Platform

snaplogic_logo_2010.jpg SnapLogic (news, site) has extended its data integration platform, the SnapLogic DataFlow Server to support Java, opening the SnapStore to the Java Developer Community.

MindTouch Supports Business App Integration in its Enterprise 2.0 Platform

MindTouch Adds Collaborative Video and More to MindTouch 2009The truth is, there's always been the ability to integrate business applications with MindTouch's (news, site) platform. But now it's even easier, and it may be the added incentive to look away from SharePoint.

MindTouch Partners to Bring Collaboration to CRM

MindTouch Deki for CRM

We know MindTouch for their open-source social enterprise collaboration platform Kilen Woods — the latest release just coming out late July. Now, they have come out with a new solution Deki for CRM, partnering with SnapLogic, a SaaS integration company.

MindTouch claims their new offering eases some of the issues related to using CRM applications by bringing better collaboration and additional intelligence.

Adobe Labs Releases 3 Sneak Peek CS4 Betas


Web media is changing and video and interactivity are growing at such a rapid rate many cutting edge companies are following the trend with new product development. Adobe Systems Incorporated has released a sneak peek of three applications in beta stages still. Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Soundbooth are now available for free download in a sneak peek beta version.

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