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Social Analytics News & Analysis

Netvibes Updates Social Analytics Solution

With its "integrate everything" Universal Web App (UWA) technology based on open standards, and Host your own Social Analytics giving the enterprise control, Netvibes announced the latest version of its namesake enterprise platform already adopted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including the US Dept. of Energy (US DoE).

Netvibes Previews Social Pack, a New Social Analytics Solution

netvibes_logo_2011.jpg Netvibes (news, site) has added social analytics to its social media monitoring solution. But these are ordinary analytics, says Netvibes, they are "adaptive".

Buddy Media Acquires Spinback: E-Commerce Gets More Social

Buddy Media LogoMarketing professionals are increasingly turning to social media to run promotions and word-of-mouth campaigns. Effective campaigns usually require mechanisms for tracking ROI and reach, and one such tool that can be used for this type of social analytics is Spinback. The New York-based startup has recently been acquired by Facebook marketing solutions provider Buddy Media.

Sitecore Repositions Web CMS as Customer Engagement Platform

sitecore_logo_2009.gifSitecore (news, site) announces the evolution of their web engagement platform, officially recognizing that Web Content Management is about more than just the channel -- it's all about the customer. See our video interview with Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore's VP of Product Marketing as he highlights what's driving the company's current strategy:

Social Analytics & Mobile Access Key to Asian Business Success

The Asia Pacific region is seeing a rise in its IT expenditure in the upcoming year. While CIOs and IT departments are receiving an average of 10% to 15% budget increase, the growth expectations far exceed these resources. Therefore, there is a need to maximize these IT resources in order to support forecasted business growth without much complexity. To this end, analysts foresee the need for so-called “socialytics” and “mobilution,” given the evolving face of Internet use in the region.

Social Analytics in Internal Communities

An organization’s employees collaborate every day. How can you capture that information and transform it into knowledge that the broader organization can use? The most important aspect of collaboration is the ability to run analysis over the data to draw important insights and use it again in the future.

Day's Q1 2010 Interim Results Show 80% License Revenue Growth


Building on the 65% license revenue growth in 2H 2009, Day Software (news, site) announced interim financial results for Q1 2010.

Networked Insights Raises US$ 5M for Social Media Analytics


Fighting for visibility in the increasingly crowded social buzz/influencer/reputation analysis market, Networked Insights gets some further investment to be bigger and bolder.

INgage Networks Improves Community Analytics in ELAvate 1.2

INgage Networks Improves Community Analytics in ELAvate 1.2What good is your community solution if you aren't tracking what's happening in it? INgage Networks knows how important community, or social analytics are. That's why today they are introducing a new version of their analytics solution: ELAvate Analytics 1.2.

Telligent Analytics 3.5: New Support Analytics, Updated User Analytics

telligent_logo_2009.jpgWith new versions of Telligent's (news, site) Community and Enterprise Collaboration solutions out the door last February, the only thing left to know was when would we see an updated version of their analytics. While we still don't have a firm date in hand, we do have a look at some of the new capabilities coming in it.

Telligent Updates and ReBrands Community Solutions, New Analytics Solution

Telligent Updates and ReBrands Community Solutions, New Analytics Solution It's a day for news on the Enterprise 2.0 front and Telligent (news, site) wants you to hear what they've been hard at work on. It's about that time of the year when Telligent offers up a new version of their community solutions. This time, instead of simply a new version number with some new functionality, we get major products upgrades and new branding to boot.

Say goodbye to Community Server, Community Server Evolution and Harvest Reporting Server. Say hello to Telligent Community 5.0, Telligent Enterprise 2.0 and Telligent Analytics 3.0.

Oh, and for those of you interested in Telligent Graffiti, we have a little update, but don't get too excited.

Social Web Analytics with Telligent's Harvest Reporting Server

Social Analytics With Telligent's Harvest Reporting ServerLet's talk about social computing. Or we can talk about communities. Or we can talk about enterprise 2.0 and social networking, blogging, forums, wikis, what have you. Regardless of what you choose to call it, there's a need to analyze what is happening when you deploy or harness social tools. And, no, we are not talking about basic traffic stats. 

Telligent (news, site) has a keen awareness of this need. Hence we have Harvest Reporting Server -- social analytics for their social computing solutions, Community Server and Community Server Evolution. Interested in getting a better feel for what social analytics really are and how you can leverage them, we spent some time with Telligent. This is what we learned.

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