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Social Business Tools, Talent Keep Workers on Task

Social Business Tools, Talent Keep Workers on TaskThe productivity of knowledge workers in the digital age clearly depends on the tools and talent available for given projects. Social business systems that include an activity feed with document sharing capability, for example, are important. But so is the right talent to go with them.

Do We Still Need to Define Social Business?

Social Business, Do We Still Need to Define Social Business?Why is it, this late in the day, that when some people talk about social business it sounds like an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach?

Social Insights Show How Recruiters Engage on Twitter


Previously, we've reported on how various segments of marketers engage on Twitter from digital marketers to B2B marketers, as well as brands. But what about those who actively recruit marketers and brand influencers -- how do they use Twitter to connect and create open, informal networks?

Design Better Customer Experiences By Measuring Human Performance

shutterstock_159695792.pngBetter customer experiences, whether they are in-store, online or over the phone don't just magically happen, they are designed. The design of a building or a new software program needs to account for a plethora of variables -- from wind patterns to user behaviors -- so why aren't you factoring in similar attributes when it comes to designing your brand's customer journey?

Most Organizations Have Yet to Become Fully Social, Altimeter Group Finds

Most organizations are only at the “intermediate” stage of becoming social businesses. That's a key finding in a new report from the Altimeter Group, which looks at the current state of the social business transformation. The report is based on interviews with social media strategists and executives at 65 firms with more than 500 employees.

Weekend Reads: Bridging the Content - Commerce Gap + Human Resources Needs Social Business

Weekend Reads: Bridging the Content - Commerce Gap + Why Human Resources Needs Social BusinessThe work week has ended, and the weekend has begun — which means it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads. This week in our features, we took a look at bringing content and commerce together. We also discussed enterprise document capture initiatives and why human resources and social business are a perfect fit. 

This Week: Pitfalls of B2B Social Marketing + Metalogix Buys More of SharePoint Ecosystem

B2B Marketers: Social Success, Sometimes
Our series explores how B2B marketers sometimes try to do too much, and also, how those who know where their peers live and breathe will thrive.

Marketing Automation, Meet MailChimp
MailChimp's latest release shows it's serious about moving up the digital marketing value chain.

SharePoint Acquisition for Metalogix
Metalogix has been steadily buying up hefty swaths of the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem -- and it's now acquired Idera's SharePoint business.

HR Needs Social Business
It’s not hard to think of many different areas where HR can leverage the work styles and communication styles of the social age.

Innovation -- the New Buzzword
Everyone's looking to innovate and change today. So how do you define change … and, more importantly, why should you bother?

IBM: Security Leaders Playing Catch-up
With the mobile device explosion, security leaders are still behind establishing BYOD policies.

Webinar: How B2B Marketers Engage on Twitter (Oct 30)
Learn how to better reach, engage, and influence B2B marketers. 
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Microsoft Sets the Tracks for SharePoint Conference 2014

sharepointconf2014_300.jpg After a break in 2013, attendees can get ready to party in Las Vegas early next year, and study the tracks for some serious sessions as Microsoft pushes all things SharePoint for the enterprise.

The 2014 event's themes are "connect, reimagine and transform" as Microsoft plans for the future of social and business collaboration. Tickets are already on sale.

Tweet Jam Recap: Becoming a Responsive Social Business #socbizchat

Tweet Jam Recap: Becoming a Responsive Social Business #socbizchatHow do businesses measure the success of social business initiatives and how do they define success? 

Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - Becoming a Responsive Social Business #SocBizChat

Social Business, Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - Becoming a Responsive Social Business #SocBizChatDuring today's Tweet Jam, sponsored by OpenText, we'll be looking at the challenges surrounding social business ROI measurement and how, if at all, it's changed in the past year.

Jive Updates Flagship Software, Intros Cloud-Based Customer Platform

Jive is out with the fall release of its flagship enterprise social software, as well as a cloud-based version of its customer community platform.

Jive's Universal App.png
Jive's Universal App for iPad, with new features from the company's fall update

Why Human Resources Needs Social Business

Social Business, Why Human Resources Needs to Move Forward with Social BusinessAs companies identify more areas where social software can be put to use, the push to launch social software solutions from IT departments and specialty departments grows stronger. Many IT directors see social software as an opportunity to raise their profile, and departments from marketing to product development push adoption driven by their basic goals and responsibilities.

But one department is missing from this clamor, even though social software adoption would appear to be in its best interests. I’m talking about Human Resources (HR).

Digital Asset Management from an Intranet Perspective

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are not only for big, flashy and expensive web properties but have a place in managing intranet content too. 

Q4 Planning: Top Customer Experience, Social Business Conferences & Events (23-Oct-13)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

CMSWire Tweet Jam: Becoming a Responsive Social Business
How are you measuring social business success? Join us on Thursday October 24th as we discuss Social Business measurement and ROI from different perspective.

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Creating Value from Chaos: Defining and Encouraging Innovation

1375251_600129090029481_1666320026_n.jpg Think about a company like Apple and you probably think, accurately or not, about innovation. We're always waiting for the next big thing. The new. The unusual. The useful. The latest innovation.

"Innovation" is as big of a buzzword as "big data" -- and just as hard to define. Blame it on the very nature of innovation: to innovate means to create change, which, by necessity, implies breaking rules, making mistakes and upsetting the status quo. So how do you define change … and, more importantly, why should you bother?

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